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PWU St. Patrick’s Day Massacre Results

Patrick’s Day Massacre Results

Pro Wrestling Unplugged gave Philadelphia action not soon to be forgotten with “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre” Saturday night at the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

“The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf came to the ring with his mentee “The Complete” Pete Hunter. But Wolf had an announcement for the PWU fans. Raven, citing issues with the snow claimed his flight was cancelled. Wolf just thought Raven was afraid of what “The Real Pitbull” might do to him. Wolf promised a former ECW superstar in his main event match later in the night.

In a battle of the big men, Sinister X def. “The Complete” Pete Hunter w/ “Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf with a sit-out choke bomb. Despite encouragement from Hunter’s mentor and XFC Academy trainer Gary Wolf, Sinister X pulled out a hard fought victory again “The Complete” Pete Hunter.

Teaming with the Bosom Buddy pairing of Teddy Fine and Drew Blood, Z-Barr was able to connect with a high impact brainbuster on Lucky to put out the team of Lucky and The Angus Brothers. But Z-Barr wanted to take all the credit for his team and discounted any contribution Fine & Blood might made in their match.

Eric Garguilo then called out Adam Flash to ask why he wanted to call out Messiah. Flash stated Messiah was supposed to have his back last week & didn’t believe the line Messiah gave on his MySpace blog. Messiah arrived to explain there had been no arrangements for him to come out to Philly last week. Flash’s response? He attacked Messiah from behind & the two brawled through the building, taking over a dozen people to hold the two back.

After Messiah and Flash fought to the back, we had the debuts of “The Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diamonds and the almost six and a half feet tall “One & Only” Jaime D. In the middle of everything, Flash and Messiah started brawling through the entrance way of the Arena, fighting through the crowd, the ringside area & to the back. Once order was restored, Diamond and Jaime D continued to go toe-to-toe. It was “The Anti-Diva” with a modified DDT pulled off the victory.

The large screen in the Arena, showed former PWU General Manager John House calling Joker to the ring last month to say PWU management didn’t know what they were doing & should be putting Joker into a PWU World Heavyweight Title Match. This month, House called out Ricky Reyes, the man Joker currently holds PWU Tag Title gold with and told Reyes that it was him & not Joker who House thought should have a PWU World Heavyweight Title shot. Joker showed up to tell Reyes that House was full of it & not to listen. Reyes left, but only after appearing to consider House’s words.

John House then called out the big man Damien Slugga for the $1000 Big Slam challenge. Five fans, hand selected by John House, were asked to try to slam Slugga. When anyone got to close, House “disqualified” the contestants. House then called out anyone from the back to try & slam Slugga. CJ O’Doyle arrived displaying the Irish flag, rallying people behind him on St. Patrick’s Day. But as O’Doyle was able to pick up one foot, Slugga pounded CJ down to the mat. House proudly stated no one had able to collect on the $1000 challenge yet tonight.

Johnny Kashmere was intent on finding out who Tod Gordon’s mystery opponent was, but wanted to plan some surprises of his own, including Trent Acid & manager “Discount” Dewey Donovan. Kashmere though seemed furious with anyone, even violently attacking Nate Stein at ringside. Kashmere then had Donovan & Acid pull out another surprise he had in store, a barbwire table hidden under the ring.

Tod Gordon, along with Annie Social called out Kashmere’s first opponent, Drew Blood. After Kashmere laughed off Blood, Gordon sent Annie Social to the back for Kashmere’s real surprise opponent, escorted by The Mad Doctor, it would be PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee. Amy Lee didn’t back down & put major hurt on Kashmere. But Amy Lee found herself being driven into the barbwire table on the outside of the ring with Kashmere pinning her 1-2-3.

PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore and Jose Maximo started off their match with a steady technical pace. Maximo, the man who won a four way match against his Joel Maximo and both Briscoe Brothers for this opportunity didn’t back down. The match then kicked into high gear with high flying action that even saw Devon Moore fly from the ring into the second row! Devon Moore was able to hold onto the PWU title after connecting with a high springboard cross body onto Maximo.

Quiet Storm defeated Aramis with the Storm Cradle Driver as he attempted to outdo the man who has made a lot of heads turn due to his recent winning streak in singles match ups against both himself and people like the international star Azrieal.

In a match that brought a new definition to high impact, PWU tag champions Joker & Ricky Reyes & All Money Is Legal tore into one another. An amazing display of action, the definite fan favorites in Philadelphia, All Money Is Legal finally got their due and pulled out a victory to win the PWU Tag Team Titles.

In a three way, after letting Joel Maximo and Sonjay Dutt mostly tear each other apart, it was Luke Hawx who took a cheap advantage to roll up Sonjay Dutt for the pin.

The reunited Bad Breed, Ian & Axl Rotten came out to the ring ready for a fight. When “The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf came out, he said he would deliver on his promise and called out his partner for the evening, Blue Meanie! The popular Meanie, who was back in his true heavier Blue Meanie form, then proceeded to get into a dance off with opponent Ian Rotten. But the comedy ended there as the fight raged on between these Extreme Icons. It was “The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf with a crucifix on Ian Rotten to pull off the victory.

Ian then delivered an ominous message that the Bad Breed of himself and Axl Rotten have their sites set on the tag team division at Pro Wrestling Unplugged…and that every tag team should be prepared.

Check out where PWU goes from here as we gear up for our return to the New Alhambra Arena on Saturday, April 21 by visiting

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