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Dr. Keith Show Recap - Luke Cummo

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – UFC's Luke Cummo
Recap by Brian Cooper of

To listen go to or This is a subscriber show, join the F4W Empire and receive free hugs from Bryan's Friend Vince plus the best audio on the internet today! The Bryan and Vinny show two to four times a week, Adam & Mike's Big Sexytime Explosion Audio Nightmare, Mike Coughlin's critically slammed Five Star Radio, and of course the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show! All Star Month continues with a VERY SEPCIAL EPISODE~! of the Dr. Keith Show. The UFC’s Luke Cummo joins us to talk fighting, ninjas, TUF, Serra, Koscheck, Star Wars, diet, and even Urine drinkin’!

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UFC's Luke Cummo Recap

Dr. Keith gives Luke Cummo ‘a really nice introduction.’ Luke was impressed that his UFC 69 victory over Josh Haynes was broadcast on the PPV. Cummo says he is now a purple belt in jiu-jitsu but the Serra’s weren’t impressed when Joe Rogan proclaimed how stingy Matt Serra is with his belts.

Keith asks about the Ultimate Fighter finale with Joe Stevenson. Luke says he got on well with Joe but Joe tapped him several times in training so he altered his gameplan. Luke then talks about being offered the six figure contract despite losing with the good doctor talking about how the fight is still talked about.

Matt Serra’s title win is talked about. Luke says that Matt’s motto for training is ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best.’ Luke thinks that George St. Pierre underestimated Serra. Keith asks how the two celebrated their wins. Luke says with Texas barbecue and God Of War 2 and is looking forward to some Nintendo Wii goodness.

Luke talks about his Kung Food series available to view on and delivers a dieticious spiel and attributes the diet to why he doesn’t have to cut weight. After food talk we get DRINK talk and whether Joe Rogan was correct in his assumption that Cummo drinks his own URINE. Luke says he has received a lot of NEGATIVE reaction to drinking urine but talks of the POSITIVE effects. Luke gives advice to all fellow PISS DRINKERS to the best ways to store and drink the good juice. Keith asks if Luke pinches his nose whilst drinking? Luke says he doesn’t like it watered down, because ‘IT DOESN’T HAVE THE TASTE.’

Dr. Keith asks about the Welterweight division and what guys Luke thinks will give him the most problems? Luke says guys that like to dominate on the ground such as Joe Stevenson. Keith asks about a possible rematch with Josh Koshcheck, Luke puts Josh over but would be confident in a rematch. Keith asks about Josh looking for decisions in his fights, Luke says that MMA isn’t fighting due to the rules and it takes two to make an exciting or to make a boring fight.

Keith asks if Luke would ever consider ditching MMA to become a full-time ninja? Luke says he wouldn’t tell anyone if he did. After comic book talk, Keith talks about Luke’s Darth Vader voicemail and asks for Luke’s favourite Star Wars movie. Keith unleashes a Mick Foley ‘yeah’ at the Empire response.

Luke says he used to get six weeks notice to fight in the UFC and says he’d like more preparation time, saying that Randy Couture asks for ten weeks. Cummo gives advice to any Ultimate Fighters and wouldn’t mind being a coach on TUF. Luke talks about the importance of conditioning and technique.

Keith asks about the increasing amount of positive drug tests found in Mixed Martial Arts. Luke doesn’t like to be judgemental but says some peoples choices are self-destructive. After a brief foray into politics, Keith and Luke discuss he prospects of UFC working with HBO. Keith asks about Luke matching up with Serra? Luke says he gets beat down too many times in training.

Dr. Keith finishes by asking if Luke fought in Japan, what special costume he’d wear? Luke says an imaginary, mythical creature, although rebukes the doctor’s Sasquatch suggestion as they are not imaginary. Luke finishes by giving a retro UFC post-match speech thanking his sponsors and the fans. Check out

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Plus this week: we try poorly to deal with Barlow’s CHUNKY~! Candy bar addiction, discuss the lack of radio theatre last week (answer: the TNA lockdown PPV), what brought us back to Pro Wrestling LOVE (primates), RoboCroCop, Hollywood Khali, why you should never wrestle - or croon - blindfolded, the fabulous RGX chix, primates, pirates, ukuleles, the Hustling Business Bureau, Freddie Mercury(?), and much more! It’s your prescription for general whackiness, it’s the DKS~!

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