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PWU 5/19 Results: 2 Cold Scorpio, Crazy 8 News, 4 Debuts

PWU was high energy all day Saturday starting with the 2 Cold Scorpio Clinic and ending with a big announcement for “The Crazy 8” on Saturday, June 16 in front of the largest crowd since January’s “Cuffed & Caged”.

* Almost two dozen participants has the chance to learn from a rare 2 Cold Scorpio wrestling seminar, sponsored by the XFC Wrestling Academy and PWU on Saturday afternoon.

2 Cold Scorpio made Pro Wrestling Unplugged his first return to wrestling since leaving the WWE. Scorpio gave hands on instruction, building on each participants’ strengths, while working on their unique challenges. A true professional, Scorpio shared his wealth of experience with each individual. Of course, we would see more of Scorpio on Saturday night.

*In a Team P.I.T. match, ”The Complete” Pete Hunter pinned Aramis under the watchful eye of “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf, after Aramis was distracted by a run-in from former PWU employee, KJ Hellfire.

XFC Wrestling Academy head trainer Gary Wolf has taken Aramis and Hunter under his wing with his "Physically Intense Training". Hunter’s power and Aramis’ quickness lead for a great match, until former employee KJ Hellfire jumped the guardrail. Hellfire grabbed the mic saying since he’s not employed by PWU, he should be voted PWU Commissioner. Distracted by Security removing KJ, Hunter used a backslide on Aramis to get the pin. Both men shook hands after the match as a sign of respect.

* PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee and Sara Del Ray (w/ Doctor Don Bootz) defeated Annie Social and April Hunter, but Lee pushed around Del Ray after the match.

Before the match, Annie Social stormed the ring to attack Amy Lee. Hunter pulled off Annie, but Lee wanted no part of April and tagged in Del Ray. After Del Ray was punished by Hunter, Amy Lee refused to tag in. Del Ray snuck in a blind tag. Social tagged in to get a piece of Amy Lee but was stopped when trying to power Lee until she reversed a double team attempt from Del Ray and Lee and hit a big double clothesline. All four women enter the ring, but when Annie tried a sunset flip, Lee used he size to squash Social for the pin. After the match, Lee said she didn’t need any help and slapped Del Ray before running off with the Mad Doctor.

* Lucky showed a new attitude, using the ropes for added leverage to pin Drew Blood.

Both men appeared even after a high flying and technical flurry until Lucky slapped Blood across the face. Drew regained the advantage, even connecting with an Arabian Press on the outside. Blood hit a series of flying kicks and stiff shots, but was met with a brutal kick to the face by Lucky. Lucky used dirty tactics, but Blood hit a brutal Reverse Snapmare Driver. After hitting Lucky with a Shining Wizard in the corner, Drew missed a top rope senton. Lucky rolled Blood up for the pin, but uses the ropes for leverage.

* Johnny Kashmere (w/ “Discount” Dewey Donovan) defeated Zach McGuire after throwing powder in McGuire’s eyes and connecting with The Cradlebreaker

Kashmere started in on the crowd saying they discriminated against him because he's not handicapped like his opponent, the deaf high flyer Zach McGuire. Johnny tried to play games with McGuire, grabbing the mic and pretending to talk. But McGuire is deaf, not stupid. McGuire took control with his Lucha and hit a moonsault to the outside on Kashmere and Donovan. After some amazing high flying from McGuire, Kashmere hits a mid-air spear. Johnny went into a bag he carried to the ring. Kashmere pulls out a Bat-a-rang, but misses! The ref sees Kashmere with another object and while trying to block him, Johnny throws powder behind the ref’s back into McGuire’s face. Kashmere connects with The Cradlebreaker for the pin.

* John House’s “House of Unplugged” re-introduced JC Ryder to PWU, but in an open challenge, was defeated by the returning Detox!

JC Ryder plugs New Jersey as the place he pumps his fists, not his own gas and issues an open challenge. What appeared to be an elderly man came from behind and pinned Ryder. As House tried to find out who it is, the man pulled latex make-up off his face to show he is actually Detox! Detox lays out John House! Detox is back in Pro Wrestling Unplugged!

* In a violent Anything Goes Street Fight, PWU Tag champions All Money Is Legal defeat The SAT.

In revenge from an attack last month, AMIL battled The SAT as they walked down the entrance way. The SAT regained control and was vicious in their assault. The SATs used chairs, tables, and the guard rails to try and take out AMIL. Joel positioned Pusha for a Superplex onto a piece of broken table, but Pusha hit a Facebuster from the top. Murda hits a Spicolli Driver through the table section on Jose. AMIL wins back some of their Pride. The SAT DDTs one security member from the apron and sends another through a table. Jose tries to tell Philadelphia what he thinks, but Joel tells him “these people don’t deserve to hear us in English”.

* The Thomasellis (Sal, Vito, and Brandon) beat Teddy Fine, TJ Cannon, and Bruce Maxwell. After the match, Cannon and Maxwell attack Fine.

Fast paced action between Sal and Vito against the debuting Maxwell and Cannon start the match. After a spinning suplex, Maxwell tagged in Teddy. Fine fended off an assault from all three Thomasellis. TJ hit a tope to the outside, followed by Maxwell with a dive. But Fine was stopped with a doubleteam flapjack. The Thomasellis doubleteam their opponents until TJ hits an Asai moonsault and tags Fine in, taking out The Thomasellis. But as all six enter the ring, the Thomaselli’s dump TJ & Bruce on their heads and finish off Fine for the pin. After The Thomasellis leave the ring celebrating, Fine, Cannon, and Maxwell help each other up, just for TJ and Bruce to turn on Fine! After a 450 and a double stomp, Drew Blood makes the save.

* Tod Gordon talks Crazy 8 - Joey Matthews, 2 Cold Scorpio, Eddie Kingston, Sunny, and The Nasty Boys will be in action on 6/16. Gordon also introduces the crowd to some of the PWU Idol contestants.

Gordon shares the news so far on The Crazy 8 - Joey Matthews, 2 Cold Scorpio, Eddie Kingston, Sunny, and The Nasty Boys will be on hand Saturday, June 16 for the biggest event in wrestling today and at the Crazy Tailg8 Party before the event!

Tod calls some of the PWU Commissioner Idol contestants to the ring, including Mike Sanz, Cyrus Phoenix from Chicago, and the well-liked, well-endowed Kitty among them.

* 2 Cold Scorpio, former PWU Heavyweight champion, pins Z-Barr after a moonsault leg drop.

The packed New Alhambra Arena welcomed back the returning legend with a standing ovation. Despite pre-match disrespect from Z-Barr, the match started respectable with true catch as catch can wrestling at its best. Z-Barr finally connects a strong style forearm, but it just spurns Scorpio on, hitting a big dropkick on Barr, sending him to the floor. The two trade stiff shots back and forth, but Z-Barr slams 2 Cold to the mat. The two trade more shots until Scorpio hits a Hurricanrana to the outside. Z-Barr uses a chair and the guardrail, but Scorpio fights back, even kicking out from a reverse DDT. They went back and forth until Scorpio hits his trademark moonsault legdrop.

* Joker was pinned by Adam Flash, despite Flash tapping while in Joker’s triangle choke

Both these two have been engaged in intense battles in recent months at PWU and want to take out their frustrations. Starting at a lightning pace, Joker sent Flash outside with a dropkick. But after going for a suicide dive, Adam Flash hit a big forearm. Flash uses every cheap tactic to gain an advantage. Joker finally stopped Flash after some stiff headbutts, then a series of suplexes. Flash reversed with an enzuigiri, but when going for a clothesline, Joker rolled him into a triangle choke. Flash rolled Joker into a three count, but Flash began tapping at the 3.

* PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. Trent Acid went to a no contest after interference from Johnny Kashmere, Dewey Donovan, and Detox. Gordon announces the Crazy 8 match will be The Backseat Boyz vs. Devon Moore and Detox.

Trent was accompanied by Johnny Kashmere and “Discount” Dewey Donovan. But Moore was gunning right for Acid, with the intent to beat the hell out of him. The crowd was on their feet. Acid tried to escape, but Moore threw him back to the ring. This was just a brawl. Acid is finally sent to the outside by Moore. After battling in-ring, Moore knocked Trent out again, then hit a big splash to the outside. Trent fights back to hit a powerbomb on the outside. But as Devon regains the advantage back in the ring, Kashmere jumps in and chokes Moore with a rope. Out comes Detox to make the save. The match is declared a no contest, but PWU Owner Tod Gordon comes out and says next month The Crazy 8 match will be The Backseat Boyz against Devon Moore and Detox!


* "The Complete" Pete Hunter def Aramis
* "Primetime" Amy Lee and Sarah Del Rey def Annie Social and April Hunter
* Lucky def Drew Blood
* Johnny Kashmere def Zach Mcguire
* All Money Is Legal def The SAT
* The Iron Saints def TJ Cannon, Bruce Maxwell, and Teddy Fine
* Too Cold Scorpio def Z-Barr
* Adam Flash def Joker
* Devon Moore vs Trent Acid ended in a No Contest

* In the Crazy 8 Match: PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore and Detox vs. The Backseat Boyz
* Also featuring Nasty Boys, Sunny, Joey Matthews, 2 Cold Scorpio, and Eddie Kingston
* Fans can participate in The Crazy Tailg8 before the event, along side all the PWU stars

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