Monday, April 2, 2007

The Will and Steve Radio Show 3 (March 31, 2007)

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This week we talk about a variety of topics and are joined in studio by Rodney the Wikipedia Reader. We talk about updates on free stuff found on the internet, a great book about a guy who walked around North America with no money and some of his incredible stories, the Raven effect, and how we suddenly can not speak very well. A fun little show this week.


Raven paradox Wikipedia article

Jeffrey Sawyer's incredible piece about walking around North America
I usually had a dollar or less in my pocket, but ultimately food would show up. A person would ask, You want something to eat? or perhaps a loaf of bread would fall off a truck. One time I found ninety-five dollars along a curb. Sometimes there was just enough money on the ground to buy some fruit or soup. But mostly food came from unpredictable places: a library pizza day in Pennsylvania; a generous homeless man in Mexico; a sandbar picnic on the Mississippi with one of the leaders of the Teamsters Union; venison from a manĂ­s freezer in Iowa. It became clear that the amount of food I could gather or buy by my own doing was negligible in comparison to the abundance that arrived when I ceased making any effort at all.


10% of brain myth

Goofy talking cats

Vote on the question- If someone takes up a religion I consider out of the norm I...

Strong Style Shimko's combat sports and music blog

Casey's Old Country Corner wrestling/MMA blog and podcast free stuff

Rush is a band blog with all the latest Rush information

This month in history

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