Thursday, March 8, 2007 LIVE! RECAP w/ The Briscoe Brothers

ProWrestlingPress LIVE w/ The Briscoe Brothers Recap's free internet radio show called "PWP LIVE" debuted Thursday night at 10pm with a big bang. Hosts Doc Daniels, Nate Stein and John House ran a tight ship as many various topics were discussed. Here is a bulleted recap of what you missed if you weren't listening live. Dont worry, PWP LIVE will be available for download so keep checking

-Doc, House and Stein start thing off thanking the fans that helped make the overnight success that it has become. The three promised that their commitment to this new venture will be equally as strong and to expect big things in the future from PWP LIVE.

-The hosts made a major announcement that PWP LIVE will now have its permanent home on TUESDAY NIGHTS in conjunction with Mike Trash's "Trash Talking Radio". THIS TUESDAY NIGHT March the 13th, PWP LIVE returns with special guests THE BAD BREED (Ian and Axl Rotten). Only days before their match at PWU's St. Patrick's Day Massacre in Philly on the 17th, find out what The Bad Breed have been up to, and why they chose now to re-unite. Also, Mike Trash will be joined by special guest SCOTT "Flash" NORTON! (

-The Briscoe Brothers Segemnt: The Briscoes were very candid and didnt hold much back at all. They were very open about their time spent out of pro wrestling recently, and what they were getting themselves into. They talked in depth about their recent tour of JAPAN for ROH. Mark and Jay gave their thoughts on popular wrestlers like Samoa Joe, Homicide, Roderick Strong, The BackSeat Boyz, The SAT as well as PWU and ROH. They reveal who their "true" friends are in the wrestling business.

-The hosts did a "Round Table" segment where different news headlines are read aloud and each host gives his candid opinions on the topic. Topics included: The recent "Sterroid" fiasco; The UFC vs WWE; UFC owner set to box Ortiz; The Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23 and more.

-Finally, as the innagural show was nearing its conclusion, House attempted to contact their "Surprise Special Guest" but to no avail. House has revealed to me personally that this guest was set to be none other than RAVEN!! Since Raven was unable to join House, Stein, and Doc on the air, House has promised to try again this TUESDAY night to get him LIVE on the air. What will happen with both "The Bad Breed" AND Raven on the show on Tuesday? PWP has already gotten word that "The Pitbull" Gary Wolf is requesting a forum this Tuesday as well. DONT MISS THIS TUESDAY as PWP LIVE settles in to its new permanent home.

* NOTE: For those of you that couldnt log on live, it was due to server congestion and we have alrady made steps to ensure that never happens again

If you have questions you would like asked on the air or would like to interact with our staff feel free to contact our hosts and guests on myspace or through their own personal website:

John House's Official Myspace Page

Nate Stein's Official Myspace Page

Doc Daniel's Official MySpace's Official MySpace

Axl Rotten's Official MySpace

Briscoe Brothers Official Website

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