Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jersey All Pro Wild Card III (Quick Results & Thoughts) 3/17

Credit: JAPW Message Board/Posted by Spartanlax:

Here are the quick results for the show, which was one of the best ones I've seen from JAPW in a while, aside from the 9AS. Included are results, star ratings (since some people love those), and quick thoughts on the show as a whole.

Kevin Matthews def. Amazing Someone...but, we'll just call him 'jobber' (*)

Outcast Killaz def. Danny Demanto & Corvis Fear (**) (Editor's note: click on the Danny Demanto link for some dangerous yet hilarious stupidity, seems Demanto can't keep his pants on~!)

Deranged & Cha-Cha vs. Bandido Jr & Melissa Stripes (correction by North Jersey Jabroni) ended in a no contest when RHINO returned and killed E V E R Y O N E, including Goring everyone in the match except for Cha-Cha, and then Goring Bandido through a table and giving Vanessa a Rhino Driver from the second rope through a table. Hilarious antics involving Bandido Junior and solid wrestling all around. (**1/2)

Daizee Haze def. Allison Thatcher (something like that) (*1/4)

Slyck Wagner Brown (SWB as he's now known) def. Monsta Mack (**)

Grim Reefer def. Frankie Kazarian to win the JAPW Jersey State Championship (***1/4)

Azrieal & Jay Lethal def. B-Boy and Homicide to retain the JAPW World Tag Team Championships (***1/2)

8 Man Gauntlet (***3/4)

Delirious def. EC Negro

Human Tornado def. Delirious

Ruckus def. Human Tornado (BEST! DANCE-OFF! EVER!)

Chris Hero def. Ruckus

Davey Richards def. Chris Hero (Best part of the gauntlet)

Low Ki def. Davey Richards

Low Ki def. Rhino to win the vacant JAPW World Heavyweight Championship

-They carried out Human Tornado after Ruckus hit a top rope backbreaker onto the Seemed legit, as two people carrying medical bags hopped over the railing to check on him before carrying him out, but when he was being carried it looked like he was still dancing...maybe trying to play it off, or it wasn't really legit. Hopefully he's fine, and if not, a speedy recovery to him.

-Met Chris Hero at the event, and he was really, really nice and easy to talk to, which kinda surprised me due to reports and videos of him being not-so-nice. Didn't expect him to be a dick or anything, just not uber nice. Signed a DVD I bought from him, and took a picture with me. We talked about his recent tour in NOAH for a little bit, and I told him I woulda liked to see him in the ROH 5Y5 instead, but he thought wrestling in Japan was much bigger. I agreed with him on that, but explained that it's just tough for me to sit through a whole NOAH show due to the undercard being the same boring filler every time (most of the time, at least). Then he told me he wrestled Misawa in a tag match during the tour, and I shut up immediately

-I cannot stress how funny the Ruckus/Tornado dance off was. As soon as I remembered their match from COD, the music for 'Beat It' hit, and it was on. Easily my favorite comedy dance-off to date, beating out the Tornado/Generico one and the first Tornado/Ruckus. They basically simulated a portion of the 'Beat It' video...awesomeness.

-Ki is champion...and had I known B-Boy wasn't in the gauntlet, that woulda been my pick. Do you know what this means? This means that the next event has a huge chance of hosting the only Joe/Ki rematch since their 2002 match in ROH. Plus, it means an eventual Ki/Homicide match, and Ki/Hero, among many others. Whether you love'em or hate'em, you shall respect Low Ki.

-Rhino is the man when it comes to getting the crowd pumped up and excited.

Overall, definitely one of the stronger shows JAPW has put on, and probably the best one I've been too aside from their 9th Anniversary Show. Can't wait for April 21st, when Styles and Joe both make their returns and Low Ki makes his first defense as champion. Also announced is BLKOUT (Ruckus & Kingston) vs. Strong Style Thugs (B-Boy & Homicide) which should be off the fucking chain!

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