Saturday, December 30, 2006

UFC 66 Picks

By Art Shimko

Tonight is billed as not only a huge fight night, but for UFC and its fans this is to be the biggest fight of the year, perhaps even bigger than Hughes/Gracie and Ortiz/Shamrock were in many people's minds. There's even rumblings and speculation that this pay-per-view can possibly draw a million buys tonight. We'll wait and see but once again I'm looking more forward to this show than any WWE or TNA pay-per-view these days.

Chuck Liddell Vs. Tito Ortiz: I can't see this going past the third round frankly, and yes Tito's been successful with his fights since last meeting Liddell in the Octagon a few years ago and seems to remain injury-free but I just can't "bet" against Chuck. It'll no doubt be a very competitive fight and whether Liddell "thumbs" or "pokes" Tito in the eye or not Liddell is leaving with the title and a "W" in his impressive fight record.

Keith Jardine Vs. Forrest Griffin: The last time I had seen Jardine fight was at an Ultimate Fight Night losing to Bonnar which seemed to be a controversial decision as many (including yours truly) felt Jardine fought his damnedest and was robbed of that win. Now with that statement, I'm a bit more familiar with Griffin's fights and he more than holds up his end in the Octagon and held his own against Tito earlier this year (ironically he too was seen to have been robbed of a win when Tito got the decision in their fight) so I pick Griffin to win but not without Jardine giving him a run for his money.

Andrei Arlovski Vs. Marcio Cruz: Arlovski really needs a win tonight in order to climb back up the UFC food chain and judging by Cruz's record compared to Arlovski's record and experience I'd go with Arlovski. However, there is a chance that if the fight goes to the ground Cruz could possibly submit Arlovski, but I'd like to think that the "Pit Bull" is hungry, determined and anticipating a successful return and just knocks the hell out of Cruz in the first round.

Jason MacDonald Vs. Chris Leben: This should be a decent fight, last time I saw MacDonald he beat Ed Herman who I thought would win but MacDonald showed that he was no stepping stone for anyone. Leben's a good scrapper who puts forth a major effort in the Octagon and is not afraid to slug it out with anyone. I see this is another competitive back-and-forth battle with MacDonald being the victor this evening.

Eric Schafer Vs. Michael Bisping: I'm picking Bisping to win this one via TKO, if it goes to the ground both fighters seem to have submission experience according to their win/loss records. Nonetheless Bisping wins this one in my opinion.

Tony DeSouza Vs. Thiago Alves: Not too familiar with either fighter, they both won their last fights at "Ortiz/Shamock: The Final Chapter" over two months ago. If they stay on their feet Alves may have a better chance at a TKO win. If it goes to the ground it could probably be in DeSouza's favor, although Alves has had a few submission victories. Both seem pretty even from the research I've done but I'm going with DeSouza on this one.

Carmelo Marrero Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga: The last time I saw Gonzaga was when he clocked Fabiano Scherner in a very quick fight at UFC 60. Not familiar with Marrero and I have a feeling Gonzaga's going to send Marrero to sleep very early.

Yushin Okami Vs. Rory Singer: I'm picking Okami to kick Singer's ass via TKO in round two.

Anthony Perosh Vs. Christian Wellisch: Not familiar at all with these fighters although I do remember seeing Wellish lose to Kongo at UFC 62. Both seem to have similar records and such, Wellisch could possibly win here if Perosh doesn't take him to the ground for a submission win.

As I stated earlier I will be watching the show tonight, live coverage or a report at the end of the night. Not sure yet so head on over to at 10PM EST and check for coverage, I'll also send a Myspace bulletin regarding my plans.

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