Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm not an Imus fan at all, but c'mon now...

By Art Shimko

-- CBS Radio fired morning host Don Imus Thursday afternoon following the ongoing backlash the shock jock has received over a comment he made about the Rutgers University women's basketball team on his show last week referring to them as "nappy-headed hoes". Al Sharpton first called upon the comment saying Imus should be fired, from there the Rutgers team held a press conference about the comments and sponsor after sponsor (big ones like Procter & Gamble) pulled ads from Imus' show.

Orginally CBS had suspended Imus for two weeks to begin on Monday, earlier this week MSNBC stopped broadcasting Imus' show in its television network (why they broadcasted his show on TV is questionable unless MSNBC thought watching a skeleton with a wig in front of a microphone would bring ratings). CBS chief, Leslie Moonves stated, "From the outset, I believe all of us have been deeply upset and revulsed by the statements that were made on our air about the young women who represented Rutgers University in the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship with such class, energy and talent."

I won't spend an eternity on this one but here's the deal: Imus made a douchebag comment, I'm sure he's said stupid shit in the past about other minorties, women, children, old people, etc. One interesting note, he was talking to his producer about a Rutgers basketball game and his producer first called the team hardcore hoes yet Imus' comment was poked and prodded. So I assume that hoes is an acceptable term for women (after all those rappers use that word just as much as the word nigger) but the nappy-headed portion of Imus' comment causes the most heat?? And a note to Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the other cry-babies... why don't you go preach to these rappers and their sheep-like followers and young folks and yell at them for using the word nigger? Oh because it's okay for fellow black people to call each other that? That's fuckin' bullshit! If you want respect you need to learn to respect yourselves.

People are only making this issue worse by talking about it over and over and over, because in the end nothing really gets solved, someone else will say the same thing in six months and the country will be in an uproar... what's next, the First Amendment gets burned at the stake? Honestly, Michael Richards' outburst earlier this year was crazy, he's paid the price mentally and career-wise (whatever was left of it)... this comment by Imus is not a major deal. It really isn't, as I said he made a moronic comment that he certainly should've apologized for even if he wasn't really being vicious towards these or any other black women... but this type of backlash?? EVERY ETHNIC RACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS HAD TO PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT. If Imus had made comments about Spanish or Asian people for instance, sure there would've been people pissed but would Imus had been fired? I don't think so... a suspension, an apology, maybe a sponsor or two pulling out... but not a backlash of this magnitude.

But once Al Sharpton cries and whips his sheeple into a frenzy, LOOK OUT~! Sharpton's doing worse for his people, and the bottom line is if you want respect, you not only have to earn it but you have to respect others as well. Don't act like you're owed the world because you didn't get your 40 acres and a mule, do what you can to better yourselves. And before someone blows a gasket reading this, I AM NOT REFERRING TO ALL BLACK PEOPLE. You should be intelligent enough to distinguish which category you fall in, if you get pissed reading this just remember one thing... Political correctness has KILLED the United States of America.

Another thing, who wants to bet Imus will end up on XM or Sirius like Opie & Anthony and Bubba The Love Sponge did?
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