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Dr. Keith Recap - Gabe Ruediger!

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – TUF's Gabe Ruediger
Recap by Brian Cooper of

To listen go to or This is a MEMBERS ONLY~! show. Dr. Keith returns with part deux of this week’s extraordinary episode. The heavyweight show of audio lore spent some time in the sauna to make weight and welcomes the fanciful "Godzilla" Gabe Ruediger to the show.

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Gabe Ruediger Recap

Dr. Keith begins by asking Gabe to step on the scales for him. Gabe says that the scales read TWO FORTY-THREE and that between Burger World and Kispy Kreme (Donuts) endorsements; he’s making FOUR MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. But alas, Gabe admits he’s lying and only weighs 171. This is the first time Gabe hasn’t made weight as he claims to losing 20 pounds on three occasions in the past and ultimately blames himself.

Keith asks where Gabe spent his $300 he won for winning his first fight? Gabe answers icing cake. Gabe says the cake eating incident was a week or two prior to the date of his fight and tragically, the cake was overrated. The THONGS and NUNCHUKS in season 5 were just props but says Andy Wang might actually have won his fight if he was allowed to use them in battle. Corey Hill admitted to Gabe that he was showing off in front of the cameras.

The good doctor asks Gabe if he appears on the show again? Gabe is contractually obliged not to say but does confirm that this is not the end for Gabe Ruediger. Keith then admits how much he wants to HUG Ruediger. Keith asks whether being named Gabriel made Gabe want to be a fighter? Gabe then CALLS OUT Keith and asks if he is mocking him. Keith says he prefers to call fighters MMA artists, before Gabe informs the doctor what the a in MMA stands for (hint: its an artist!).

Keith asks if Gabe was happy with Team Penn’s name of the Bad News Bears? Gabe points out that Jens’ first two picks were strategic and that he was confident he could’ve kicked Corey’s ass. He says that he and Robert Emerson are actually good friends off the show. Gabe says that he is impressed with Nate Diaz but calls Marlon Sims a joke and laughs at Marlon’s story about his street fight with three hundred people, joking that he was impressed seeing it in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

SHENANIGANS~! are discussed. Gabe says he had no set dialogue before he entered the show and talks about his ‘hungry dog getting raped’ phrase. Keith asks if Gabe often uses the word TOMFOOLERY? Gabe has but prefers the LOLLYGAGGER word. On BJ Penn, ‘he is by far the most gifted thlete in the World.’ Gabe says that BJ has said he will end the fight with Jens Pulver with an armbar to the left arm saying that he will ‘pull a Babe Ruth’ and point his finger towards the stands.

On crying, Gabe says he cried THIRTEEN times in the first week, EIGHT in the second and FORTY-TWO in his last week but defends that he isn’t ashamed of crying. ‘Don’t cry’ responds the doctor. On the CHLONIC IRRIGATION, Gabe says that BJ actually suggested it and he (BJ) has had it done to him in the past, although he would prefer to be remembered for shenanigans rather than chlonic irrigation and FOOD.

Gabe says that Dana’s speech was justifiable but feels that Dana has to get one of his speeches out every season. He confirms all three of the female listeners of the Dr. Keith Show that that was his real ass on display. Gabe goes into detail of when he passed out admitting that he ‘fucked up’ as he was far too interested in the television show than in fighting. Gabe says he ate because there wasn’t much to do in the house and likens himself to POPEYE. He also mentions his strep throat infection while he was trying to cutting weight.

The CHUBBY TITS nickname is talked about with Gabe finding that quite ‘ridiculous.’ If Gabe could re-live his tie in the Ultimate Fighter house he’d come in shape but would still pull his shenanigans. Keith suggests a boxing match if Gabe fails to make weight again. The interview finishes with Gabe putting over his friend Jeremy Williams and hopes that the listeners can help out the family (go to Check out or Very good interview.
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In addition: An ode to muscle tears in Megaphone croon form, a BJ Whitmer/Jay-Z connection, and even an Omar Epps reference!
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This week: ROH PPV Special with Roderick Strong
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