Saturday, April 14, 2007

TNA House Show results 4/13 Springfield, MO []

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from Doug Wellox:

I attended last night's TNA house show in Springfield, MO. I would guess the attendance to have been somewhere in the area of around 1,500. The crowd was super hot 90% of the night.

1. Eric Young beat Alex Shelley. Young was pretty over while Shelley got a mixed reaction. There were tons of good comedy spots in this one.

2. Two local guys I don't know beat two more local guys I don't know. A huge boring chant brokeout half way through the match which was followed by a "We don't know you" chant.

3. Chris Sabin won a 4 way to retain his X belt. Lethal was over huge doing his new Savage gimmick. The crowd was super into him. Senshi got little to no reaction at all, Sabin got a mixed one and Dutt was mostly cheered but not all that much. Everytime Lethal would do a Savage move or pose the crowd popped huge. Senshi eliminated Dutt, Lethal eliminated Senshi and then Sabin eliminated Lethal which got a ton of crowd heat. Overall it was a very good match and maybe the bext of the show.

4. Team 3D beat VKM. This to me was the worst match of the show. Team 3D got a decent pop when they came out while VKM was mostly booed. There was a boring chant during this as well.

5. Rhino beat AJ Styles in a no dq match. They brawled all over the place. It was kept short though. An ECW chant started which led to Rhino taking the mic and saying "Fuck ECW". Rhino got a nice pop while Styles got a mixed reaction.

6. Chris Harris & Gail Kim beat James Storm & Jackie. This wasn't all that good but the crowd was into it chanting tons of gay slanders at Storm.

7. Samoa Joe beat Abyss. This was good but kept short. I would say it lasted around 8 minutes or so. Joe was very over and Abyss got a mixed reaction.

8. Christian Cage beat Kurt Angle to keep his NWA title. This was pretty good. Christian got a mixed reaction while Angle was very over as a face. Steiner who was supposed to wrestle tonight got invloved in this match quite a bit. Styles got invloved as well which led to the demise of Angle in the match.

Overall I had a very good time. I enjoyed the show much more than the last WWE house show I attended in 2006.

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