Friday, April 13, 2007

Jigsaw tells his side of what happened at CZW last weekend

My side of the CZW 4/7/07 Show

Hey Everyone Jigsaw here. I was hoping I could shine a light on what happen over the weekend at CZW and tell my side of the story.

First and for most I DID NOT QUIT CZW. Those words NEVER came out of my mouth. I walked into the building on Saturday and talked to the people who needed to be told that I would not be able to make the May and June shows due to a prior agreement with other promotions. Now originally it was only the June show I would not be able to commit to because I will be out in Minnesota for 3 shows with the group NIW that weekend. Last year in June I was out there for the same tournament that they will be having this year. I had such a great time out there it was not something I wanted to have to pass up on this year. Plus it's 3 shows compared to one and I could use the extra pay days. So that was June. In May I was booked the day after the CZW show in Ohio on that Sunday. Then I had gotten an offer to work a show out in the Chicago are on that Friday the day before CZW. Now seeing as how I have no real job and this is were I pull my income from I could not pass up on these shows. So to drive out to Chicago on Friday, then back to Philly on Saturday and then to Ohio on Sunday would be a little crazy. But it's not like we weren't going to make that trip anyway. But then I had gotten an offer to do IWA-MS on the Saturday of the CZW show. Now I think it makes a whole lot of sense to stay in the Chicago are for two days then go to Ohio on the way home Sunday then to do the mad dash back and forth. So I took the IWA-MS booking and had to cancel on CZW.

When I got to the building I had made my case and then said that I feel a Champion should be 110% committed to the Company He/She works for. At the current time I did not feel I could nor would it be in my best interest to be committed to 12 CZW shows a year. I did say that I still wanted to work for CZW in the future and if given proper notice I would be able to make a show. With that said I was asked to come back in July for CZW's Best of the Best. I agreed to do Best of the Best and then asked to drop the Junior title. I told them it didn't matter who they wanted me to drop it to. If they didn't want it to be to Vortex I said I'll work twice if need be but I don't think I'm deserving of being the Champ at the moment. They told me it was ok and they understand where I was coming from and appreciated my honesty. Then about an hour later they tell me they want to do this big run in so it looks like I was screwed over and Vortex sneaks away with the belt. I had a problem with this. To have someone come out and bump me and screw me over, to make me lose my title in such a way should fill me with such rage that I would be back the next month looking for revenge against said individuals. The problem here is I wouldn't be back the next month nor do I know what the future has in store for me so I couldn't commit to future dates at the time. On top of that, to me a Championship victory should mean something. Sonjay Dutt who held the belt before me won with a screw job. But Sonjay was a developed character and was seen as this chicken shit heel, so it worked. Vortex who has only done tables ladders and God knows what else match's his few months in the company was not. If anything he was getting a babyface reaction from the fans because of those match's and the punishment he was willing to put his body through. If this is the case let him win clean, let the belt still try and mean something, don't take away his moment for run #56 of the show. After a little back and forth I got my way and there would be no run in. Now Match one goes out there and someone comes up to me and says, So and So wants there to be a table bump. Really now?! I just fought for a clean I get one upped finish and now a table bump. I agreed to this and then finally it was time to go out there and do the match.

My music hits I'm on my way down to the ring and then I no longer hear my music. Instead I here Maven's. This took me off guard. At first I thought maybe sonic feel asleep and hit the wrong button. But nope Maven was making his way down the ramp with mic in hand. He tells me and the crowd that due to pre match stipulation the loser would not be allowed in this year's Best of the Best Tournament. That's funny cause here I am saying to myself I thought I was just booked for BOTB not less then about 2 hours ago. Weird huh? At this point my mind is rattled and I don't feel I put on the best match I could have with Vortex. So my apologies for that to Vortex and anyone who felt I had a sub-par performance that night. The match is over I walk back through the curtain and the first face I see is that of Maven. He apologized for what had just happen about 100 times and told me it wasn't his call. I knew that. Maven was just doing what he was told. When I asked why I was pulled he said cause at the last second they realized that with out me being there next month I would not be able to qualify for the Best of the Best. Ya see here's were I'm lost cause I thought Last month I qualified. Guess not. So now with that on top of some other backstage problems I've been having and not to mention a pre show speech where I felt I was singled out (not by name) for missing two shows and not being a "CZW SOLIDER" or something along those lines I was not welcomed.

Now with all that on top of what I would consider to be my best friend in this sport, Eddie Kingston get publicly fired and berated over the mic to the fans was uncalled for an unprofessional to say the least. To I feel we were some what betrayed? Yea I do. I only had good intentions in mind for CZW and myself. I know Eddie did to. He has more passion and love for this sport then anyone I know. Hell he even did a Death Match cause he thought it would help with an angle and benefit the company. Now for someone who's not a known Death Match wrestler to go in there and do what those guys do not only takes a giant set of balls but a big heart and a lot of passion.

Am I done with CZW? Never say never. Who knows what could happen. Am I mad at CZW? No, not at CZW but at certain individuals within CZW. So with that said don't boycott CZW, don't take away a pay day from a lot of the hard working guys who bust there ass out there for you guys. If you just don't like the product then my all means don't go. I'm not going to waste my time going to see a movie that has no appeal to me even though I like movies. So I wouldn't expect you to go to a wrestling show that has no appeal to you just cause you like wrestling. But don't let a few bad apples ruin the batch for you.

I Hope I was able to answer what ever questions you guys/gals had and sent into me. I would just like to say thank you very much for all the e-mails and myspace messages that have been sent. I know a lot of them went unanswered but I truly appreciate them so thank you very much. Once again Thank you and take care.


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