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1/6 NWA Anarchy Report

By: Larry Goodman

NWA Anarchy kicked off the new year with a kick ass TV taping. Coming off a record crowd for Season’s Beatings in Helen one week ago, they drew 175 to their home base at the NWA Arena. During most of their run in Cornelia, Wildside was lucky to draw 100 for the first taping after a big show.

Mary, the Anarchy Angel was introduced. Most women look better with a reasonable amount of clothing on their bodies. Mary isn’t one of them.

Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer thanked the fans for a successful 2006 and told them to fasten their seatbelts for 2007.

Palmer announced the results of the 2006 NWA Anarchy Fan Poll. Match of The Year: War Games at Hostile Environment, Tag Team of the Year: The Urban Assault Squad, Rookie of the Year: Adrian Hawkins, Feud of The Year: Devils Rejects vs. Team Anarchy: 2006 Breakout Star of the Year: Ace Rockwell, Manager of the Year: “The Reverend" Dan Wilson, Most Popular: Austin Creed, Most Hated: The Devils Rejects, and Wrestler of the Year: Chad Parham.

Right on cue, Parham emerged from the dressing room to give Palmer grief. Parham said his award was no accomplishment given Anarchy’s roster of no talents. Parham said he intended to use the award to upgrade the décor of his guest bathroom. Parham reminded Palmer that he had a title shot coming. If they gave an award for the most improved promo guy on the planet, Parham would be the hands down winner.

(1) Austin Creed & Hayden Young beat Anger Incorporated (Jason Blackman & Adam Roberts) in 8:50. The intense heel/face dynamic gave this match major heat. Babyface dominance early. Creed scored with his somersault lariat on Blackman for a near fall. Young slipped on a springboard spinwheel kick but was able to make the adjustment in midair. Pretty amazing. Young then popped the crowd with a top rope springboard Thesz press for a near fall on Roberts. Blackman took advantage of a blind tag to level Young with a stiff lariat. Good move, but the sequence felt fake because ref Jacob Ashworth never signaled Blackman into the match. Blackman knocked Creed off the apron. Creed lost his cool, and Young suffered for it. Young hit a double lariat with a flip on the end but didn’t go for the tag. Blackman cut him off with a middle rope lariat. At another point, Young ended up so close to his corner that he wiffed to avoid a premature tag. Young nailed his spinning enzuigiri, and what a great move that is. Finally, the hot tag. Creed did a variation of the Montefisto on Blackman and Young landed the frog splash a split second later for the pinfall.

A backstage segment was shown on the big screen. Seth Delay tried to get Patrick Bentley to lighten up about what happened at Season’s Beatings. Delay said he acted in the heat of the moment and urged Bentley not to live in the past. Bentley was stone-faced. Delay sat down next to Adrian Hawkins. Delay complimented Adrian Hawkins on his water bottle. Hawkins was elated that Delay liked his gear.

(2) Brodie Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix beat Seth Delay & Patrick Bentley at 13:50 after Delay walked out on Bentley. Delay and Bentley opened up working on the arm of Phoenix. It didn’t long before the heels were doing a number on Bentley’s back. Bentley’s selling has improved dramatically. Chase used a Texas cloverleaf. Phoenix hit an exploder suplex for a near fall. Chase hit a fallaway slam and went back to the submission. Phoenix hit a head and arm suplex. Bentley saw daylight. Delay chose that moment to walk to the back. Chase mocked Bentley by crying for Seth to help him. Hawkins got in Bentley’s corner to take the tag. That got the Poodles to squealing. Chase and Phoenix continued to destroy Bentley. But Bentley connected with the spring-action kick. Delay magically reappeared. He talked Hawkins into walking out with him. Well, nobody ever accused Hawkins was the brightest guy in Cornelia. Bentley made one last ditch comeback and was still looking for the tag. Phoenix finished him off with an STO. You knew where this was going, but it sure was a fun way to get there. The thing with Hawkins was inspired.

(3) The NWA Elite (Onyx & Jeff Lewis with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Shatter & Truitt Fields in 14:36. Shatter and Truitt looked good on offense and the Elite gave them plenty. After some initial heeling by the Elite, Onyx went down on a shoulder block and took a TO. Shatter and Truitt worked on Lewis. At the 6 minute mark, Onyx clubbed Fields from behind to start the heat spot. Elite hit a flapjack on Truitt. They did the no-tag switch. Truitt made a tag but Lewis made sure ref Harold James didn’t see it. The crowd was hot to see Fields make the comeback. Problem was they didn’t care about Shatter once he got the hot tag. He spinebustered Onyx and powerslammed Lewis. Nothing at all wrong with the work, he just lacks babyface appeal. Shatter and Truitt mounted the ropes and reigned down the 10 punches in stereo. But Onyx locked in the full nelson on Shatter and that was that.

“The Reverend” Dan Wilson hit the ring with two of his Rejects, Iceberg and Tank, to further decimate the losers. Tank hit a sick spinning Go 2 Sleep on Truitt. Iceberg gave Shatter the Ground Zero splash. Wilson said Rejects could beat up newbies, too, and it only took them seconds. Wilson said the Elite should have learned their lesson after what happened to Mikael Judas and dared them to come out. They did. But Shaun Tempers ran out to give Rejects a 3 against 2 advantage. Out came a massive masked man, close to 7 feet legit. He towered over the Rejects. The masked giant headbutted Tank into oblivion, gave Iceberg a lariat, and then hit tossed Tempers like he was a small child with a Tree Slam. Enter Dominous. He climbed up on the apron to confront the giant, but Wilson called it off. The Rejects retreated.

Bailey introduced his newest monster as Abomination. Bailey said the NWA Elite ruled the building and they would run through Wilson’s people like Kleenex in a peep show booth. Bailey said the Elite would the end the Rejects stinking lives. Bailey reminded the Rejects of his twist on an old adage. “We don’t get mad. We get stabby.”

(4) Salvatore Rinauro beat Brian Cage in 7:40. I know nothing about Cage except that he’s from California, and first impression is that he has good athletic ability and limited experience. Rinauro used a bridging hammerlock in the opening minute. Rinauro did the old school move of spreading the fingers and trying to snap them in half. Rinauro hooked the ropes to short-circuit a flurry by Cage. Rinauro choked Cage over the ropes and used a basement dropkick for a near fall. Rinauro locked his legs behind Cage’s head in a full nelson position. Rinauro ate it charging in. Nice leg lariat by Cage. Cage did a quebradora for a near fall. Rinauro ripped at Cage’s mouth. Cage hit a pumphandle facebuster, but Rinauro got a foot over the ropes. Rinauro did his bicycle kick off the turnbuckle. Cage came back with a TKO, and Rinauro rolled out to the apron to save himself. Moments later, Rinauro caught Cage with a lucha style roll up for the three count. Decent match.

On the big screen, we saw Palmer trying to clear things up with Justice Served. Palmer said they had put him in a bad position at Season’s Beating with the chain and all, but there were no hard feelings. Mikki Free accused Palmer of taking sides and told him that in the future, he could talk to their representation. Palmer looked perplexed.

(5) Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) & Jeremy Vain beat Urban Assault (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) & Ace Rockwell in 13:54. Rockwell is so over it’s ridiculous, and the his match with Jimmy Rave at Season’s Beatings only made it worse. On the other end of the spectrum, Vain is a rat bastard and everybody knows it. UAS has been booked as the babyface team in their feud with Justice Served, but the Arena fans are still split to some degree, witness the dueling chants for Jackson and Free. They no sold a shoulder block collision. Jackson got the upper hand, but Free responded with a back suplex that had his fans barking their approval. V screamed like a girl and ducked to avoid the wickedest chop in Anarchy. That would be from Nemesis. He tagged to Rockwell. V did the Flair flip bump over the top and walked along the apron right into the chop from Nemesis. Creative and totally hilarious. Jackson debuted a new tribute spot, a “Whoo!” kneedrop. They pulled off a great sequence to start the heat. Rockwell ducked a springboard Stinger splash from Justice, and it appeared that all was well. But V stunned Ace with a superkick, Free nailed him with a Wrestling II kneelift, and Justice sealed the deal with a clothesline from Hell. All kinds of heat on Rockwell here. The heels made Ashworth look like a complete imbecile. The big spot saw Justice counter a spinning headscissors with a devastating sitout powerbomb. The “Ace”: chants kicked into overdrive. Rockwell hit his Double A spinebuster. Both men down. V spit at UAS. Things quickly disintegrated. It ended up Rockwell and V in the ring and Justice Served battling UAS on the outside. Rockwell set up for Aces High. Justice grabbed at Rockwell. V, being the all-time most opportunistic SOB in Anarchy history, capitalized with the VKO and a DDT.

Wilson and Dominous accompanied Azrael to the ring for his title match against Slim J. Bailey came out on the ramp with Abomination. Palmer intervened. He said this title match shall not be tarnished, and banished the whole lot of them to the back.

(6) Slim J beat Azrael to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 11:32. With their track record, it was lock that this was going to be good and it was going to be stiff. This wasn’t as brutal as some of other previous encounters. There was no blood loss and thank God, no concussions, but it was a very good match. J got a fantastic pop. Well deserved I might add. J went to his favorite control strategy, the super snug side headlock. J blasted Azrael with a flying shoulder block. Azrael started pounding on J. Azrael hit the most explosive move in his arsenal, the running knee to the face. A fan got off the line of the night. “He (J) looks so innocent, but yet so guilty.” Azrael acknowledged it. Azrael went for the Ted Bundy. J countered with something like an elevated body scissors german suplex for a near fall. J applied the STF. Azrael got a ropes break. J flew from the top and tasted Azrael’s boot. Azrael cold-cocked J with a punch. Big collision for an eight count. J started flailing away with windmill punches. Azrael gave J the one finger salute. J’s response was a roundhouse upside the head. J took a big bump on a missed flying koppo kick into the corner. Azrael hit the Ted Bundy (vertical suplex into a uranage). I mean he NAILED it, but J kicked out. Azrael tried for to end it with the cutthroat piledriver. J escaped. J hit his flying reverse DDT. J put Azrael away with the screwdriver Ace crusher.

Parham came out and announced that he had decided to cash in his title match.

(7) Chad Parham defeated Slim J to become a two-time NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion in 3:33. This was hot. Parham started to dismantle a badly worn down J. Slimmy caught Parham out of nowhere with the cross armbreaker. Rinauro tried to interfere and got bumped off the apron. Parham and J each came within a split second of getting the three count. But it proved to be J’s last hurrah. A collision of clotheslines left both men down. The refs hauled Rinauro to the back. Parham hit a double rope double stomp and a senton backsplash for a pair of killer near falls before finishing J with a cold-blooded cradle piledriver.

Parham acted like a total dick in the postmatch. He stood with one foot on J while he held the belt over his head. He high-fived John Johnson and did a lap around the ring. The arrogant ##### went on and on. The more Parham celebrated, the more the people were hating on him. To top it off, Parham climbed up on top of the announcers’ booth so he could literally look down on the fans.

NOTES: The next TV taping on 1/20 will feature the return of Texas Treats (Chris Marval & Don Juan)…PWE, SAW and Chris Long have joined forces to form a new promotion that is as associate member of the AWA. Naming the company AWA South got them off on the wrong foot with Jody Peterman and understandably so, since his AWA World 1 South is the Georgia AWA member. In a later post on the georgiawrestling.tk message board, Peterman said the issue had been resolved, and he was looking forward to running joint shows with AWA South. Peterman said that AWA South had agreed to a name change after their first show in Trion last night. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…Meanwhile, AWA World 1 South their annual big show in Valdosta on 1/14 with Roderick Strong vs. Tully Blanchard in the main event…Rinauro vs. Delay in a TLC match for FIP in Crystal River, Fl on 1/13…Jason Cross vs. Vordell Walker headlines for Dropkick Pro Wrestling in Macon on 1/13…Palmer announced that Anarchy had past the one year mark for their syndicated television show…Mikael Judas made his return to IWA Puerto Rico for the Three Kings Weekend with his first match on 1/4.

NWA ANARCHY TV (Georgia listings)




And various other times each week


WBEK-TV16 SATURDAY 9PM (following TNA Xplosion)


By: Ca$hflow X

NWA Anarchy TV Report
Episode 44
January 1, 2006

OK, ladies and gentleman, before we head on this week’s TV report, NWA Anarchy put on one hell of show on December 30 in Helen, GA. If you missed it, shame on you. It was hands down the best indy show I attended all year, including ROH. A road report and Fright Night ’06 DVD review will be forthcoming later in the week.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- We start off this week’s episode of Anarchy with a replay of the Urban Assault Squad winning the tornado tables tournament to face the Devil’s Rejects at Fright Night 2006.

- Greg Hunter and John Johnson recount last week’s edition of Anarchy when Dan Wilson laid out the challenge for a casket match against Team Anarchy. This week we will find out from Jerry Palmer who the mystery partner is and Jeff Lewis defends the NWA Anarchy Title against former NWA Anarchy TV champion Krazy K.

1. Justice Served (Mikki Free & Jason Justice) vs. Christian Hayme & the Windwalker.
THE MATCH: I feel sorry for Hayme & Windwalker this week because their carcasses will be handed to them on a silver platter. Hunter asks Johnson, “what is the Indian translation for Windwalker” and Johnson is at a huge lost of words. He finally figures that is means “Chief Running Dummy.” Great! Meanwhile, Windwalker literally lives up to his name when Justice catches him with a chestdrop. Hayme runs in and gets whipped into the corner with Windwalker. Justice Served squashes both wrestlers in the corner. Justice kills Windwalker with the Psycho Slam and tosses him to tag Hayme. Remember the Road Warriors used to do that during their squash matches on TBS. Hayme gets his ass whooped as well. The only person missing is the Mid-Atlantic Ass Kicking Machine Damien Wayne to deliver one his patented five star piledrivers. John says that Indians don’t have TV’s, but they do have #####s. Don’t forget the Seminole Nation owns the Hard Rock Café! Justice Served puts Hayme out of his misery by running over him.
WINNER: Justice Served.
COMMENTS: This was a fun squash reminiscent of wrestling shows back in the 80’s. Props to Hayme & Windwalker for taking a beating and making it look good.

- NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer heads out to talk to Justice Served. Palmer accepts Dan Wilson’s challenge to a casket match. He tells Wilson that the only thing he needs to be concerned is his narrow behind going to fit in that casket. I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Dan Wilson might be an evil little troll, but believe me he can fit in there despite his big mouth. Palmer tells Wilson to also be concerned about having enough bodies to tote his rear end out of the casket. Uh oh… what do we have here? It looks like the Welcoming Committee just headed out from the locker room. Yep, it’s that little evil heathenistic troll Dan Wilson and his Rejects. Well, Palmer is glad that he is out so he can now reveal who the mystery partner is… Well to fight fire with fire, you hire a monster and that’s exactly what Mr. Palmer did… The Monster Abyss! Dan Wilson throws a little hissy and Rejects begin soiling themselves. Palmer leads the charge on the Rejects and the Battle is on! Azreal waffles Palmer with a chair, but UAS makes the save.

- Greg Hunter is out to interview NWA World TV Champion Brandon Phoenix. As soon as he is about to defend himself for not defending the title, Ace Rockwell heads out to confront him. Rockwell scorns Phoenix for ducking him. Ace tells Phoenix that he can pack his bags and start running to Helen. He promises to beat him one-on-one. Phoenix tells Ace that he doesn’t have a match at Fright Night because Ace hasn’t proven anything yet. Phoenix attempts to nail Ace with a belt shot, but Ace ducks goes for the Ace’s High. Phoenix escapes and slithers away like the egg sucking snake that he is. As Phoenix retreats, Hunter announces that he will defend the TV title against Ace at Fright Night.

2. Brett Thunder & Adrian Hawkins vs. the Texas Hitmen (Skitzo & Bigg Dogg)
THE MATCH: The faces dominate the early going with double team maneuvers. Meanwhile, Hunter and Johnson argue about what broadcaster duties they have. Johnson accuses Hunter of hurting Grandma Phoenix’s feelings, so he apologizes. LOL! Thunder displays some in ring brilliance, but Big Dog bulldozers him. Meanwhile, they continue to argue about Phoenix’s title reign. Hunter asks Johnson, “Have you ever held the Television Title?” John Johnson is a modern day Bobby Heenan. The Hitmen gains some measure of revenge against Thunder for leaving the Texas Wrestling Academy. Johnson comments that Hawkins is wearing silver and gold trim. He could be the Oakland Raiders of NWA Anarchy because they’re winless. Hunter apologizes to their viewers in California, but Johnson notes that even California hates the Raiders. Back to the match, Thunder moves out of the way of a second rope legdrop from Skitzo. Hawkins receives the hot tag. They use double team tactics to take control of Bigg Dogg. Skitzo pulls Hawkins to the floor, which allows Bigg Dogg to perfectly catch Thunder flying off the top rope and finish him off with an Oklahoma Stampede. Finally, the TWA gets a win over Thunder.
WINNER: Thunder & Hawkins
COMMENTS: This was good tag match featuring two midcard tag teams. It’s funny how Thunder defeated TWA in every conceivable way and now he is jobbing to everyone, including the TWA.

3. NWA Anarchy Title: Jeff Lewis (ch.) w/Jeff G. Bailey vs. Krazy K.
THE MATCH: Krazy leads the crowd in a “Lewis sucks” chant. Johnson notes, “If Krazy K is my new addiction, then I’m checking into a methadone clinic.” OK, that’s a good one. The ring introduction lasted longer than Krazy K’s NWA TV Title reign. That’s even funnier. Krazy sends to Lewis retreating after scoring a near fall with a crucifix. Krazy dominates the early going by outquicking and outwrestling Lewis. Lewis finally takes advantage when catches Krazy leaping off the middle turnbuckle with a dropkick and a nice back suplex. Late in the match, Krazy finally makes his big comeback. Krazy lands a series of kicks for a near fall. Lewis catches Krazy with a uranage for a two count. Lewis boots Krazy in the corner. Lewis catapults Krazy out of the corner, but Krazy catches him with a pair of knees for a two count. Krazy goes for a top rope inverted DDT, but Lewis catches him with the Final Curtain.
WINNER: Jeff Lewis retains.
COMMENTS: This match was disappointing considering the talent in the ring. Overall, this was a decent match and gave Lewis a win over a name opponent before heading into Fright Night. Unfortunately, Lewis’s confrontation with Slim J was cut out and it was most likely due to time constraints.

- OVERALL: This episode was on par for Anarchy TV. The wrestling was good as usual, the Texas Hitmen scored a rare victory and the commentary was insanely funny. This show is definitely worth the download.
- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.

Lebanon, TN

Jan 3, 2007

NWA Top Rope Promoter Mike Sircy announced today that an NWA Women's World Title Match will take place in Lebanon TN on January 27th at the National Guard Armory when current Women's World Champion Christie Ricci defends her NWA Womens World Title against Ms Chef from NWA Mid West. Ms Chef is a former NWA Mid West Women's champion and has earned her title shot to be held in Lebanon TN on this night.

This night will also provide 2 other NWA Championship matches, when the NWA National Heavyweight Champion Kory Williams will be in action defending his title in a handicap match against the NWA Tennessee Heavyweight Champion Kasey Cage and the NWA Top Rope Jr. Heavyweight Champion Mr. IBM Jason James. This feud has been building for over 3 months now, and NWA Top Rope plans to put an end to this once and for all. Williams won his title against former champion Big Bully Douglas in Oct 2006. Additionally, the NWA Top Rope Southern Tag Team Championship will be on the line when the champions Will Owens and Neil Taylor defend against Cruzin 4 Pain.

Other matches that night include Tasha Simone locking it up in the squared circle against Fi Fi. Pokerface takes on a mystery opponent. From the information we have at press time, it is understood that this mystery opponent carries a bag to the ring with him. We don't know what that means exactly, but I am sure we all will find out on the 27th.

NWA Main Event Results from Smyrna, TN 1/5/07

Match 1

“Nerdy White Boy” Jay Jacobs vs. Shady Grady

Shady started off with a clothesline then a big suplex on Jacobs. He also went for a splash however, Jacobs was able to move out of the way. Jacobs was able to gain the advantage and was trying to do damage to Grady’s legs and back. Somehow, Grady was able to fight back to his feet but Jacobs did not want it last too long. “Nerdy White Boy” picked up his book. Grady spotted him, grabbed him from behind and planted a butt buster on him. Shady Grady was able to get the win in 5:45.

Match 2

"The Syndicate Crew" Karnage w/DeAngelo vs. GQ w/White Trash

GQ had control at the beginning of the match. He tossed Karnage out to the floor. One of our fans gave GQ a huge leather strap which he gladly used on Karnage. Karnage wasted no time getting himself back into the ring to avoid that beating. Karnage was able to dominate the match once back inside the squared circle until GQ tripped him and he landed on the ropes. GQ kicked him between the legs to slow him back down. DeAngelo did not like what he was seeing so he tossed a baseball bat into the ring for Karnage. Unfortunately, GQ was the one who was able to get it first. He planted the bat into the forehead of Karnage then slid the bat to the floor before the ref turned around. GQ was the winner by pin fall in 4:06.

Match 3

Mr. “Mean” Mike Woods vs. White Trash w/GQ

Woods was arguing with the ref and many of the fans that Trash was pulling his hair. The fans did not agree with him and the ref claimed not to be a witness to this action. Trash was able to back Woods up in the corner by continuously punching him in the chin. White Trash ran in for a splash but no one was home. This knocked the wind out of Trash. Woods then took Trash to the floor for a little hardcore fight. The ref made them return to the ring. White Trash was able to fight back with a clothesline. Woods tossed Trash into the corner again to knock the breath out of him. Mike Woods was able to roll Trash up for the pin in 7:12 with a little help of pulling his tights to make sure he got the win.

Match 4

"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic, Karnage & DeAngelo


Shady Grady & 2-Bit

Karnage and 2-Bit started the match for their teams. 2-Bit worked on the arm of Karnage. He tagged in Grady who continued on his arm. Karnage was able to get the tag to DeAngelo so he could let his arm rest a few minutes. DeAngelo tossed 2-Bit to the floor so Psycho Medic helped out the other members of the “Crew” by kicking and punching 2-Bit while the referee was distracted. Shady Grady was able to interfere to avoid the three count on 2-Bit. Grady was taking on Karnage and DeAngelo while 2-Bit was regaining his energy. When 2-Bit came back to help Grady, Karnage tossed him back to the floor and then followed. The official was trying to break them up so he could focus more on the legal men in the ring. This allowed Psycho Medic time to get into the ring and hit Shady Grady with the Tag Team belt. DeAngelo covered and when the ref finally turned around he announced "The Syndicate Crew" as the winners in 5:56.

Match 5

"Mr. Impact" JT Quest w/Xstacy


“American Nightmare” Johnny Demento

Demento gave Quest a huge shoulder tackle to take him off his feet. Quest retaliated by pulling Demento’s hair to try to slow down the “American Nightmare”. Demento did not let it get to him and followed up on Quest with 2 clotheslines but was only able to get a two count. Quest then tossed Demento to the floor to give himself a break. Xstacy gave Demento a gruesome stiff kick right in the rib cage. Quest landed an elbow off the top rope to the crown of Demento’s head. Demento tried to fight back. Quest gave him a vicious low blow and a swinging neckbreaker to take him back off his feet. Quest missed a belly splash on Demento. The fans were behind Demento as he was fighting back. He climbed to the top rope but Xstacy shoved him off before he could hurt Quest. JT capitalized and got the win in 11:15 thanks to the help of his valet. After the match, Quest hit Demento with “Lil’ Impact” (the crowbar) in the chest.

Match 6

Mark Anthony vs. Steve-O

Anthony chopped Steve-O in the chest the put him in a chin lock. Somehow, Steve-O set himself free. He tried a drop kick but Anthony seen him just in time and was able to step out of the way. Anthony dropped a knee to Steve-O but was painfully surprised to find out that Steve-O moved and he hit hard on the ring knee first. Anthony choked Steve-O then tossed him to the floor. Mark Anthony led Steve-O to the concession stand and wanted to crack his skull on the concrete wall. Steve-O blocked and slammed Anthony’s head into the wall. Anthony bounced off and when he turned around he lost his balance and fell straight into the trash can face first and flipped in and out of the trash can. Anthony did all he could to get out and in the mean time the trash emptied all over the floor before he escaped. Back in the ring, Anthony also missed a belly splash off the top rope. Steve-O gave Anthony a massive suplex which landed Anthony on the floor. Mark Anthony was climbing back in over the ropes so Steve-O hit the ropes which gave Anthony a devastating low blow. Steve-O could smell the win and Anthony knew he had to act fast. He suplexed Steve-O then rolled him up quickly and held him down by his tights to get the 1-2-3 in 15:53. Steve-O and the fans could not believe that the ref did not see what Anthony had done. However, the ref would not reverse his decision since he did not witness Anthony holding the tights.

Match 7


"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic w/ DeAngelo & Karnage (Challenger)


“Outlaw" Lee Condry w/Pam Condry (Champion)

Condry is proud to be the Mid America heavyweight champion. Psycho Medic wants to become the next title holder. He had his eyes focused on the belt the entire time as Condry proudly wore it to the ring and when the ref held it up to show the fans the gold was on the line in this match. Condry went to work on Medic’s arm. Psycho Medic jumped out of the ring but was followed by Condry. Lee Condry slammed Medic’s head into the mat. Back in the ring, Condry continued to work on Medic’s arm by using an arm bar and pulling it as hard as he could trying to pull it out of the socket. Psycho Medic left the ring once again. Only this time he told the Karnage and DeAngelo that he had enough and was going home. "The Syndicate Crew" talked him into staying since he had a chance at the gaining more gold. Condry was still leading the match until Medic intentionally gave Condry a low blow. Medic covered Condry with his feet on the rope. Karnage pushed them off just before the ref spotted his cheating tactics and ended the match. Condry was able to kick out. Medic gave Condry many spear hands to the top of the head. Lee Condry was stumbling in the center of the ring. As he was falling, he kicked Medic between the legs. Now both men were down. Condry was the first man trying to get back to his feet. DeAngelo and Karnage leaped on the ring apron. Condry back elbowed them both and they found themselves back on the floor. Pam Condry ran around the ring and kicked both of them in the gut to make sure they did not interfere anymore in the match. Lee Condry caught Medic with a sphere. He was able to get the win by pin fall in 9:55.


“Nerdy White Boy” Jay Jacobs w/Broadway Rose


“American Nightmare” Johnny Demento w/Sexy Jessi

Jacobs fell over the ropes when climbing into the ring. Then, he became upset when the fans of Columbia laughed at him. Jacobs tried to take out his frustration on Demento but the arm bar was reversed. Jacobs requested a time out. He tried to slide out of the ring backwards but much to his surprise he ended up straddling the pole. Demento and the fans now laughed at the “Nerdy White Boy”. Jacobs was able to catch Demento with a clothesline and a suplex to take over in the match. Demento then ducked the next two clotheslines and came back with a flying clothesline on Jacobs. Demento then planted Jacobs in a face buster for the win in 6:11.

Match 2

"The Syndicate Crew" Karnage & DeAngelo w/Psycho Medic


Shady Grady & “Outlaw" Lee Condry w/Pam Condry

DeAngelo and Lee started off the fight. Condry hit a powerful shoulder tackle on DeAngelo to knock him off his feet. DeAngelo scurried to the floor and to his corner. The fans began the “chicken!” chant. Grady and Condry worked on the arm of DeAngelo. Grady was able to get a two count before Medic and Karnage stopped the ref’s count. Psycho Medic kicked Grady in the back when Karnage threw him into the ropes. Medic then sucker-punched Lee when he was on the ring apron wanting a tag from Grady. DeAngelo and Medic double teamed Shady Grady when the ref was holding Condry back to keep him from being disqualified since he was not the legal man. DeAngelo gave a ravaging head butt to Shady Grady. Psycho Medic missed an elbow and Grady was able to tag in “Outlaw”. Condry was fighting all three members of the Crew and doing well until he was thrown to the concrete floor. Medic followed to keep him occupied. Karnage and DeAngelo double teamed Grady. They hit the Gangsta Lean and DeAngelo covered for the win in 9:37. Once Condry was told by Pam what they did, Lee chased "The Syndicate Crew" back to the locker room.

Match 3

"Mr. Impact" JT Quest w/Xstacy & Manga w/Miss Opium


Antonio & “American Nightmare” Johnny Demento w/Sexy Jessi

Manga wanted to be the first one on his team to wrestle since he seen that Antonio was started for his side. Manga and Quest were swapping in and out of the ring without tagging. They were trying to take out Demento so they could double team Antonio and be declared victorious. Demento fought back with a belly to belly suplex on Manga then they clotheslined each other. Quest jumped off the turnbuckle onto Demento with a double axe handle. Quest then held the “American Nightmare” in the center of the ring with a reversed chin lock. Demento finally was able to break out and tag Antonio. Quest slung Demento to the floor from the top rope. Demento hit hard and was knocked out. Manga grabbed Antonio and hit the “Spider’s web”. Quest then planted Antonio with the “Deep Impact” (spinebuster). Antonio was out for the three count. After the match, Manga nailed Demento with the nun-chucks in the mid section as he was trying to stand up.

Match 4

Cody Whitehead w/The Avenger vs. Brandon Stone w/Johnny Gunnz

Gunnz was at ringside supporting his friend and partner even though he was on crutches with a sprained knee after the abuse he suffered last Saturday night. Brandon Stone entered the ring and attacked Whitehead. This match was off to a fast start. Whitehead then gained control by kicking Stone then hit a splash in the corner. Stone was able to get his shoulders off the mat before the three count. Whitehead was hitting Stone with closed fists and choking him. The referee advised him to stop or he would stop the match. Stone ducked a clothesline and then did a sunset flip to Cody. Cody was also able to kick out of the cover. Whitehead jumped off the top corner for a butt bomb but landed smack dab on the ring since Stone rolled out of the way. Stone punched Cody and was regaining his energy which was immediately slowed way down by a brutal low blow from Whitehead. Somehow, Stone was able to land on his feet after the monkey flip and caught Cody in a belly to back suplex. Whitehead grasped the chair that Nightmare brought to the ring. He swung at Stone who ducked. The chair bounced off the ropes back into the face of Cody. Brandon Stone was victorious since Whitehead was dazed via pin fall in 4:23. The Avenger and Nightmare jumped Stone and were kicking him repeatedly on the mat. Gunnz somehow managed to enter the ring and began swinging his crutches. Whitehead, The Avenger and Nightmare scattered. Stone made it back to his feet and used one of Gunnz’s crutches to smack Whitehead in the back and head with it.

Match 5

Mark Anthony w/Brittany vs. "Wildside" Chris Champion

Anthony was complaining to the ref that Champion was pulling his hair. Champion stated “HE IS A LIAR!” and the crowd agreed. Anthony exited the ring for a break and was talking to his valet. Champion kicked him between the legs when he finally decided to return to the ring. Champion then buried Anthony’s head into a table. Champion went to finish off Anthony. Brittany knew what Champion had in mind so she hopped on the ring apron to call for the referee’s attention. Champion grabbed Mark Anthony in the private section but Anthony made him release the hold very quickly when he bashed the head of Champion with a foreign object. Brittany then decided she could cheer for her man from the corner she should have been in all along. When the referee was able to regain focus on the match, Champion’s shoulders were on the mat. Mark Anthony won via pin fall in 12:39

Match 6

Fan Appreciation Lumberjack Strap Match for the


"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic w/ YT (Challenger)


“Outlaw" Lee Condry w/Pam Condry (Champion)

Lee Condry was not able to wear the title to the ring tonight due to last night in Smyrna, TN., Psycho Medic stole the belt from him. There were five witnesses to the robbery. NWA Board of Directors has ordered the belt be returned to the Main Headquarters Office by Monday morning. Otherwise, Psycho Medic will be fined and suspended for a minimum of one month.

YT was advised that he had to remain seated in a chair that was provided form him or he was fair game for a lumberjack to strap him.

Condry and Medic battled a few minutes in the ring then Condry tossed Medic to the floor. He was strapped all around the ring and could not get back in quick enough. He then was shoved into the corner and felt the dreadful “chops” on his chest and back from Condry. Medic escaped from the corner and tossed Condry to the floor to the lumberjacks. Medic became irate since no one was strapping Condry. Lee walked all the way around the ring for a short break. Once he was in the final corner YT stood up thinking Condry was going to hit him. Condry was able to hold YT for a moment while two lumberjacks strapped him since now he was fair game. YT scurried back to his seat so he would not have to endure more strapping to his backside. Psycho Medic was able to land a splash on the “Outlaw”. Condry then kicked Medic in the ribs and tossed him back to the floor. The lumberjacks were more than happy to strap Medic a few more times while he tried to re-enter the ring. YT was cheering Medic on in the match from his chair. Condry caught Medic with a high knee. Psycho Medic raked Condry’s eyes to slow him back down. Medic then hit Condry in the back with a series of forearms. Lee fought back and caught Medic off guard and got the win via pin fall in 13:17. Condry is still the NWA Mid America Heavyweight Champion. Psycho Medic was reminded since he lost the match that the Title MUST be in the NWA office Monday morning so that it will be returned to “Outlaw” Lee Condry!!

2006 Awards

were announced in Columbia,TN. on 1-6-07. The following were honored for their acheivements during the past year:

Feud of the Year: Cody Whitehead vs. Antonio

Comeback of the Year: Brandon Stone

(Mid America X-Division Champion)

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year: Psycho Medic

Manager/Valet of the Year: Xstacy

Tag Team of the Year: "The Syndicate Crew"

(LA Player/Psycho Medic/DeAngelo & Karnage)

Most Inspirational Wrestler: "Outlaw" Lee Condry

(Mid America Heavyweight Champion)

Wrestler of the Year: "Mr. Impact" JT Quest

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title

"Outlaw" Lee Condry (Champion)

1.) Psycho Medic

2.) "Mr. Impact" JT Quest

3.) Steve-O

4.) DeAngelo

5.) "Wildside" Chris Champion

6.) L A Player

7.) "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods

8.) Mark Anthony

9.) Cody Whitehead

10.) Patriot

NWA Mid-America Tag Team Titles

"Syndicate Crew" (Champions)

1.) Steve-O & "Wildside" Chris Champion

2.) "HNIC" Apollo & JB Thunder

3.) Brandon Stone & Johnny Gunnz

4.) "939 Express"

5.) "Impact Inc." JT Quest & Michael White

6.) "Japanamation" Manga & Jisatsu

7.) Cody Whitehead & The Avenger

8.) "Outlaw" Lee Condry & "Primetime" Brian Lee

9.) "American Revolution" NY Gangster & Chris Cane

10.) Jason X & Nightmare

NWA Mid-America X Division Title

Brandon Stone (Champion)

1.) "Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs

2.) Cody Whitehead

3.) Johnny Demento

4.) Johnny Gunnz

5.) Manga

6.) 2-Bit

7.) Antonio

8.) Jason X

9.) Billy Merciless

10.) GQ

NWA Main Event Manager's Ranking

1.) YT

2.) Xstacy

3.) Sexy Jessi

4.) Miss Opium

5.) Penelope

6.) Big E

7.) Nick White

8.) The Avenger

9.) Shady Grady

NWA Pro/ EWF show in Covina, CA on January 5, 2007


January 5, 2007

EWF American Champion Dan Kobrick defeated Slick Nick
& Hook Bomberry in a Triple Threat Match to retain his

Black Metal defeated Kayam by countout

Country Bear pinned Dave The Bruiser

"Sexy" Sonny Samson defeated EWF Cruiserweight
Champion Ryan Taylor in a Non-Title Match by

TNT defeated Midnight Dynamite

Joey Harder defeated TJ Perkins by submission to win
the Inland Title Series, to determine the #1 contender
for the EWF Heavyweight Title and a EWF Title shot

EWF Champion Bino Gambino pinned The Human Tornado to
retain his title

Joey Harder defeated Bino Gambino by submission to win
the EWF Championship

NWA Indiana will make its debut on Sunday, January
14th in Lafayette, Indiana at Riehle Brothers Sports
Complex. Doors open at 5:00 pm with a 6:00 pm

Matches scheduled:

"Bodacious" Dustin Lillard vs Tiny Tim

Grudge Match
"Sexy" Shawn Cook vs "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc

NWA Indiana Heritage Tag Titles
(Special guest referee: Brian Roberts)
Champs-Rob Ramer & Matt Valor vs Chase Richards &
Scotty Murray

NWA Indiana Heritage Title
Champion-Chad Collyer vs Brandon Thomaselli

Return Match
Kenny Courageous vs PT Hussla

Special Attraction
"Bad Boy" Billy Bart & Devon Fury vs Guy Lombardo &
WWE Hall of Famer- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Also on the card: Jamie Crisis, Marc Houston, Luis
Rojas, Jeremy Hadley and more

We will be crowning a new NWA Indiana Champion in

Colt Cabana returns in February!

Log onto http://www.nwaindiana.com for more information.

Central States Wrestling presents:
"Joe's Gonna Kill You!" Night One
Friday January 19th, 2007
Doors open : 7:35pm - Belltime: 8:00pm
the Mayes Memorial National Guard Armory
301 N. Woodbine - St. Joseph, MO

Main Event
TNA Superstar Samoa Joe
Michael Strider
Four Corner Survival Match For the Vacant Missouri Heavyweight Title
Mark Sterling vs. Dingo vs. Kraig Keesman vs. Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steve Girthy
The Battle for St. Joe II
Brett Young w/ Steve Girthy
Darrien Sanders
Tyler Cook
Nick Tyson
Derek Stone
Domino Rivera


Central States Wrestling presents:
"Joe's Gonna Kill You!" Night Two
Saturday January 20th, 2007
Doors Open - 7:00pm Bell Time - 7:30pm
The National Guard Armory
200 Iowa St, Lawrence Kansas

Main Event
TNA Superstar Samoa Joe
Wade Chism w/ Steve Girthy
Kansas Heavyweight Title Match
Mark Sterling (c)
Hype Gotti
Loser Leaves Town - Girthy BARRED from Ringside!
Brett Young
Derek Stone
Steve Fender
Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steve Girthy
First Blood Match!
Darrien Sanders
Kraig Keesman
Ben Sailer
Domino Rivera
Tyler Cook

CSW returns to the CSW arena for the first time in 2007. Don't miss it as
CSW sets the pace for the new year! Get your tickets NOW at

Tickets for each show are $15.00 front row, $12.00 general admission. All
adult tickets are $15.00 on the day of the show. Kids' tickets are $7.00 on
the day of the show.

***Both cards are subject to change***

In our tenth installment of our training camp sessions, CSW is proud to
announce our next training camp. This time the guest instructor is none
other than TNA superstar “the Samoan Submission Machine “ Samoa Joe. Joe is
one of the top wrestlers in the world and has accumulated a vast amount of
wrestling knowledge from his travels around the globe.

Joe will cover many different aspects of wrestling that have helped to make
him one of the top wresters in the industry. This camp is open to wrestlers
wanting to polish their craft and/or to learn something new! (if you have
never trained as a wrestler please email us first as limited spots will be
made available to the general public)

The camp will take place on Saturday, January 20 at the National Guard
Armory in Lawrence, Kansas (200 Iowa St.). Scheduled start time is 4:30 PM

The cost of the camp is $60.00 and includes a general admission tickets to
the show. Spaces are very limited so as usual a $30.00 deposit is required
to reserve your space, or you can pay in full. Payments can be made online
www.cswwrestling.com. You can pay in full or pay the $30.00 nonrefundable
deposit needed to hold your spot. If you have any questions, or for the
address to mail in your payment, please email us at

2007 Upcoming NWA Central States shows, courtesy of
the NWA Central States website, www.cswwrestling.com.

"Joe's Gonna Kill You!"
Night One
Friday January 19th, 2007
Doors open : 7:00pm - Belltime: 7:35pm
Mayes Memorial National Guard Armory -
301 N. Woodbine St
St. Joseph, MO

"Joe's Gonna Kill You!"
Night Two
Saturday January 20th, 2007
Doors open : 7:00pm - Belltime: 7:35pm
Lawrence National Guard Armory - 200 Iowa St.
Lawrence, Kansas

Friday Febuary 23rd, 2007
Doors open : 6:45pm - Belltime: 7:15pm
Lawrence National Guard Armory - 200 Iowa St
Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday March 10th, 2007
Doors open : 6:30pm - Belltime: 7:05pm
Mayes Memorial National Guard Armory -
301 N. Woodbine St
Saint Joseph, Missouri

Saturday March 31st, 2007
Doors open : 6:30pm - Belltime: 7:05pm
Lawrence National Guard Armory - 200 Iowa St
Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday April 21st, 2007
Doors open : 6:30pm - Belltime: 7:05pm
Mayes Memorial National Guard Armory-
301 N Woodbine St
Saint Joseph, Missouri

"X Marks the Spot III Our 3rd Anniversary!"
Saturday April 28th, 2006
Doors open : 6:30pm - Belltime: 7:05pm
Lawrence National Guard Armory - 200 Iowa St
Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday Jume 2nd, 2007
Doors open : 6:30pm - Belltime: 7:05pm
Lawrence National Guard Armory - 200 Iowa St
Lawrence, Kansas
















PMB #250




Universal Championship Wrestling
NWA Universal
National Wrestling Alliance
2608 West Kenosha PMB#250
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Courtesy of NWA Hawaii's Dave Heart.

Bodyslams back into Honolulu Saturday night January
13th 2007 7 pm KaHalehoano o ke akua activities hall
1760 Nalani St. Kalihi

On the Card Former: NWA North American Heavyweight
Champion JT Wolfen, Sickdog, Ricky Thunder, Bushido X,
NWA Hawaiian Heavyweight Champion Kapu and The Waz!
For More info &Tickets go to www.nwahawaii.com or call

Results for NWA MAIN EVENT WERSTLING Smyrna, TN 12/29/06


"Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs vs. "America Nightmare" Johnny Demento

Demento started out with two big clotheslines, knocking NWB out of the ring. NWB came back into the ring kicking Demento in the knees. Demento came back and was getting the best of NWB, when he got his book out of the corner and hit Demento in the head with the book taking Demento down. The referee called for the bell at 6:45 into the match. Your winner by DQ, the "America Nightmare" Johnny Demento.


"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic w/ DeAngelo vs. 2-Bit

2-Bit backed Medic into the corner and was going to hit him. Medic jumped out of the ring and started telling the referee that 2-Bit was pulling his hair. When Medic started back coming through the ropes, 2-Bit ran over and kicked the ropes catching Medic between the legs. Medic came back and started hitting 2-Bit in the throat. Then Medic got 2-Bit in what looked like a sleeper hold but it was a choke hold. 2-Bit was weak from being choked and Medic got the pin in 7:59.


"Mr. Impact" JT Quest w/ Xstacy vs. Shady Grady

They locked up and JT hit Grady in the nose. Then, Quest body slammed Grady and came off the second rope with an elbow onto Grady. JT threw Grady into the ropes as he came off Quest hit him in the mouth with a fierce elbow. Grady was making a come back as he body slammed JT and went for a leg drop but missed. Quest rolled him up for the pin in 4:44.


"The Syndicate Crew" L.A. Player, DeAngelo, Karnage and Psycho Medic
G.Q. & White Trash

Trash got DeAngelo into the corner and pulled up his shirt to chop him in the chest two or three times. DeAngelo then tagged in LA Player who came in and put Trash over the second rope choking him while Medic was taking his picture. Then this match turned into a four on two match. All four members of the "Crew" was taking turns beating up on White Trash. Trash tagged in G.Q. He went to work on the "The Syndicate Crew". G.Q. and Trash were working on all four members of the Crew and doing well. That was until Medic came up from behind Trash and gave him a low blow then threw him out of the ring. Medic and LA started double teamming G.Q. and was able to get the win in 11:35.


Mark Anthony
"Outlaw" Lee Condry w/ Pam Condry

This match was going back and forth. No one could get the upper hand. Anthony jumped out of the ring and told the referee that the fans were making to much noise so that he was not able to concentrate. Anthony climbed back into the ring and poked Condry in the eyes. Condry tried to make a come back with three fist to the stomach of Anthony. Condry threw Anthony into the ropes but Anthony reversed it throwing Lee into the ropes and catching him with a elbow. Then, they went out side of the ring fighting. Anthony picked up a chair to hit Condry with but Pam Condry grabbed the chair out of his hands. Mark Anthony turned and grabbed Pam Condry and Lee went off. The referee counted both men out of the ring and call for the bell in 11:35. The match ended in a NO CONTEST.



Johnny Demento--Shady Grady--White trash--2-Bit--Psycho Medic--Karnage--LA Player--JT Quest

1: 2-Bit - 2: Karnage - 3: L.A. Player - 4: Shady Grady - 5: J.T. Quest - 6: NWB J. Jacobs - 7:Johnny Demento - 8: White Trash. Your winner in 8:25 and the #1 Contender for the NWA MID-AMERICA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Psycho Medic a.k.a. "MILK DUD"

Results from Sat 12-30-06, Columbia, TN

Match 1

"Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs & Nightmare
Antonio & "Prototype" Bobby Surge

Antonio started off with two huge clotheslines on the Nerdy White Boy. Jacobs quickly tagged in Nightmare. Antonio and Surge were doing their best to do damage to the arm of Nightmare and Jacobs. Nerdy White Boy regained the advantage with a leg drop out of the corner onto Surge. When Surge was finally able to make the tag, Antonio came in and cleaned house! He gave Jay Jacobs a swinging neck breaker and was able to get the pin fall in 5:03.

Match 2

Manga w/Miss Opium vs. 2-Bit

2_Bit caught Manga with a trip toe hold after Manga was able to duck 2 clotheslines. Manga retaliated by choking 2-Bit with the help of the ropes then followed up with a DDT. Miss Opium helped out her man by smacking 2-Bit when he was trying to catch his breath. Manga tossed 2-Bit into the ropes and unknowingly to Miss Opium, 2-Bit reversed Manga. Miss Opium grabbed the feet of whom she assumed was 2-Bit. Manga stopped and turned to Miss Opium to advise her to watch what she was doing since she almost made him fall to his face. 2-Bit took the opportunity and was able to roll up Manga from behind and score the win in 5:07.

Match 3

Cody Whitehead vs. X-Division Champion Brandon Stone w/Johnny Gunnz & Sexy Jessi

Whitehead was very nervous going into this match because not only did Stone have Gunnz and Jessi in his corner, but he also came running in with a chair. Whitehead was glad that the referee made Stone put the chair on the floor. Stone was able to jump off the top rope with a clothesline to Cody when he was on the floor. Stone quickly rolled Whitehead into the ring but was only able to get a two count. Whitehead regained his strength and suplexed Stone a few times. He then complained to the ref about a slow count. Brandon Stone landed a frog splash onto Whitehead and had the match won. However, Nightmare ran in to stop the count. Johnny Gunnz also jumped into the ring to help his partner. Whitehead was able to grab the chair that Stone had earlier and smash the leg of Gunnz against the ring pole. Your winner by DQ was Brandon Stone in 5:42.

Match 4

"Impact Inc." JT Quest and Michael White w/Xstacy & Broadway Rose
"American Nightmare" Johnny Demento & Shady Grady w/ Sexy Jessi

Demento and Grady worked over the arm of both of their opponents. Grady came off the ropes with an elbow to the shoulder of White. White fought back with a devastating DDT to Grady. Demento hit Quest with a big splash. Quest had enough so he began his cheating tactics including pulling the hair of Demento then gave him a vicious low blow. Somehow, Demento was able to kick Quest in the side of the head and tag in Grady. Shady Grady clotheslined Quest and then White. "Impact Inc." rolled out to the floor for a breather. White was the first back into the ring. White was choking Demento then tossed him to the concrete floor. Xstacy did not mind since she was able to get a few stiff kicks in on him. Grady was being stopped by the ref so he could not help Demento. Once Grady was able to get the tag, he felt the spine buster of Quest and a leg drop off the top rope. Michael White covered Grady for the 1-2-3 in 12:05.

Match 5

NWA Mid-America Tag Team Champions
"The Syndicate Crew"
Psycho Medic, Karnage, DeAngelo & LA Player w/YT
Apollo & A Mystery Partner

Apollo nor the NWA Main Event knew who the mysterious masked man was that agreed to be Apollo’s partner for this match. Apollo was able to get a few head butts on LA Player. DeAngelo stopped the ref’s count after 2. The mystery man did a double axe handle and punched LA Player 10 times but LA got the low blow to the mystery man to even the score once again. Karnage and Psycho Medic then hit a double flapjack onto the mystery man. DeAngelo and Player followed up with a double super kick. The mystery man fought back by clothes lining Karnage but he was slow for the cover and only got a two count. Apollo was tagged in and was taking on all four members of the "Crew". As Apollo covered Karnage, he was hit from behind with a baseball bat. The referee called for the bell and Apollo was awarded he match. "The Syndicate Crew" was shocked and was asking just who is the masked man? Apollo punched the mystery man then removed the mask. It was "Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs who wants to join "The Syndicate Crew" . Apollo was furious and planted Jacobs with a belly to belly suplex. The "Crew" was upset that Jacobs cost them the match. Apollo won via DQ in 9:30.

Match 6
NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Championship Match

"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic w/ YT (Challenger)
"Outlaw Lee Condry w/Pam Condry (Champion)

Psycho Medic was the #1 contender for the heavyweight belt since he was the winner of the Battle Royal the previous night in Smyrna, TN. The crowd wanted to see Lee’s famous chops and so they did. Condry always wants to please his fans. Medic was already tired from the previous match but gave every effort to become the new champion. YT told the fans many times to quiet down so that Medic could focus but they became louder instead. Psycho Medic went for a clothesline. Lee Condry ducked and came off the ropes with a sphere to Medic. Condry covered and got the three count in 10:57.

Match 7

Mark Anthony w/ Brittany vs. "Headliner" Chris Michaels

Anthony complained to the ref each time that Michaels had the advantage. Michaels had reversed an arm lock to Anthony. Anthony slid out to the floor to rethink his strategy. As he climbed to the ring apron, Michaels’ brought him back in the hard way then planted a drop kick to the face of Mark Anthony. Brittany tripped Michaels to help out her man. Chris Michaels was able to get a close tow count on Anthony after a sunset flip. Mark Anthony tried to put Michaels away with a back-flip off the top rope. Just in the nick of time, Michaels raised his knees and caught Anthony in the mid section. Michaels planted Anthony with his legendary super kick and would have won the match if Brittany would not have put Anthony’s foot on the ropes to stop the ref’s count. When Michaels was arguing with the referee about Brittany’s interference, she sneaked a pair of knuckles to Mark Anthony. Anthony knocked Michaels out cold when he turned around. Anthony slid the knuckles back to Brittany and was able to get the win in 12:20 via pin fall.

Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 - Happy New Year!

- NWA New England Live Saturday Night!
- Iron Sheik Resting At Home
- Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview II
- The Jackal Named MWF President
- MWF 2007 Preview
- Johnny Fabulous Making Headlines
- Special Discount On "World Wrestling Insanity"
- Give Back To The Wrestling Business This Holiday
- Help Wanted! MWF Looking For Talent & Staff
- Bring The MWF To Your Hometown

* * * * *

NWA New England Next Generation LIVE!
This Saturday, January 6th, 2007
Nasson Community Center * Springville, ME
Special Event To Benefit Easter Seals

Jason Rumble (c)
"Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz

Beau Douglas
(w/ Bull Montana)
"Future Legend" Luke Robinson

Kick off 2007 with the next generation of NWA New

* * * * *

WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik is resting at his home
in Atlanta, GA after apparent alcohol poisoning during
his recent trip to Boston to film the sequel to his
legendary Studio Shoot Interview. The Sheik left MWF
officials scratching their heads as the Sheik claimed
an MWF cameraman showed up to his room for further
taping and gave him the beer he got sick on. You can
send the Sheik get well wishes on his MySpace account

The second installment of The Iron Sheik Studio Shoot
Interview will be available on DVD and VHS in the near
future! The first was a classic that's been seen by
over 175,000 fans all over the world. Part two might
blow the first one out of the water with more classic
Sheik, along with a bonus disc featuring his Christmas
challenge to Kramer, footage from the infamous Iron
Sheik Appreciation Night last August and a wild, drug
induced telephone interview from the following week!
The Sheik is back in 2007!

* * * * *

The Millennium Wrestling Federation didn't waste any
time kicking off the new year right, as they decided
that interim president The Jackal was the man for the
job after the MWF finished the year in "the black."

Check out what the Millennium Wrestling Federation has
lined up in 2007!

The illustrious Johnny Fabulous made waves as 2006 came
to an end, as he announced he wants to buy the
Millennium Wrestling Federation and is taking out
talent contracts for new, nationally known talent that
will blow his enemies out of the water. For more,

* * * * *

Check out the MWF Store for special pricing on "World
Wrestling Insanity" by James Guttman, an interesting
look at the McMahon's WWE empire. Retailing at $19.95,
fans can purchase this book in the MWF Store for only
$6 plus s/h thru January 15th!

* * * * *

Folks from all walks of life tend to make charitable
donations during the holiday season. Professional
wrestling is often an industry where even the biggest
stars are left out in the cold after their days in the
spotlight are over. Below are three ways you could
make a difference, whether it be big or small, to kick
off the new year:

For only $25 per year, you can join the ring of
friendship. The CAC is an association of past, present
and future champions, combatants and allied personages
joining in celebration and recognition of fellowship
within the wrestling world. To join, visit:

This past June, WWE legend Earthquake (John Tenta)
passed away after a long battle with cancer. The
WrestleCrap web-site set up a special fund to help out
the Tenta family, which can be reached at:

Johnny Grunge (Michael Durham), one half of Public
Enemy of ECW and WCW fame, lost his life in February of
2006, leaving behind two young sons, Michael Jr. (8)
and Chase (3). Donations be made to the Michael Durham
Memorial Fund at:

Bank of America GA7-083-01-01
500 North Lake Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 631-3200

* * * * *

The MWF continues it's expansion in 2007 and is looking
for positive, professional individuals to join our
team. As always, we are looking for hungry, young
athletes to make their way to the squared circle,
especially in the tag team ranks. We are also looking
for help in local promotion, television production,
event staff and street team members. If you've ever
thought about entering the unique, one of a kind world
in professional wrestling, please visit

* * * * *

The Millennium Wrestling Federation is looking to team
up with other non-profit organizations in 2007 to bring
live professional wrestling to your town! For more,
check out:

* * * * *

Visit The BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite Today!

http://www.MWFprowrestling.com - the official on-line
home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation
http://www.BOSTONWRESTLING.com - the history of
wrestling in Boston and now New England web-site
http://www.IronSheikOnline.com - the official web-site
of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik
http://www.TheHistoryofECW.com - the history of Extreme
Championship Wrestling

TNA Bookings
President, Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141

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