Wednesday, December 27, 2006

IWA returns to Midlo on 1-5-07 w/ Low Ki vs. Roderick Strong

By IWA-Mid South

Due to a scheduling conflict with the Capital Sports Arena, we have to move the January 5th date. We decided to keep the show and move it to Midlothian on short notice instead of cancelling this event. We hope that our fans can still come out and see this event.

Friday Night, January 5th, 2007
Don Preston Rec Center
14500 Kostner Avenue
Midlothian, IL
8:00 PM Belltime

Tickets - $20 front row, $15 second row, $10 general admission

Main Event - Dream Match

Low Ki vs. Roderick Strong. These two men faced off in the finals of the 2006 TPI with Arik Cannon but this will be a one on one encounter that wrestling fans have asked for!

Grudge Match of Epic Proportions

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Josh Abercrombie - Josh and Jimmy were best of friends but it was Josh who sold out Jimmy Jacobs and delivered him to the BMFers on a silver platter at the TPI in order to save his light heavyweight title and his job in IWA. Jimmy Jacobs has shown up a couple of times since then unannounced looking for revenge and after the events in Rock Island, he received his job back and gets a shot at revenge in this match.

Special Challenge Match - Finishers Match

Drake Younger vs. CJ Otis - These on again off again partners will once again do battle...this time to determine who has the better finisher...CJ's Burning Hammer or Drake's Vertebreaker. They stole the show at the Strong Style Tournament with their hard hitting contest and this should be no different.

We ask that any fan that has a DVD board id, please post this on that message board without the ticket prices to get the word out about the venue change as we do not have an account. It would be greatly appreciated.

The rest of the lineup will be announced tomorrow.

The next show in Plainfield will be on January 26th.

See you in Midlo!

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