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ACW 2/27: Jakes/ Mosca In a Barbwire Match. 1st Time in ACW History!!

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of if used, thanks.

Tuesday February 27, 2007 Legends of Wrestling presented American Combat Wrestling at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey.

(1) In a scramble match, Jaison Moore defeated Nick Fame, Shayne Swift and Dany Only of Dogmatika.

What should have been one on one on one on one, quickly turned into everyone beating up Fame. Only followed Fame to the floor where the violence continued as Swift and Moore wrestled. Only and Fame came back to the ring as the fans chanted, “Nick is gay.” Swift tagged in and picked up where Only left off, kicking Fame’s ass all around the ring. Moore followed suit with a T-Bone suplex as Fame couldn’t tag out. Fame got Moore with a superkick and finally tagged out to Only. That didn’t work well for Only as Moore hit Rolling Thunder to the corner and Fame tagged in to deliver a running boot. The action went to the floor where Swift hit his opponents with a springboard plancha. Only got in the ring and then hit his opponents with a baseball slide dropkick. The match came back to the ring where it did become everyone for themselves as they hit each other with high impact moves. Only hit Fame with a Rock Bottom but before he could get the cover Moore dumped Only to the floor. Moore seized this chance to get Fame in the crossface submission.

(2) “The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated “Mourning Star” Marcus Hall.

Early on this match was about Santee’s strength and Hall doing everything he could to try and avoid it. Hall went to the ring apron after a series of power moves left him gasping for air. Santee went to the ropes to get Hall and that backfired as Hall grabbed Santee’s arm and dropped to the floor. Hall dragged Santee to the floor where he drove Santee’s shoulder and arm into the ringpost. After Hall got Santee in the ring it was an all out assault on the left arm and shoulder. Santee fought out of an armbar submission and hit a flapjack like move. Santee fought back with right hand punches and got the pinfall victory via the deadly Big Dump.

(3) ACW Tag Team champions Sedrick Strong & “Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) defeated State Line (ACW Heavyweight champion “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel)

Never at a loss for words Strong took the house mic and proclaimed his team the best team to ever wrestle. He took some time to insult the fans and their opponents who are former tag team champions. Angel and Masters were ready to start when Masters demanded Taurus enter the ring. Both men traded armdrags but it was Taurus who took control with a wristlock. Masters countered out into a takeover of his own and focused on Taurus’ wrist. Taurus escaped and hit a series of moves which sent Masters backing to his corner to tag in Strong. Angel tagged in as well and we were at square one. Angel focused on Strong’s arm while Strong focused on getting to the ropes. Strong caught Angel in a side headlock and took it over to the mat. Angel fired back as he got to his feet and hit a spinning head scissor. Taurus and Angel began to gel once more as they worked on Strong’s arm. Their offense ended as Angel went to the ropes and Masters kicked him right in the back. Playing on Taurus’ temper, Masters and Strong kept spitting and shouting insults to bait him in the ring. When this occurred Fetish, Strong and Masters went to work with their illegal maneuvers. Despite their effort Angel refused to be pinned or would he submit. After what seemed like an hour Angel tagged out to Taurus who went on the offensive. State Line was getting ready for a double team move when Fetish shoved Taurus off the top rope. After getting rid of Angel, Masters and Strong hit Taurus with a double team chokeslam to get the pinfall. Taurus needed assistance to the locker room after that move.

(4) In a return match, “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison defeated Shan Hill of the Syndicate via DQ.

Before the bell Hill charged the ring and took it right to Madison with high powered moves that sent Madison to the floor. But Hill quickly went out and brought Madison back into the ring. But the offense stopped when Madison dumped Hill over the ropes and made Hill’s tailbone crash on the ring apron. Madison got on the attack and broke every rule that existed while he worked over Hill’s back. Hill got a sunset flip for two but Madison quickly hit him with a closed punch to the jaw. Madison locked in a rear chinlock but Hill got to his feet and hit a flying forearm. Hill followed with a DVD but his pin attempt never happened as Bruce Santee hit the ring and Madison in retaliation for last week’s screw in the main event. Hill and Santee exchange heated words as Santee tried to get to Madison. After Hill left the ring Santee took the house mic to tell Madison if he wanted to get to the top of ACW he would have to get past “the Marquee.” Madison said he would be ready for a match, but not tonight.

(5) In the 1st ever BarbWire Weapons match in ACW, Dim Bala (formerly LaDuke Jakes) and “Rough House” Ralph Mosca of the Syndicate fought to a no contest.

I quote jigsaw, “Oh yes there will be blood” and there was plenty to be spilled. Dim Bala backed Mosca into a corner and drove the wire right into the back. Dim Bala kept on the attack dragging Mosca’s forehead across the ropes. That opened up a huge gash and Bala kept digging into the wound. The problem was each punch gave Mosca an adrenaline rush which led to a bodyslam and an elbow drop for two. Mosca grabbed his 2x4 (which was wrapped in wire) and cut Bala’s face open. Mosca followed with kendo stick shots to the back and forehead. Mosca got Bala to his feet and backed him into the wire but Bala raked Mosca’s eyes. Bala got Mosca to his feet only to drive the Asiatic Spike into the throat. Mosca fought back with punches and a DVD for two. I think Mosca actually bit a chunk of Bala’s forehead and spit it to the floor. Bala fought back with a chinlock that looked more like a straight out choke. Mosca escaped and went up top hitting a cross body block for two. Bala once again got the choke on but this time Mosca couldn’t fight out of the hold. For some unknown reason referee Billy Dalton ruled the match a no contest. That didn’t stop Dim Bala who performed some sort of voodoo ritual on Mosca unconscious body.

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto or for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. Like live music, then check out for info on bands like Wiley Fox, Clinchfist and Firehouse.

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Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow Memorial Biker Run

Police Escorted Run Led by Scott’s Brother Todd Bigelow

Sunday March 18, 2007

Proceeds will go to Diabetes research

Run begins @ Abigor Choppers

16426 US 19 in Hudson (727) 868-9209 or 247-7473

Bikers will meet @ 10am

Stands up @ 11am heading north to The Ramble Inn

18139 US 19 in Brooksville (352) 597-0052 or (727) 919-1068

$ 15 per person in advance, $20 per person day of the event

Tickets can be purchased at both locations listed above

There will be complimentary lunch for all those on the run

American Combat Wrestling will hold a show from 130-430pm

$.25 cent drafts and other drink specials, door prizes and a raffle will be held.

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