Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ring of Honor Lake Grove, NY results (4/13)

Complete results below. Credit: shiningcrash/ILLBEGood @ the Ring of Honor Discussion Forum:


1) Bobby Dempsey & Rhett Titus defeat Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne & Ernie Osiris.

2) Pepper Parks defeats Mitch Franklin

Main Show:

1) Kevin Steen defeats Pelle Primeau. Said to be a great opener with a hot crowd.

2) Daizee Haze defeats Sara Del Rey with a sunset flip.

3) Erick Stevens defeats El Generico, Jason Blade and Eddie Edwards. Austin Aries is in the ring talking to all 4 right now. Erick Stevens becomes the newest member of Aries' stable, "The Resilience". Romero and Richards attack from behind with Cross making the save.

4) Delirious defeats Colt Cabana. No streamers for Cabana. A full on comedy bout, with Cabana putting on masks to mess with Delirious' head. Colt put on a smiley face mask to frighten him, then put on a Delirious mask at one point and started doing Delirious' spots. Delirious got a roll up for the win.

5) Claudio Castagnoli defeats Jay Briscoe. Claudio challenges Jay and Mark for a title match with a partner of his choosing. El Generico and Kevin Steen come back out and make the same challenge, then attack Mark.

6) Brent Albright defeats Homicide.

7) Jack Evans defeats SHINGO with a 630 (I was sent 450, but I'm assuming it was 630)

8) NRC vs The Resilience is up.

-Roderick Strong eliminates Erick Stevens, 3-2 advantage NRC.
-Davey Richards eliminates Matt Cross (wtf Davey got a PIN?!), 3-1 advantage NRC.
-Rocky Romero eliminates Aries, NRC 3-0 sweep.

All three beat down Aries with Delirious making the save.

9) Nigel McGuinness & Doug Williams defeat Takeshi Morishima & Chris Hero when Nigel pinned Hero.
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