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News Concerning 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, New Entry!

By Alan Wojcik of

Pro Wrestling Warfare (formerly NWA Florida/IPW-Hardcore) annually holds the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup every year to support the memory of independent wrestler, "the All American" Jeff Peterson who died of cancer in 2002. Many great wrestlers throughout the world have been a part of this tournament like WSX stars Human Tornado, Joey Ryan, Jack Evans, Jimmy Jacobs and Teddy Hart, TNA Wrestling’s Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams, CZW’s Chris Hero & Ruckus, ROH & FIP’s “Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong, B-Boy, Puma, NWA World Tag Team champion “Notorious 187” Homicide plus the 2003 winner “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter, 2004 winner Justice, 2005 winner Chris Sabin and 2006 winner Milano Collection AT.

Pro Wrestling Warfare laid it upon New Wave Pro to enter a participant into this year’s Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. So on Sunday March 25th at 2:00pm New Wave Pro's A DO OR DIE AFTERNOON held a tournament to enter an Ontario Independent wrestler into this year’s event. The event was held at Unit 13, in Hamilton.

Ring Announcer: Julian Logan
Ref: Sean Cassidy

1) Tournament match: Jay Fenix def. Awesome Adam Reed.
Good match. Fenix won with a gut-wrench suplex into a bridge for the pin. After the match, Prodigy attacked Fenix. He had a chair but before he could use it Ash made the save armed with his own chair.

2) Tournament match: Ash def. Prodigy
Match of the Day. The end saw Fenix return to the entrance ramp, distracting Prodigy who was setting up to blast Ash with a chair. When he did swing, Ash ducked and the chair bounced off the ropes back into Prodigy's face. One spiked DDT later and Ash had the pin.

3) Tournament match: Mike Stevens def. Jeff Flury
Jeff had a few brief flurries of offense but for the most part, Stevens controlled this bout. He pinned Flury with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Stevens then got on the mic and said what happened to Flury was just an example of what the cruiserweights of NWP could expect. Stevens said he had found someone who "hates cruiserweights" as much as he does and called out Danny Magnum. While Magnum snorted and growled, Stevens issued an open challenge to any "scrawny pukes in the back." Out came the Gym Rats.

4) Danny Magnum def. The Gym Rats
Stevens stayed at ringside in Magnum's corner but didn't interfere. He didn't need too. Magnum took what little offence York & O'Shea managed and basically smashed them around. A big running knee strike to both Rats in the corner led to Magnum pinning them both.

5) Tournament match: Hayden Avery def. Impact Eddie Osbourne
A very good match as one might expect from these two guys. Avery won with a DVD after Osbourne missed a top rope headbutt. After the match Osbourne accepted Avery's handshake and got a kick to the gut and a stunner.

6) Tournament match: Otis Idol def. Angel de Guerra
Idol got the pin with a handfull of tights on the roll up.

Intermission: I'm happy to report that no one hit me in the nards with a flag stick during the break.

After intermission Kris Chambers cut a promo about kicking the crap out of both Derek Wylde and Jennifer Blake on Apr 15th.

7) Tournament match: “Unreal” Michael Elgin def. Rip Impact
Picked up steam as it went along and turned into a pretty good match. Elgin got the pin when he caught Rip's crossbody off the ropes and hit the brainbuster.

8) Timothy Dalton & Zack Storm def. Steve Brown & Sebastian Suave.
The new version of Egos & Icons didn't fare so well against the fan favorites Storm & Dalton. That's right. Dalton was a face. Fun match.

9) Eddie Osbourne won the 1st Iron Man Challenge Battle Royal
Participants: Eddie Osbourne, Prodigy, Logan Savage, Dan Magnum, Jeff Flury, Angel de Guerra, Easy E, Lak Sadartha, Sebastian Suave, Rip Impact & Addy Starr.
Order of elimination:
Jeff Flury & Angel de Guerra by each other
Easy E by Osbourne
Rip Impact by Osbourne
Sebastian Suave by Osbourne
Logan Savage by Magnum
Lak Sadartha by Osbourne
Addy Star by Magnum
Danny Magnum by Osbourne

Osbourne grabbed the mic & demanded a belt for the win. Michael Elgin came out and said it was only the 1st Challenge. Then he made reference to PWA and said Eddie ripped him off of a title shot by canceling the show for the 22nd. JC Owens came out and tossed Osbourne around until Eddie escaped out the front door.

10) Jeff Peterson Cup Qualifying Tournament Finals:
Michael Elgin def. Jay Fenix, Hayden Avery, Mike Stevens, Ash & Otis Idol in a 6-way match. Lots of fun stuff in this one. The match ended with a series of top rope maneuvers (all misses) from every participant except Stevens. He was caught up on the buckles and subjected to a tower of doom suplex that sent bodies rolling everywhere. Elgin jumped on Stevens for the pin using the ropes and a hand full of tights for leverage. So... Elgin is off to Florida for the Jeff Peterson Cup.

2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup

Friday July 13, 2007

Downtown Orlando Recreation Center

649 W. Livingston Street

Orlando, FL USA

Saturday July 14, 2007

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive

Port Richey, FL USA

Already qualified for the event: “Unreal Michael Elgin of New Wave Pro, Indy star Erick Stevens and Sideshow of American Combat Wrestling.

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