Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funk's Corner - “The Claw” Wins Championship Then Gets Tar and Feathered, Now on !BANG! TV

Funk's Corner - “The Claw” Wins Championship Then Gets Tar and Feathered, Now on !BANG! TV

Ric Flair calls it "This Great Sport." Professional Wrestling is athletic, it is dramatic, it is fun to watch and wrestling is a performance unique to itself like no other. My Father, Dory Funk Sr. said, "You must respect this business." He was a performer and an athlete, Dory Funk Sr. was The King of the Texas Death Matches and an Indiana State amateur wrestling champion.

Now on !BANG! TV, The “Claw” regains the Funking Conservatory Women's Championship in a three way battle with the “Pop Tarts” Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki managed by Father James Mitchell then a "First Ever in Professional Wrestling," A woman wrestler, The “Claw” is Tar and Feathered by the controversial and exciting “Pop Tarts” with the help of Father James Mitchell.

For his sinister deed Father James Mitchell must pay and he does as he is trapped in the spinning toe hold, by me, Dory Funk Jr, another specialty of my Father, Dory Funk Sr.

NOW on !BANG! TV a Texas Death Match, European Championship Match and Funking Conservatory World Championship Match. SOON TO COME a 3 Way Handicap match with the 400 pound plus, DC Body-Guard.

It is all now on !BANG! TV at

If you would like to become a professional wrestler and appear on !BANG! TV after only three weeks of training Call -352-895-4658.
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