Sunday, March 11, 2007

Funk's Corner - Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory and !BANG! TV

Funk's Corner - Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory and !BANG! TV

At the Funking Conservatory, we are coed. From the early days of the Dory Funk Method of Professional Wrestling Marti and I have coached, photographed and video taped for !BANG! TV some of the best women wrestlers in professional wrestling.

It began with Lita who participated at the Funking Conservatory on our first production of !BANG! TV with 16 other wrestlers, winning the over the top rope battle royal.

Mickie James came from the Funking Conservatory
and !BANG! TV to become WWE Women's Champion.

From the University of Miami, The Claw is one of the best referees in the business and the Funking Conservatory's Women's Champion.

On our last !BANG! TV Taping TNA's Knockout, Gail Kim wrestled as the Claw's partner against the newest women's wrestling combination at the Funking Conservatory, The "PopTarts."

In a shocker that rocked the Funking Conservatory and emitted shock waves throughout the wrestling business, The "PopTarts" won the Women's Tag Team Championship when Gail Kim double-crossed The Claw.

A photo album of the beautiful women of the Funking Conservatory and video tape of the New Funking Conservatory tag team champions, The "PopTarts" is featured on our website at,

For Training Information at the Funking Conservatory, Call -352-895-4658.

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