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Dr. Keith Show Recap - ROAD REPORT

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – ROAD REPORT PART DEUX~! (Eastman, Quackenbush, Evans, Mark Briscoe)
Recap by Brian Cooper of

To listen go to or This is a subscriber show, join the F4W empire and receive the best and worst audio on the internet today! The Bryan and Vinny show two to four times a week, Adam & Mike's Big Audio Nightmare, someone named Mike Coughlin's Five Star Radio, and of course the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show! The dramatic finale of All Star Month on the DKS sees Dr. Keith N Barlow(!) back ON THE ROAD~! Part Deux – to IWA-MS "April Bloodshowers: The Final Chapter" & ROH "Good Time, Great Memories" Chicago area shows. One day-two shows-one gourd flute and a gentleman named Salty. Alright! The legendary PPH VW becomes the Love Boat as we have special guest stars AHOY!

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“Absolutely Tan” Joey Eastman Recap

Keith begins with the observation that the radio can’t pick up how tanned Joey Eastman is right now, Joey notes that not even the sun can pick up how tanned he is. Joey then states that the IWA Midlothian crowd is the ‘ugliest group of people to ever congregate in one area,’ mentioning the ‘no-eared midgets’ and ‘fat girls with their breasts larger than their stomachs’ in attendance. Barlow asks if a tan will help these sorry people. Joey replies only DEATH can help the fans of IWA Midlothian.

Onto more pressing matters, and will Joey’s lemon and lime pants be this years must-have fashion item? Joey says he reads Cosmo but not GQ as he’s not GAY, and yellow bell-bottoms are the way to go. Joey finishes by asking the fans to put money into his pocket as he’s sick of being on welfare before discussing the forthcoming Chris Candido memorial show TONIGHT in Streamwood Illinois as Promoter Ed Chuman mentnions “you forgot Black Machismio” Words to live by... Check out

Mike Quackenbush Recap

Mike says how HUMBLED he was by the audience's reception to his Chikara crew at the Ring of Honor show and hopes to be more of a part of the ROH scenery. Dr. Keith asks about the Chikara Pro Pod-Per-View. Mike says he stole the idea from Ricky Gervais and says the PPV is only $1.99 (CHEAP!). Keith is miffed that he can’t get the Podcasts on videotape but wants to support a great alternative and some fantastic CHIKARA characters.

Keith asks if Mike’s five year mission much like Star Trek's five year mission for Chikara is complete? Mike says it is ongoing and says that 2007 will be the biggest year to date for Chikara saying that it’s a colourful alternative to the stagnant WWE product. Doctor talks about his love of Chuck Taylor and Ultramantis Black. A final thanks by Mike Quackenbush to the Chikara Pro gang as they have a long drive, Keith's final question who gets to control the radio on the ride home? Not Jigsaw. Check out and for the Pod Per View and for shirtless Wiggly

Jack Evans Recap

Jack introduces himself as the ‘man, the myth, the legend, Jack Evans from the heavens.’ Keith asks if Jack feels any less-American for the time he’s spending in Japan. Jack says that’s no bad thing as the Japanese people behave more properly and they crazy better toast, ‘you lose your leg, you eat this toast, you’re fine.’ Keith asks if the leg regenerates? ‘It’s magical’ Jack replies.

Keith asks what he’s most looking forward to in Dragon Gate? ‘Kobe Beef.’ Jack talks about being part of the devilish heel faction, the Muscle Outlaws. Jack promises to return from Japan in two months ‘bigger, badder and better than ever before,’ before some ZOMBIE talk. They discuss zombie location, Keith points to sidekick Bill Barlow's "where the hell is Bridgeport t-shirt?" Talk of Bridgeport Zombies ends the interview.

Mark Briscoe Recap

One half of the ROH tag team champions, Keith asks how Mark is after the botched shooting star press in Detroit on WrestleMania weekend. Mark says the tests came back fine on his head, but he found out that he had a broken neck at some point that had since repaired itself. Keith wonders if it’s the healing powers of BriscoePhysics. He also thinks his shoulders popped out of joint, ‘but that’s alright.’ Mark says he was ready to get back in the ring after it happened but was taken to hospital and tells a story where he got violent in the ambulance, and even Sugarfoot Alex Payne could not calm him down.

Dr. Keith asks about Briscoe wrestling the Chikara guys at the Chicago show. Mark puts them over as being better than anyone he’s seen at that style. Keith talks about FIP barroom brawl in Florida with Madman Pondo & NECRO BUTCHER~! and suggests Mark wear some headgear, perhaps the Hulk Hogan fist helmet? Mark thought Keith said fish with both agreeing that a fish helmet would be far more appropriate.

The good doctor then discusses his hatred for Shane Hagadorn over Shane’s attempt to put chewing gum over the doctors notes. Mark agrees to rough Shane up alongside his brother. Keith finishes asking if the Briscoe’s intend to challenge again for the GHC Junior Tag Team belts, before going off to find the beer store. Good stuff. Check out

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Plus: Keith and Bill's thoughts on the ROH and IWA-Shows, how great are Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin when they are not involved in tomfoolery? Why are there always parks around wrestling shows? Why don't more wrestlers use the swing sets? How great was the Joey Ryan vs. Chuck Taylor match at the IWA-MS show (really great)? Fun stuff direct from both shows and if that’s not all - gourd flute versions of Prince songs. Thank you.

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Coming soon: A former WWE star with his first interview since leaving the WWE. Some of ROH and UFC finest and hopefully one of the most superb teams in PWG on together...
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