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Dr. Keith Recap

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - Recap
By Brian Cooper of

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Referee Bryce Remsburg Recap

Dr. Keith is upset there's no TEAM DR. KEITH in this weekends CHIKARA Pro King Of Trios tournament and calls perspective team member Steve Mongo McMichael a 'TOTAL BITCH' with demands. Bryce says his last year has been amazing and is looking forward to the King of Europe cup in England in April and in Germany for a 16-man WXW tournament.

Bryce calls the Midwest cities 'kinda dumb' but puts over Chicago. 'Chicago hearts you' says the good Doctor. Bryce asks about the new Fight Midwest promotion (Samoa Joe vs. Eddie Kingston, Austin Aries vs. Josh Abercrombie, and Larry Sweeney who has made a change to Bryan Alvarez) with Keith adding if the debut card was a woman he's make sweet passionate love with it for twelve minutes although may last a little longer. Bryce suggests the promoters booking it as a match. Keith thinks his selling would be tremendous.

Bryce talks about the Fight Sports Midwest card on St. Patricks day in March (17th in Portage, IN). Keith talks of his fine Irish name and invites all the Fight Sports Midwest wrestlers to the Chicago St. Patricks day parade in downtown Chicago, with a Samoa Joe float, Eddie Kingston waving at and smacking people in the face, Josh Abercrombie's moustache, although he won't be making the evening show as he intends on being 'pretty fucked up.'

Dr. Keith Show talk ~ Bryce calls the show the Dr. Keith Experience. Bryce says there's nothing more he'd like to do than hold Mongo's dog Pepe (and Chavo Guerrero's horse) while he did commentary and he could then retire. 'As long as he doesn't call you Deborah' adds Keith.

Keith asks Bryce's candidates for a pro-wrestling referees Hall of Fame. Bryce mentions Chuck Norris as outside enforcer at Survivor Series '94, Charles Robinson and Tommy Young. Keith asks about Tim White? Bryce said that Tommy Dreamer told him that someone has to die before a new referee's position becomes open. 'With Tim White that's perfect' adds Keith.

Referree PJ Drummond is discussed. Bryce telling a PJ karaoke story, how he blew everyone away with his songstylings. Keith asks if Bryce focuses on the referee whilst watching a wrestling match? Bryce says on commentary he discusses the referees actions too much.

Neo Solar Temple talk ~ YAY! Fast count talk which moves onto talk of the band Fast Count with Keith claiming to have lost two teath at a gig. Bryce tells a story of why he receives mail to Lee Harvey Oswald or LH Oswald. Change of underwear, gardening gloves and chemistry goggles are the necessary items for European tours. Dr. Keith show, its all about knowledge!

Bryce says it's important at Shimmer events to let it be known that you are straight as there is a misconception he is a homosexual and that fans should say 'look at that lucky man' when watching him referee in Shimmer. Bryce says the Shimmer wrestlers are 'BUSTING THEIR OVARIES' to be taken seriously.

Bryce talks about the times he has defeated Larry Sweeney for the ICW-ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship while travelling with him on the road. Bryce also shares a bed with Larry in a heterosexual manner. Music talk ~ YAY! Bryce prefers The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Journey to Eddie Kingston's choice of Guns 'n' Roses. Also, talk of Chris Hero marking out at an Art Brut show is discussed.

Keith asks about Bryce's goals of working for WWE one day. Bryce says his goal is to referee just ONE WWE match whether it is a dark match or Wrestlemania main event. WSX talk. Bryce says that Josh Abercrombie 'HAS A VERY CUTE ASS,' although you should also keep your eye out for young Chuck Taylor's ass.

Bryce and Dr. Keith give an extensive preview to the King Of Trios tournament (Saturday in Barnesville, PA, Sunday at the ECW Arena) including the debut of The Patriot and Bryce's picks for the tournament. The interview finishes with Bryce saying he would've told the truth if he realised that the interview was on Check out

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Plus this week: Joe Gagne from JoeVersusTheWorld co-hosts with frank yet tender discussion of Brock Lesnar’s MMA dreams, GNC-UFC, nWo valentines, Barlow’s sanity, and a sexy cameo from Mike Quackenbush! Yo baby, hallelujah holla back!

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