Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Radio contest death follow-up

By Art Shimko

-- Regarding a story that I wrote here today about a young mother who died from drinking too much water for a radio contest, NBC 11 in Northern California reported that 10 employees of KDND, the radio station that was holding a "Hold Your Wee For A Wii" contest, were fired following the death of Jennifer Strange, one of 18 contestants who participated in the station's on-air water-drinking contest where the person who could keep from taking a piss the longest won a Nintendo Wii game console. The morning show that ran the contest, along with three of its hosts are done with the station effective immediately. Thankfully there was some follow-up and justice in this situation, as I said in the previous blog the person is responsible for what they put their body through but also the station and the people in charge of this contest needed to be just as responsible for the public and those who decide to partake in doing stunts for a prize.
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