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Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling News: Final 3/11 Card Announced

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling: March 8, 2007


We here at CAPW would like to apologize for the lack of an official CAPW Newsline Press Release last week, as a technical error led to a temporary setback in our Media Operations department. With that in mind, however, we here at CAPW come to you with twice as much hot news and announcements than normal, because we can release to you each and every match tentatively scheduled to take place at Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling's next major live event this Sunday. Some of the top talent from all over the world have been assembled for one of the most unique and diverse line-ups in recent memory.

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling returns to the famed Turner's Hall, located at 7325 Guthrie Ave. in Cleveland, on Sunday afternoon March 11. Doors open at 2 p.m. for our recently-altered belltime of 3 p.m. This WILL be a taping for CAPW TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs, banners, and enthusiasm, and be prepared to have your image available in nearly 3 million homes in the state of Ohio, and nationwide on select systems. Tickets are available in advance at any of our ticket outlets, and also at the door the afternoon of the event. Get ready for three solid hours of the best professional wrestling in the area: Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling.

We can now confirm the following matches scheduled to take place this Sunday:

Legends Match: The Honky Tonk Man vs. Lord Zoltan
It will be a rare "Legends Match" as two timeless greats step foot into the ring at one time. In one corner will be the legendary Lord Zoltan, whose in-ring career spans over 30 years and is still going strong. Zoltan is one of the most well-known names in independent wrestling in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area of all time and it'll be a rare treat to see him step into a CAPW ring on March 11. However, his opposition is someone also very familiar to fans from the past and present alike. The man who holds the record, which still stands today, for the longest WWF/WWE Intercontinental Title reign (14 months), and that record can only belong to one individual…the man who says he's cool, he's cocky, and he's bad: The Honky Tonk Man! HTM invades CAPW but will encounter something he rarely sees anymore…someone who can match, if not surpass, Honky in experience.

CAPW Tag Team Titles: Faith in Nothing vs. Irish Airborne
Irish Airborne, Jake & Dave Crist, were scheduled to challenge for the tag titles one month ago, but thanks to the jealous actions of Virus & Unknown, the Crists title shot was sabotaged, leaving them unable to even make it to the building on time. As a result, Q&A weasled into the title match, and did end up defeating the champions, albeit via DQ. March 11, management has granted the Airborne the title match they still rightfully deserve, however Q&A feel THEY deserve the shot due to their tainted win over the champs last month. Will The Irish Airborne be able to go through with the title match they deserve so much or will Q&A make another unwelcome interjection into things. And how successful will Faith in Nothing be in establishing clear clean dominance over all their top contenders?

CAPW Television Title: Jason Bane vs. Chris Cronus
It's perhaps the two most intimidating physical presences in the CAPW locker room in the same ring at the same time. Jason Bane, who's been absolutely unstoppable in a one-on-one environment since re-capturing the TV Title last summer, faces the man that may have the brightest future out of all the CAPW roster, Chris Cronus who is still in his early-20s. Will the 6'8 300+ pound monster regain the momentum lost at the hands of Tracy Smothers' shenanigans, or will Cronus bring a new era to the TV Title division?

CAPW TV Title #1 Contender Match: Josh Prohibition vs. Adam Cage
It's a battle between two men who have been on the cusp of capturing championship gold for quite some time. Josh Prohibition has had major success in the past, but in recent months has seemed content watching the back of Johnny Gargano. Adam Cage is widely considered the greatest CAPW Heavyweight Champion in history and has had CAPW gold at the forefront of his mind since returning to CAPW recently. Both men have a chance to earn something they very much deserve but don't often receive: A guaranteed shot at one of CAPW's prestigious titles, in this case the Television Title.

Johnny Gargano vs. HENTAI
Johnny Gargano may be in the most volatile mood of his career. After losing his Jr. Heavyweight Title to Zach Gowen last month, Gargano unleashed a vicious assault on Gowen using Gowen's own cane. Sources have told us, Gargano's ego hasn't quite been the same since his bragging rights, that Jr. Title, was taken away from him by Gowen. Adding further to the frustration, Gargano's bid for a rematch with Gowen has yet to be sanctioned or even addressed by CAPW officials at this time. However, if Gargano has any hope of surviving as a top Jr. Title contender, he must be on top of his game when he steps into the ring against the internationally traveled HENTAI. Originally trained in Hayabusa, Japan this breathtaking athlete has dominated whichever division he's chosen to compete in for years. Although he may be somewhat foreign to CAPW fans, HENTAI has legions of supporters the world over, as far as Japan and Hawaii and has scored impressive wins in his career over men like Tracy Smothers and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Can Gargano overcome HENTAI and remain in title contention or will HENTAI's success continue on into CAPW as well?

M-Dogg 20 vs. Conrad Kennedy III
On the subject of international stars, just days before embarking on an extended tour of Europe, M-Dogg 20 will be at Turner's Hall this Sunday to collide with the brash Conrad Kennedy III. CK3 is never shy about expressing his outspoken opinions, regardless of who may like or dislike them, and CK3 has made it clear he wants to de-rail any momentum M-Dogg may have going into his European tour. Meanwhile, the "Innovator of Aerial Insanity" hopes to overcome the pompous CK3 to continue the roll he's been on in recent months, which has of course included his recent appearances on MTV's Wrestling Society X.

JT Lightning & Da Munchies vs. Los Scrubs & The Bouncer
JT Lightning, Too Cool Abdul, and Dick Trimmins claim they're the best trio to ever compete in a six-man tag match. Better than the Von Erichs, better than the Fabulous Freebirds, better than everybody. They even claim they're going to be the next World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. There's just two problems. Naturally, there's the fact CAPW has no six-man tag team titles, and six-man tag titles have been all but forgotten in every major promotion over the past fifteen years. Add to that, Los Scrubs & The Bouncer will not go down without a fight, as all 3 are extremely familiar with JT & Da Munchies and their tactics. JT & Da Munchies may fancy themselves as better than the Freebirds, but Bouncer & Los Scrubs are determined to make them feel like they've just been through Badstreet USA.

Q&A vs. Shiima Xion & Nobutaka Moribe
Q&A are livid over not receiving a return match at Faith in Nothing for the CAPW Tag Titles, however that spot rightfully is reserved for Irish Airborne this month. Virus and Unknown have their hands full themselves though as they take on two more stars with some international flavor. Shiima Xion, wrestling's only Filipino male supermodel has also toured Japan and is one of the fastest rising names in the Tri-State area. Nobutaka Moribe is a hot prospect in Japan heavily influenced by the late great Eddie Guerrero, and we've seen nothing but greatness from Moribe thus far, most notably in a recent match with M-Dogg 20. How will Shiima and Moribe gel as a team? And what state of mind will Q&A be in with the CAPW Tag Titles still lingering in the back of their minds?

All this great action, PLUS:

-The women of CAPW return for the first time ever in tag team action as Portia Perez & Lexi Lane battle Hailey Hated & Jessica Havok!
-The CAPW debut of The Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) as they battle The Aftermath & Matthew Justice!
-The tag team of Mega Sexy, "Megastar" Marion Fontaine & "Simply Sexy" Shawn Blaze tangle with the inspirational duo of Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe!

All this plus more! Don't miss it, there's nothing like being part of Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling live. Tickets WILL be available at the door of Turner's Hall THIS Sunday!


Every week, CAPW will deliver one solid hour of cutting-edge, intense, athletic wrestling action to STO viewers featuring a cavalcade of wrestling stars. See the best of national and international stars, past and present, as well as the brightest home-grown stars in the state of Ohio! The program will be hosted by play-by-play commentator Joe Dombrowski and color analyst Jamie Scott, who will bring you all the hot matches, backstage interviews, exclusive footage, and so much more each and every week on Sports Time Ohio! Here is the upcoming schedule for CAPW programming on Sports Time Ohio:

Saturday, 03/10 Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 11:00 PM
Sunday, 3/11 Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 11:30 PM
Monday, 03/12 Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 11:30 PM

Sports Time Ohio is available to nearly 3 million homes throughout the state of Ohio and into surrounding states, and is also available nationwide on select satellite dish packages.
Check local listings and channel packages for availability. For more information log on to For more information on Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling TV, be sure to read Michael Cash's "Ca$h's Corner" column exclusively at


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has announced an agreement with one of the longest running and most widely known tape & DVD distributors in professional wrestling today, RF Video. This is your opportunity to own and relive some of CAPW's most memorable moments from the pre-Sports Time Ohio era. For new fans interested in how Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling came to be what it is today, or long-time fans who want to re-live great memories, these DVDs are perfect to add to your home video library. Among the great titles available…

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 3/6/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Kip James; Josh Prohibition vs. Dios Salvador
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 5/1/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Colt Cabana; CM Punk vs. Chad Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 6/5/05: Dios vs. Stryker vs. Prohibition vs. Sabin; Hamrick vs. Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 7/10/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Buff Bagwell; Sheik Abdul vs. Dick Trimmins
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 8/8/05: Bagwell & Hamrick vs. Lightning & Prohibition; M-Dogg 20; Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 10/2/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Justin Idol; M-Dogg 20 vs. Shiima Xion
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 11/6/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Jerry Lynn; Matt Stryker vs. M-Dogg 20
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 12/4/05: Chris Hamrick vs. Chris Cronus; Smothers; Collyer; Stryker
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 1/8/06: Chris Hamrick vs. Steve Corino; Matt Stryker vs. Ricky Landell.
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 2/12/06: Chris Hamrick vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Adam Cage; Sumie Sakai
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 3/12/06: Adam Cage vs. Chad Collyer; Nigel McGuiness vs. CK3
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 4/9/06: Abdullah the Butcher vs. Michael Hellborn; Rhino vs. Samoa Joe
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 5/7/06: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Ala Hussein; Necro Butcher; M-Dogg 20

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Tickets for any and all CAPW live events are available at the following outlets. Tickets are always available at Turner's Hall the afternoon of the show as well.

Black's Health World,
11934 Lorain, Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Casamel's Pizza,
5589 Broadview, Rd,
Parma, Ohio.

Lucha Appliances,
West 54th Street & Lorain Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

West Side Metals Corp.
6400 Stock Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Pit Stop Donuts,
4411 Clark Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has been the premiere brand of professional wrestling in the state of Ohio throughout it's over-thirteen year existence. CAPW utilizes a blend of the most talented and exciting local and national attractions today for a unique fan experience, featuring names such as Tracy Smothers, M-Dogg 20, Faith in Nothing, Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Irish Airborne, JT Lightning, Zach Gowen, Jason Bane, and many more. Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling can be seen weekly on Sports Time Ohio in nearly 3 million homes. For more information please visit

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