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ROADSIDE FESTIVAL 2007 (4/20-4/21)


Complete itinerary below:

The Melvins will headline the Friday Roadburn date. The Melvins were the first post-punk band to revel in the slow, sludgy sounds of Black Sabbath. Their music is oppressively slow and heavy, only without any of the silly mystical lyrics or the indulgent guitar solos óit's just one massive, oozing pile of dark slime [All Music Guide]. The band's latest album, "(a) Senile Animal" has two drummers on every track and therefore a sound which is certain to providea re-definition of your neighborhood watch's list of offenses.

The Melvins will bring along Big Business as both Jared Warren and Coady Willis, the guys from Big Business, are part of the Melvins too now-a-days. Big Business will play before The Melvins as their set flows directly into the Melvins. Dale Crover will join them on guitar.

Seminal fuzz-rock pioneers Blue Cheer will also be doing a one-off show at Roadburn 2007, co-headlining the festival's main stage, Friday, April 20th, 2007. Dickie Peterson, Paul Whaley & Andrew 'Duck' MacDonald will put emphasis on their legendary albums, "Vincebus Eruptum" & "Inside Outside", guaranteed to free both your ass and bedeviled mind! Hollands very own Orange Sunshine will open up for The Cheer.
The band plays a heady, explosive, fuzzed-out mix of garage-acid-punk and proto hard rock with Detroit-rock simplicity and the very soul of amphetamine driven blues.
Electrifying groove-rock behemoths Clutch will also be playing Roadburn's mainstage...

Meanwhile, over at the festival's Green Room: Seminal Krautrock evangelists Guru Guru will headline, playing legendary tracks as 'Space Baby' and 'Der LSD March' amongst others.
Also on the bill are US metalist The Sword, the lysergic guitar swirls of Pharaoh Overlord, the six-string mayhem of Sun Dial, and Porn straddling the line between drone and heavy sludge / riff rock. Plus a fuzzed-out After Party with the delirious guitar-freak outs of Denmark's garage-psych monsters Causa Sui.

On the Bat Cave stage: heavy 70's afficinado's Josiah & Siena Root, guitar-psychonauts On Trial, and the classic spacerock of Earthling Society. Plus a Psycho-delic After Party with Germany's own Volt & Rotor.

Doors open: 16.00hrs - Start: 17.00hrs.

Renowned art-designers Malleus will expose their poster-art at Roadburn 2007. Malleus' art has been featured in the books: The Art of Modern Rock, by Dennis King and Paul Grushkin, together with artists such as Kozik, Derek Hess, Coop, etc, as well as "Swag posters of the Nineties" by Judith Salavetz.

Orange Goblin will attend the Roadburn Festival as DJ's. Expect DJ set's from Ben Ward and probably Chris & Martyn as well. The band won't play at the festival though. DJ Kozmik Kenb will be spinning records at the 12th Roadburn Festival too -the same goes for Santtu from Finland's DarkSun.

Seminal American drone-metal / psychedelic [hard]rock evangelists Neurosis will headline this year's Roadburn Festival. Neurosis will play a one-off show on the festival's mainstage, Saturday, April 21st, 2007.

As if this wasn't enough sonic overload, the mainstage will also host the stripped down, voluminous bass extrapolations, and hypnoticdrum mantras of OM, the esoteric melodic guitar-surrealists, Red Sparowes and The Hidden Hand's take on doom, plus the glacially-paced downtuned riffs of Acid King.

Meanwhile over at the festival's Green Room, instro-sorcerers Pelican will headline [please note: Pelican won't clash with Neurosis as there will be NO simultaneous shows during the main-headliner].

Also on the bill are Finland's very own avant-metalists Circle, doing a one-off show, cult drone-outfit Growing, and Spanish doomsters Orthodox. Plus, make sure you check out the heavy psych After Party with Colour Haze's stonerrock-influenced guitar-jams.

On the Bat Cave stage: Joe Preston's [of Melvins-fame] Thrones, the instrumental riff extrapolations of Stinking Lizaveta, Amenra's noise core, Black Cobra's singular buzz bomb slurry core, and Monkey3's lysergic instru-soundscapes.

Doors open: 15.00hrs - Start: 16.00hrs.

FRI, APR 20:
Doors open: 16.00hrs - Start: 16.30hrs

Main Stage:
17.00-17.50: Orange Sunshine
18.20-19.20: Clutch
19.50-21.05: Blue Cheer
21.35-23.35: Melvins/Big Business
DJ's Groefridder, Dr. Fonkenstein! & Orange Goblin DJ's.

Green Room:
16.30-17.15: The Sword
17.45-18.45: Pharaoh Overlord
19.15-20.00: Porn
20.30-21.30: SunDial
22.10-23.40: Guru Guru
00.10-01.10: Causa Sui
01.35-02.30: Volt
DJ Kozmik Ken & DJ Astro.

Bat Cave:
18.00-19.00: On Trial
19.30-20.30: Earthling Society
21.00-22.00: Siena Root
22.30-23.30: Josiah
00.15-01.05: Rotor
DJ Peter [Orange Factory]

SAT, APR 21:
Doors open: 15.00hrs - Start: 16.00hrs

Main Stage:
16.00-16.50: Acid king
17.15-18.10: Hidden Hand
18.40-19.35: Red Sparowes
20.00-21.00: OM
21.40-23.15: Neurosis
DJ's Groefridder, Dr. Fonkenstein! & Orange Goblin DJ's.

Green Room:
16.10-17.10: Growing
17.40-18.40: Circle
19.10-20.00: Orthodox
20.30-21.30: Pelican
23.30-01.15: Colour Haze
DJ Kozmik Ken & DJ Astro.

Bat Cave:
16.40-17.30: Monkey3
18.00-18.50: Amen Ra
19.20-20.10: Thrones
20.40-21.30: Stinking Lizaveta
23.45-00.35: Black Cobra
DJ Peter [Orange Factory]
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