Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The fate of this blog...

By Art Shimko

-- I have not been updating this blog as I've been posting pro wrestling/mixed martial arts updates at Old Country Times for the last week or so.

Casey Trowbridge, the man who runs Old Country Times, asked me sometime ago about doing work with his site involving more than the occasional contribution to his blog. The issue was once again brought up recently, coincidentally at a time when I was figuring out what to do with this site.

I enjoy writing about both sports and am learning more about them each day but spending hours on a daily basis updating this site without any compensation or feedback has just made me discouraged to continue this site.

Working on Casey's site would be a different story as he has a few people doing different jobs for his site, TV reviews, news updates, PPV reports, etc. which is something I should've considered when launching this and my previous site, so in other words it won't only be me updating a site all the time.

I do have kind folks sending in columns, news reports, live/PPV/TV reviews which are always appreciated but doing daily site updates can be a total pain in the ass after a while.

So I'm not sure what will become of this particular blog, I don't really want to delete it but at the same time this blog won't be updated often if at all. I could make this a music news blog but then that's more work and plus there are a million music news blogs out there so who knows what will happen.

If you've frequented this blog or even read just one post I thank you and appreciate it. As of this moment please focus your attention to the Old Country Times blog for any current activity involving myself.

Also, if you are a current contributor to Strong Style Shimko your posts and work will now be posted at oldcountrycorner.blogspot.com.

Thanks again,
Art Shimko



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