Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fight Sports Midwest Results []


Posted by Ryan:
1. Phoenix Twins beat The North Star Express.
2. Claudio Castagnoli beat Tank.
3. NWA World Women's Title: MsChif beat Ann Brookstone and Mickie Knuckles.
4. Gauntlet Match: Iron Saints beat Billy Roc & Trik Davis, Shawn Cook & Dustin Lillard, Chase Richards & Brandon Thomaselli, Truth Martini & CJ Otis, Vortekz & Drake Younger.
5. Josh Abercrombie beat Austin Aries.
6. Hydra beat Jeff King.
7. Bryan Alvarez vs Larry Sweeney went to a no-contest.
8. Tyler Black beat Arik Cannon by DQ
9. Arik Cannon and Josh Abercrombie beat D.I.F.H.(Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs). Jacobs was wearing a monkey suit.
10. Samoa Joe beat Eddie Kingston.

Posted by Her69Eyes:
I just got back from the show, here are a few corrections...

Chuck Taylor wasn't at the show, but CJ Otis teamed with Truth Martini in the gauntlet.

Josh Abercrombie beat Austin Aries, happened after the gauntlet and before intermission. Really good stuff, didn't disappoint one bit.

Arik Cannon vs. Tyler Black went for about 5 minutes until Josh came out and attacked Tyler while he had Cannon pinned. The two then worked over Tyler, until a monkey ran in the ring (there was a guy in a monkey suit wondering around for the entire show). It turned into Arik Cannon and Josh Abercrombie vs. Tyler Black and Super Awesome Monkey (that is what he was announced as). Eventually, the monkey was unmasked and revealed to be Jimmy Jacobs.

Really great show, and the crowd was fantastic in terms of both size and enthusiasm.

Some notes...

- I'm completely sold on the Phoenix Twins, they are fantastic. It will not be long before they start to become big names on the independents/make their way to WWE/TNA. They totally came off as a team you could build a tag division off of. Before the match, they cut a promo saying that there was a tag tourney in August for the NWA Indiana Tag Team Titles.

- Hydra vs. Jeff King was absolutely wonderful. The crowd was hot throughout the whole thing, and both guys are just so fantastic. Hydra was announced as "Weighing in at one hundred forty five.... THOUSAND pounds!" Tremendous.

- The crowd went nuts for Alvarez, and continued to be loud during the whole match. Really great crowd the whole night, in fact. Sweeney had brought out his own ref, so the match had two refs along with Bryce. There was a double pin at the end of the match, but it was announced that there will be a return match on a future show.

- Joe vs. Kingston was really fun stuff. If you are a fan of people getting kicked in the face, this is something you will enjoy.

The return date to Portage is May 11th, and features Tiger Mask IV vs. Mike Quackenbush, and Low Ki vs. Alex Shelley.

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