Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Test" comments, MMA legal in PA, Mistico tryout, Pain reliever sponsors Mania, Smackdown spoilers, The Battle for PPV supremacy, more

By Art Shimko

-- The former Test aka Andrew Martin left some interesting comments on his Myspace page regarding his recent release: Just want to thank you fans for the last year...I love to hear you boo me. I always said I would get out of wrestling when it wasn't fun anymore....and that's what i did. Don't get me wrong I still love wrestling, I always will but right now the WWE is not for me but no sour grapes I had some fun up until a month ago when the politics kicked in like they always do and at first ECW was so much fun, I can only imagine it when it was the real ecw but when Paul Heyman left ecw left with him..what was left of it. Sorry if I let any of you fans down but I needed to leave there for to all the fans thanks again- what's funny about that message is that Test was fired according to and other online reports, and his headline reads free at last! I just asked for my release from wwe and got it! so who knows what the fuck's going on, it could be a case of he-said-they-said bullshit but it was reported in this week's Figure 4 Weekly newsletter [] that Test had failed more than one drug test thus violating the company's Wellness program, he also pissed Vince McMahon off following his ECW TV match against RVD and Lashley and felt Test didn't do much for WWE, certainly he wasn't the only one who felt that way. I'm going with the notion that Test got his dumb ass fired.

-- Saw this on Casey's Old Country Times blog, news that I'm certainly psyched for... reports that MMA has been legalized in Pennsylvania after a meeting with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to remove the ban and begin writing the regulations. An online petition with 950 electronic signatures was submitted to the PSAC thus holding the meeting to hold MMA-style events eventually using the unified rules adopted by other athletic commissions throughout the U.S. There are already amateur muay thai events at the New Alhambra Arena in South Philadelphia so Philadelphia, along with Pittsburgh would be top markets for UFC to hit in the future.

-- As reported by Mistico arrived in San Jose last night for the Smackdown tapings in San Jose but did not do a dark match, rather he did a tryout match backstage for the agents.

-- Smackdown spoilers from San Jose

-- Over-the-counter pain reliever 360 OTC is sponsoring Wrestlemania this year, you could find other better pain killers... er, pain relievers to sponsor a wrestling show. As a part of the deal WWE's logo will be on NASCAR racer Jeremy Mayfield’s No. 36 Toyota Camry in the upcoming 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series.

-- Wrestlers to square off in Xbox 360 battle

-- The Detroit Free Press has an interview with Robert Remus AKA Sgt. Slaughter talking about his job as a road agent, discusses his Wrestlemania memories and if he could he'd love to wrestle The Rock and Vince McMahon.

-- Jay & Mark Briscoe MAN UP~!!!

-- Euan Taylor reviews Pride 33.

-- Extreme Fight on for Pay-Per-View Crown

-- Jason MacDonald and Rich Franklin need one win for a title shot

-- Wrestling Takes Top Cable Spot

-- Un-retired and facing a 'giant'

-- Henderson secures second Pride title
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