Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Funk's Corner - Elvis Sharp and The Claw Plan a Party for !BANG! TV

Funk's Corner - Elvis Sharp and The Claw Plan a Party for !BANG! TV

Elvis Sharp is going to throw a "Viva Las Vegas" Party. He is going to have bright lights, high stakes and so much money it is going to burn a hole in his pocket. Thousands of pretty women are going to be waiting out there.

The "Pop Tarts" Lady Kimberly and Miss Vickie are on hand and want to know about Champaign. Elvis Sharp obliges and offers up gambling and partying all night. Elvis says don't worry He will set up everything, it is going to be a good party. Elvis Sharp is European Champion and promises money galore! The "Pop Tarts" leave the ring talking about diamonds and jewelry too.

As Elvis Sharp is strumming the guitar we hear Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell and his valet, Sandii Skye plotting and waiting for Elvis Sharp to get a little drunk so they can get their European Championship Belt back from him.

Flyin' Ryan lets Sandii Skye know Elvis Sharp's music is driving him crazy. Flyin' Ryan is just putting up with it.

The Claw, Claudia Reiff enters the area with a young lady and introduces Elvis Sharp, Flyin' Ryan and Sandii Skye to "Super Model." Elvis Sharp tells Super Model about the Viva Las Vegas Party and she is impressed.

The Claw says a Viva Las Vegas Party is terrific because Super Model has a friend coming all the way in from England, Duchess Louise Henley who is having a birthday and the party could be in her honor, A Viva Las Vegas Birthday Party for Duchess Louise Henley.

Elvis Sharp is ready to move all night long with a "Hunk a Hunk of Burning Love, Viva Las Vegas" Birthday Party for Duchess Louise Henley.

The Claw and The Super Model are busy planning the Birthday Party when the "Pop Tarts" Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki return thinking the party is all for them. The Claw informs The Pop Tarts the Viva Las Vegas Party is not for them, but in honor of the birthday of Duchess Louise Henley who is coming from England to train for wrestling at the Funking Conservatory.

When the "Pop Tarts" Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki find out the party is not for them, all Hell breaks loose at the Funking Conservatory with a violent outbreak of temper by "The Pop Tarts.

To see this violent outbreak of temper by the Pop Tarts, Go to www.dory-funk.com and look for Webbies

If you would like to become a professional wrestler, appear on !BANG! TV and participate in our next, "Webbie," Call now - 352-895-4658.

Dory Funk Jr. - Coach of the Funking Conservatory
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