Saturday, January 6, 2007

IWA-Mid South Results from Midlothian on January 5th

IWA-Mid South Results from Midlothian on January 5th

Jack Thriller over Jeff Brooks

Billy Roc over Vortexz

Iron Saints over Ricochet/Chuck Taylor (IWA Heavyweight champion) when the Saints gave Ricochet the standing Texas Cloverleaf into a DDT double team maneuver....Chuck turned on Ricochet after the match yelling at him that he hasn't improved on being able to do a double moonsault and cost Chuck a chance at another title.

CJ Otis over Drake Younger with a Burning Hammer onto an open chair in a finisher's match. It was CJ Otis' Burning Hammer vs. Drake's Vertebreaker. These on again off again tag team partners beat the hell out of each other and had a few tense moments during the match. Drake was busted open on the side of his head from a chairshot and had to go to a hospital afterward to see if stitches were needed.

Josh Abercrombie over Jimmy Jacobs w/ help from Jim Fannin to retain the IWA Mid-South light heavyweight title. Abercrombie will now be guaranteed to hold the title for at least one year consecutively. However, Josh did not "cripple" Jacobs as instructed so Fannin is upset w/ Josh and did not allow him into the Bad Mother F*ckers.

Mickie Knuckles/Ian Rotten over Darin Corbin/ Ryan Cruz (The North Star Express) to retain the IWA Deep South tag titles after Mickie hit Cruz with a release German Suplex and he bounced into Ian for the Rotten Rush double arm ddt for the pin. Afterwards, NSE jumped Ian/Mickie, taped them to the ropes and were about to attack with a chair but the Iron Saints ran in for the save(!)

Mickie also asked Ian for a match with Steve Corino due to the comments Corino made on the December 16th show about Mickie and Ian.

Erick Stevens over Arik Cannon

Jim Fannin did a very intense promo putting a $1000 bounty on Jimmy Jacobs

Low-Ki over Roderick Strong in a brutal contest after a third double foot stomp...the final coming off the top rope. Roderick Strong told Low Ki after the match that there was no doubt that Low Ki was winning the IWA title from Chuck Taylor on January 27th and that he wanted a title shot afterwards. Chuck Taylor came out and told Low Ki that it isn't a foregone conclusion and that if he underestimates him...Low Ki's win streak in IWA will come to an end!

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