Friday, April 13, 2007

Funk's Corner - Mr. Apter is Always Welcome.

Funk's Corner - Mr. Apter is Always Welcome.

I gathered the participants for a discussion of the main event about what would take place that night in the sold out West Palm Beach Auditorium. (Florida Territory, Spring of 1981) We were midway through the show and it was critical that all participants knew what was expected of them.

The semi final, Sweet Brown Sugar and Hacksaw Butch Reed vs The Deaton Brothers managed by Jimmy Kent was in the ring and could be over any minute. There would be a short intermission then the main event would be called to the ring.

Time was critical and the information important.

There was a knock on the door and a security agent slipped his head in and said, "Mr. Funk, There is someone here that insists he gets to speak to you, he says he is a friend of yours.

I said what is his name?

The door pushed open and a graveled voice said, "Dory, Tell these men it's okay, Tell them to let me go."

It was a friend, a dear friend and one of our most loved wrestling fans in South Florida, Mr. Apter, father of professional wrestling's first journalist Bill Apter.

Never a week went by in West Palm Beach that Mr. Apter didn't stop by the dressing room to speak to the wrestlers.

This particular time he was latter than usual, but it was a ritual that was a weekly standard in West Palm Beach. Mr. Apter loved professional wrestling and the wrestlers who performed in the ring.

I smiled and told the security agents it was okay and they immediately released Mr. Apter. He came right to the middle of Big John Stud, Bruiser Brody, David Von Erich, Barry Windham, Mike Graham and myself and shook everyone's hand and let us know how happy he was to be here at his favorite sport, professional wrestling.

Mr. Apter thanked us and wished us a good and safe performance then left the dressing room to enjoy the rest of the show. Mr. Apter was always welcome in the dressing room of the West Palm Beach Auditorium.

Marti and I often wonder the inspiration for our students to become professional wrestlers, then we meet the parents and we know.

I don't know if Mr. Apter was the inspiration for Bill Apter to become a Journalist or if he was Bill's inspiration to become involved in professional wrestling, but I do know for sure how much Mr. Apter loved professional wrestling
and how much pro wrestling loved Mr. Apter.

When it is important in life, time can stand still for a moment to enjoy the company of dear friends.

Dory Funk Jr. -

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