Sunday, March 11, 2007

ITRadio: Ep. 140 is out - Even Though I See Her....

Click here to download and listen to: "140 Even Though I Can See Her, I'm Asking Her What She's Wearing"

Experience ITRadio live every Thursday on TPXRadio! Be sure to take our quiz poll on the left side of our website and send in your listner mail! If you want archived episodes of ITRadio, go here to donate, because with every donation to ITRadio, you will get archived episodes.

Not Another Tech Podcast's Brian, our current Rock Paper Scissors Champion takes on Ryan in a super kickin' match.

Send us new hands so you can play the RPS Challenge. We need new ands from everyone! Thank you! Be apart of ITRadio's RPS Challenge by sending your 5 hand choices to title, or call ITRadio during their live show to play.

Thank you to Wiggly, Shortty, Royce, California Joe and Zombie for calling during the show. You can call the show as well using the TPXRadio hotline, 1-888-838-THEX or ITRadio's hotline, 214-71-PHUCK. If you have Skype, add ITRadio as your friend.

Promos: Fueled By Beer (Podcast Mafia, TPXRadio), Animal House (TPXRadio) and VooDooRadio.

Don't forget to check out the other shows on, Blubrry, and The Podcast Mafia.

Featured Artist of the show: Thank you to Oh Alexandra for letting us play her songs 'Almost Like But Not Quite' and 'Organelle (little organ, my heart).' To become a featured artist of the show, message ITRadio on our myspace account.

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