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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – Joey Matthews

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – Joey Matthews
Recap by Brian Cooper of

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Joey Mercury Recap

Joey began wrestling in 1996 at sixteen years old and never took any time off until last year. In 1999 he was under contract to WCW after Uncle Eric was ordered to recruit more Cruiserweights. He was originally on the indie circuit with Shane Helms and Shannon Moore doing a boy band gimmick but they all got the call up and Sugar Shane and Sweet Shannon for Three Count and Joey worked three matches in seven months and eventually got cut. At the time he wishes he was a part of Three Count but in hindsight saw it (much like many things in his career) as happening for a reason.

Joey Mercury and Christian Yorke are actually distant cousins which happens to summon Nurse Keith's transvestite voice. Joey talks about how and Christian became part of the old ECW and how Paul kept his promise and they worked every show, although doesn't speak of any promises that were kept. When ECW folded the two got a call to work the WCW Cruiserweight tag team division with Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman. Bruce Prichard then gave Mercury a call and Terry Taylor gave the green light for Mercury to jump but got the cut when Vince bought WCW. The two then worked the first TNA PPV but the six match contract didn't pan out.

After a ten minute history lesson, Keith asks about his time in ECW, Joey says he knew the end was nigh when Heyman started no-showing shows and that TNN never wanted them to succeed. 'My heart broke when it went bankrupt.' Keith asks if he's surprised that TNA are still alive? Mercury says he was incredibly skeptical at first. On ROH, Joey says he knew Gabe from ECW and is still a fan of their product and has had a couple of stints there, both ending being fired 'several times.' Keith asks if he was fired due to Special K drugging his drink? Apparently not. Joey says he chose XPW in Philadelphia (during the Philly Turf Wars of 2002) when the two promotions were rivals as was offered double but ultimately was unhappy in XPW.

Joey talks about wrestling in OVW and had a great match with Lance Storm on Heat. Joey went to OVW on his own dime as his girlfriend at the time (Alexis Laree who became Mickie James) received a developmental deal. Talk about the OVW class, and the impressive list of OVW alumni. Joey became friends with Big Dave Batista in OVW who was recuperating from one of his tricep tears and through Danny Davis managed to get free training in OVW. Joey then puts over the Colon's for helping him out in Puerto Rico and Carlito for knowing that Joey needed work. On OVW being cut by Vince kje DSW: 'I don't think OVW is going anywhere,' and recommends OVW to every aspiring wrestler. Joey puts over Lance Storm and Al Snow and says the goal of every wrestler is to become World champion and if it's not, 'then you're in the wrong business.'

Jim Cornette put Mercury together with Johnny Nitro and Melina. Joey based the MNM gimmick on watching Paris Hilton with the paparazzi following her and tried to be a modern day Freebirds. Dr. Keith asks about the Melina scream and asks if she would be the Terry Gordy of the group. Joey says that Melina intended Dr. Keith and the fans hatred towards her 'primal scream.' John Laurinaitis told Joey Mercury that he'd never call him up because he was 'a drug addict' and tried to replace Mercury with Chris Cage in MNM. Laurinaitis then tried with Joey's good friend Matt Cappotelli in MNM which also didn't work. Mercury and Nitro then went back to OVW and fought The Dudley Boyz which was seen by Stephanie McMahon and she immediately called up MNM overriding everyone's favorite Vice President of Talent Relations. Joey put over the talented crew at OVW and the veterans who would come down and work with the guys to help them get better in the ring.

Joey talks about going forty or fifty minutes on house shows with Eddie Guerrero getting the heat. Keith asks about Joey's relationship with Laurinaitis, in light of Laurinatis said he would never call him up for being an 'addict'. Joey goes off-topic; 'I started using drugs and alcohol at fifteen years old, at the time it was fun, there were benefits to doing it, but overtime I needed to do it, and when it stopped, I needed to keep it going. Then I had too because I couldn't feel normal until I was doing them things, whether it was booze, cocaine, painkillers, crack-cocaine, prescription drugs, anything. I was really bad for a very, very long time. I knew I had a problem as it wasn't fun anymore. I was feeling negative consequences in my personal life and I still didn't stop. And that's the definition of being an alcoholic or being a drug addict.' Joey says that his father dried as a drug addict when he was only eight and all his father's five sons are alcoholics.

Keith asks how many times Mercury has been to rehab after first violating the Wellness policy. Joey talks of Eddie's death and the flight to Europe that night. Booker T sat Mercury down on the flight as he could sense Mercury was wasted. Joey related to Eddie as the two shared the same demons and Joey could always rely on Eddie to talk too. Joey was dating Christie Hemme at the time and she had enough. Joey then gave all his drugs to a friend to flush down the toilet but his body had become too reliant. 'Where are my sweet drugs?' proclaims the doctor. Rey Mysterio called for help when Mercury had a mini-stroke o the tour. Laurinaitis told Mercury on the flight home that he must go for help but it never really happened. Mercury says he has overdosed three times in his life and wrecked seven cars.

Wellness day came. The policy called for the wrestlers to show an improvement had been made. On the eve of Judgment Day 2006, Laurinaitis called Mercury aside and told him he was sending Nitro and Melina to Raw and Mercury to rehab as the WWE were afraid Nitro was going to die under their watch. Joey entered rehab for four-and-a-half months. 'It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but by far the best thing I've ever done for myself,' and puts over the WWE as the 'greatest company in the World' for helping Mercury out and says he screwed up himself. Joey says he sought advice from Shawn Michaels, William Regal, and Eddy Guerrero. As a contrast, Mercury says that Johnny and Melina don't go out much and don't drink with Joey trying to hide his addictions from them.

Back in OVW, Joey didn't recognize much of the 'talent' talking of all the breast implanted diva's that were signed up. Joey was happy that his former tag team partner became two-time Intercontinental champion. Keith asks about the Armageddon match with the ladder incident. The doctor asks what went through Joey's mind? 'A ladder.' Joey says the blood was more like syrup than any blood he was used to and he thought he had lost his eye. He looked up at the Titantron to see if his eye was hanging out. Nick Patrick then took Mercury to the back. Joey says he was cut to the bone, shattered the bridge of his nose, two additional breaks on the inside of his nose and took thirty stitches under his eye. Joey says he came back far too soon and became hooked on painkillers again, he didn't tell anybody. He passed two drug tests in February but in March he wrestled Ric Flair and Carlito in Chicago (same town as their debut) and got his eye swollen shut and the next night at a taping he took some un-prescribed medication and was sent home by Laurinaitis.

Joey says he will entertain any offer in the future and says he has been clean for forty three days and is taking one day at a time. He puts over his love of pro wrestling. Keith asks who Mercury is keen on wrestling this summer? Joey name-checks Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Senshi. Joey utters 'no comment' on Jillian Hall's mole. The interview finishes looking at what the future holds towards Joey Mercury and his dedication towards his profession. Fine, fine interview. Check out Joey working for Fight Sports Midwest TONIGHT in Portage Indiana (for more information go to and tomorrow for IWA-MS in Joliet, IL (for more information go to

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In addition: Meet your new Teacher (sorry Matt Striker) Bill Barlow(!) and his ugly students (including the dude who looks like the repo man?) , Dr. Keith shares a WWE Superstars Ice Cream story of improper nutrition, bear slaps at the bar, banjo hatred, remembering a great friend who passed away way too soon, Steve Martin's films, a Khali championship croon, Dr. Keith wants the boys to SERIOUS UP~!, Bella Flack, CRAMBONE~!, Terence Trent D'Arby, and SO MUCH MORE fun with Grandmasta Keith n the gang! Join us back this weekend with part two of the show that could not make weight with Gabe Ruediger!

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This weekend: TUF's Gabe Ruediger talks weight, cake, MMA Artistry, crying, and SCHANAGANS!
Next week: ROH PPV Special with Roderick Strong
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