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On Saturday March 31, IWA will begin a series of events that will go straight through the summer, onto our return to the New Alhambra Arena in South Philadelphia, PA.


Midlothian, IL - Don Preston Rec Center - 14500 Kostner Avenue

Belltime 7:30; Doors open at 6:45 p.m.
Ticket Prices are $20 and $15 - the $10 ticket prices are no longer available so second row and back are general admission seats now.

MAIN EVENT - No DQ, Street Fight for the IWA World Championship


In their prior encounter, at January's "Winter Wars 2007" (1/27/07), Chuck Taylor narrowly escaped losing his title when, in a panic, he intentionally low-blowed referee PJ Drummond just as it appeared that Low-Ki had the complete advantage. It continued at "Payback, Pain, & Agony 2007" (2/9/07), when Chuck Taylor defended against independent standout Davey Richards. Taylor mocked Low-Ki, who was sitting in at the commentary table. Their next match, scheduled for "February Fury 2007" (2/23/07), was postponed when Chuck Taylor claimed he could not compete due to injury. Taylor returned from injury only 2 weeks later at "March Massacre 2007" (3/2/07). He successfully defended in a three-way contest against Billy Roc and former partner, Ricochet, then proceeded to totally disrespect Low-Ki on the microphone. Low-Ki was not in attendance. On Saturday, March 31, arguably the most dominant force in IWA history, LOW-KI, will finally get his chance at IWA gold when he meets IWA World Champion CHUCK TAYLOR under STREET FIGHT rules.

Last Man Standing


Another long-standing feud in IWA may finally see it's final chapter written March 31. Drake Younger and CJ Otis first met in a hard-hitting match-up during Night 2 of "IWA's 10th Anniversary" (10/20/06) in Harvey, IL. The next night, they were tag-team partners. Then, Younger and Otis met in the first round of the "Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2007" (11/24/07) in what many called the show-stealer. They teamed one more time together against the North Star Express and then, egos began to clash. CJ Otis claimed to have the better finishing maneuver in the Burning Hammer. Drake Younger, on the other hand, argued that it didn't matter and they should work together as a team. This disagreement, seeminingly a petty argument, has led to one of the most brutal feuds between two young rising stars in IWA history. From the Finisher's Match at "HURT 2007" (1/5/07) to the Tap Out Only Match at "Winter Wars 2007" (1/27/07), and the most recent No Holds Barred Match at "February Fury 2007" (2/23/07), their feud has produced a couple of concussions, several staples in Drake Younger's skull, and a lot of blood loss.

Recently, CJ Otis has been making it a personal matter. Otis brutally assaulted Younger's friend Vortekz after a match in Plainfield, IN, delivering two Burning Hammers to Vortekz after the match was already over. Most recently, he took out his frustration on Drake's fellow R.A.A.G.E. Dojo graduates including Vortekz, OMG, and DieHard Dustin Lee during an 8-man tag-team match at "March Massacre 2007" (3/2/07). Will this feud come to an end in one of the most dangerous matches in wrestling - a Last Man Standing match? Countless feuds in professional wrestling have come to a decisive end after last man standing matches. Will that hold true on March 31?

IWA World Light-Heavyweight Championship


Josh Abercrombie's dominance of the IWA Light-Heavyweight division began in 2005 at "Something to Prove" when he defeated Delirious at the former ECW Arena for his first title reign. Since then, Josh has taken the title to new heights, defending the belt in Germany and then in Mexico for the AAA promotion. But as Abercrombie arose to the top of the division, he was 1/2 of 21 and Irresponsible, a tag-team he formed with Brandon Thomaselli. Now the "Impact Bully" has turned his back on his former friend and Josh Abercrombie wants revenge. Will Brandon Thomaselli be the one to end Josh's 14-month reign?

Strong Style Showdown


Eddie Kingston's last IWA appearance was at November's "Revoltion Strong Style Tournament 2006" (11/24/06), which he won by defeating Drake Younger in the finals. Unfortunately, Kingston suffered a broken ankle during a CZW Title defense in December. Kingston recently returned to the ring for CZW, Chikara, and the debut show of Fight Sports Midwest. The 2006 RSST Champion's first match back for IWA will be against a member of The Rottweilers, Ricky Reyes. Kingston intends to make it clear that he hasn't lost a step but he'll have his hands more than full with Ricky Reyes.

Old School vs New School - Clash of Styles


At only 18 years old, Ricochet has wowed audiences around the country not only in IWA, but in Chikara, JAPW, and CZW. He has a phenomenal aerial ability that is far above par but many say Ricochet is one-dimensional; a one-trick pony. In IWA Mid-South, the best way to prove yourself is by stepping in the ring with the boss, Ian Rotten. That's exactly what Ricochet will do March 31. Can Ricochet's speed allow him to gain a victory or will Ian Rotten give young Ricochet the beating of his life?

Grudge Match


Tarek has received clearance from the doctors to return to the ring and he is looking for revenge after the two attacks by Jack Thriller that sidelined him. Thriller can prove himself as a viable contender for the light heavyweight title if he can pull off another victory over the 10-time former champion.

Light-Heavyweight Contender Match


Plus two more matches for a total of 9 matches in Midlothian!

We will not be taking ticket requests for shows anymore without the tickets being paid for in advance. The last few shows have seen many tickets go unclaimed that were held for fans that were supposed to come to the shows. If you want to ensure yourself of front row, you can paypal for the tickets to or mail a check or money order made payable to Mickie Knuckles to:

IWA Mid-South
PO BOX 21476
Louisville, KY 40221


Plainfield, IN - Capitol Sports Center - 1915 Gladden Road

Belltime 8 pm - Doors open 7 pm
Tickets are $20 & $15

IWA Mid-South Deathmatch Championship - BARB-WIRE CAGE


Drake Younger has been on a roll lately. He currently holds three seperate deathmatch championships and seems to be the talk of the independent wrestling internet community. Drake Younger will defend the IWA Mid-South Deathmatch Championship against his idol and "Old & Younger" tag-team partner, "The Undisputed King of Hardcore" Ian Rotten at IWA's longest-running series of events, April Bloodshowers. You may have seen or heard of other promotions hold barb-wire steel cages but IWA plans to set the standard violence on April 6.

Homerun Derby - Barb-wire Bat, Water Jug Bat, Thumbtack Bat, and more..


After touring Japan for several weeks, Deranged has returned and is back on Amercian soil. He's been gone from IWA Mid-South competition since September but he intends to show same lack of compassion for his opponents that he always has. His first opponent will be IWA Deep-South's Insane Lane. Lane recently qualified for the 2007 King of the Deathmatch Tournament at an IWA-DS show in Pell City, AL. Deranged has also been announced as an entrant to the KOTDM. With the tournament still 2 months away, these two, no doubt, will be looking to knock eachother's heads off in an attempt to gain momentum going into the biggest deathmatch event of the year.

Pit of Glass/Taipei Deathmatch


Two of the biggest men on the IWA roster will attempt to carve eachother up like Thanksgiving turkeys in a highly dangerous match-up April 6. Jagged shards of glass will be glued to each man's taped fists and a pit with several pounds of broken glass will be ringside. Eight spots remain in the 2007 King of the Deathmatch Tournament and you can bet that Tank and the Freakshow will do anything to get in. This one WILL get ugly.

Jim Fannin's Bounty Challenge Match


Everyone knows the history that Jim Fannin and Jimmy Jacobs have. Jim Fannin essentially put a hit out on Jimmy Jacobs' career. Jacobs, since his return, has been dressing alone and working for free. Thus far, he has survived onslaughts from former friend Josh Abercrombie and "Classic" Colt Cabana. The bounty has gone up to $5,000 and this time, Jim Fannin has brought in someone that influenced Jacobs' career, THE BARBARIAN. He may be nearly a foot taller than Jacobs, not to mention his lengendary strength. Jim Fannin not only wants to cripple Jacobs physically, but he wants to hurt Jimmy Jacobs mentally by having one of his childhood heroes do the damage.

Strong Style Showdown


Two big names on the independent scene have been announced for this event as the returning Davey Richards will take one the BLK OUT's Joker. Both men will be involved in the upcoming "Chris Candido Cup" for the IWA Tag-Team Championships, where Richards will team with BJ Whitmer and Joker will team with Sabian. This will be one of the hardest-hitting strong style battles that Plainfield has seen for quite some time.

Light-Heavyweight Contender's Match


This match was supposed to occur in Midlothian last time but it ended up being changed and many fans said that they wanted to see it happen. You'll get your chance to see what Ricochet can do against the PWU champion in Plainfield.

Tag-Team Warfare


These two teams want to lay claim to the final spots for the Candido Cup and decide who the best independent team from Indianapolis is. A victory in this match could go a long way for both teams.

Plus three more matches will be announced soon!

We will not be taking ticket requests for shows anymore without the tickets being paid for in advance. The last few shows have seen many tickets go unclaimed that were held for fans that were supposed to come to the shows. If you want to ensure yourself of front row, you can paypal for the tickets to or mail a check or money order made payable to Mickie Knuckles to:

IWA Mid-South
PO BOX 21476
Louisville, KY 40221

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