Sunday, March 18, 2007

Preview: Casey and Euan Audio Assault for 03/18/2007

Euan and Casey just recorded an audio assault which will be posted hopefully some time on Monday.

The following is what you can expect to hear:

*Euan introduces Casey as...?
*Casey talks about Euan's fans.
*Casey cuts a promo on Euan letting everyone know who the star of the show is.
*Casey reveals Euan's big secret.
*Euan cuts a promo on Ric regarding the Tim Sylvia argument
*Casey cuts a promo on Ric and whom he should stop getting his tips for trash talking from.
*Casey apologizes for the horrible IFL recap from last week and how things will be different now.
*Discussion of: ECW, TNA and Smackdown this past week.
*More Ric Gillespie bashing including a job that Ric once had. Who did he work for, what did he do, what was he paid in, all will be revealed.
What mode of transportation did Ric take to school?
*Vince Russo jokes.
*Discussion of Art's Star Wars and Wrestling article.
*The usual plugs for crap we write and stuff we like.

***Bonus Minipodcast***
Casey and Euan bring you a news update in regards to a disaster in the Western Region of the united States otherwise known as Wade's bracket in the NCAA tournament.

A little over 50 glorious minutes of audio, where my ability to talk and cut people down to size in wrestling promos was only impaired by a cold from the depths of hell.

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