Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Sheikies are Coming!

By Old Country Nomad

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls! We here at the Old Country Corner are happy to announce the creation of the finest awards since the Slammys...THE SHEIKIES!

These awards were created in respect to a great, great man whose opinions have been controversial at times but always enlightening...The Iron Sheik and each award title will be a quote that from the man himself. Also this is the only end year awards that are actually decided after the year is over. Innovation, that's what we are all about here.

With categories such as The "You Vas Lucky Punk" award for the most improved wrestler or fighter and The "Great Feeling All Time I Had All My Life" award for the best match of 2006.

The rest of the categories will be revealed as well as the winners on January 21st. The awards will be voted on by fine people like myself, Casey, Ric and Art and maybe a few others.

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