Sunday, March 25, 2007

FSPW "Rumble Mania IV" Results From Palmetto

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of if used, thanks.

On Saturday February 24, 2007 Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling held RUMBLE MANIA IVat their new venue, The Hall (former El Sombrero), 1330 US 301N in Palmetto, FL. The paid attendance was 152 and they saw the following matches after a 10 bell salute to the recently deceased “Golden Boy” Arnold Skaaland, “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd and Bad News Brown (Allen):

(1) FSPW Tag Team champions “Irish Destroyer” Heater & VinnDetta defeated Team Lethal (Jasin Sane & Luis Matos w/Dagon Lee).

(2) Deathrow Jethro defeated BoneZ the Cutthroat

(3) In an impromptu match, Jose Armando Alejandro Estrada defeated John Q of the Fed Up North. Jose asked Damien Christopher with the other Fed Up North roster members Mark Zout & James Morrison. However John Q said they were busy with Fed work. So Mr. Christopher did what he felt was right.

(4) In a rematch granted by FSPW Owner Damien Christopher, FSPW Florida Champion “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia defeated VA Hampton. During the match Hampton suffered an injury to his left knee. We shall update all on his condition when we are informed by Mr. Hampton’s physician.

(5) Son of Sicily & Stone Cates defeated “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony & Tito Cartel.

(6) George Rodriguez defeated Ray Beez with a ring shaking choke slam. As soon as the bell rang to end the match, he FSPW locker room ran out to the ring and began Rumble Mania.

(7) Barney Rumble won the 20 Man Rumble Mania Match.

The following were the other participants: Ray Beez, George Rodriguez, Tito Cartel, Son of Sicily, “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony, BoneZ the Cutthroat, El Guapo, Stone Cates, Deathrow Jethro, “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo, Azreal Valley, El Jugador, Dagon Lee, “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia, Jasin Sane, Luis Matos, Mr. James, Chris Corbin, Papi Catracho and Barney Rumble. There was some controversy towards the end as FSPW Officials ushered a brawl between Rodriguez and Maivia to he locker room, the fans along with Jethro and Romeo claimed Rumble was eliminated but snuck back in with no one seeing it. By winning Rumble earned an immediate shot at FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation.

(8) FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation defeated Barney Rumble after Romeo and Jethro returned to the ringside area. With the referee’s attention on Romeo, Jethro entered the ring and smashed Rumble in the head with a kendo stick shot. Despite Sensation winning the match, Romeo left the ringside area carrying the FSPW Heavyweight title belt.

FSPW will be announcing its next date at the Hall in the coming days, so log onto for the information.

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