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Results From ACW Revised! in New Port Richey, FL

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On Tuesday May 8th American Combat Wrestling presented REVISED! The event was held at the Bourbon Street Night Club of 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey. Former WWE superstar Luna Vachon was in attendance.

(1) 2006 King of Florida winner David Mercury defeated Ray Beez.

Beez made his way out first and was forced to sit in a corner as Mercury talked to the fans the lack of respect he has been shown by them the last few events. Finally we got to action with Mercury using his amateur skills but to everyone’s surprise Beez was able to keep pace. Mercury switched to some chain wrestling but Beez also kept pace in those exchanges. Mercury had enough and dragged Beez to the floor where he slammed Beez into a bar and his attempted piledriver was countered into a backdrop. Both men continued their fight back to the ring where referee Billy Dalton was administering the ten count. Once back in the ring Mercury ducked a move and hit a clothesline before locking a straight jacket style STF. Beez fought to his feet but got sent back to the canvas by a double sledge to the chest. Mercury tried to keep the pace slow with a rear chinlock but Beez got to his feet again, but once again Mercury knocked him down this time with a leg lariat for two. Mercury got frustrated and made an error which resulted in a Beez clothesline sending both men to the mat. Beez blocked a punch and hit a spinebuster but was unable to capitalize. Beez was ready for a straight jacket neckbreaker but Mercury countered out into an exploder like move for the win.

(2) Twizted defeated Descending Angel.

After trading armbars and wristlocks, Twizted hit a dropkick to the chest but fell to the mat on a shoulder block. Both men missed moves and we were at square one until they traded two counts. Twizted went for a move but his package came right down on Angel’s shoe. Angel followed with a Northern Lights suplex and a snap suplex for two. Twizted hit a clothesline which sent Angle to the floor where Twizted followed, only he fell right into a boot. Twizted blocked a move and tossed Angel into the ring post and dragged him back into the ring where Angel hit a flying headscissor for two. Angel hit a Code Red but somehow Twizted kicked out. Twizted recovered and won by hitting a standing shooting star press.

(3) 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee defeated Dany Only, Naphtali and Austin Amadeus.

Amadeus and Lee began where they left off in pervious bouts with hard hitting cruiserweight moves before Naphtali tagged in to slow down Lee with a leverage move into a corner. As Lee and Naphtali wrestled David Mercury came out and talked to Amadeus which was good because Naphtali hit a 50 turn airplane spin which made both men tag out. Only went right on the attack driving Amadeus into a corner with shoulder blocks. After hitting a shoulderbreaker Only locked Amadeus in a move but Naphtali came in and locked Only in a sleeper but Lee came in and locked Naphtali in a half nelson. All the holds were broken and Amadeus scored a two count with a tackle. Naphtali tagged in to continue the punishment on Only as Mercury and Amadeus took off to the locker room. Naphtali went up top but landed on his feet and dropped the elbow onto Only. Only caught Naphtali mid-air and hit a slam for two. Only finally tagged out to Lee who came off the top landing on Naphtali’s legs. Lee hit two clotheslines and tagged in Only who helped deliver a flapjack for two. Only went for a corner move but Naphtali slid off the shoulder and hit a running boot to the face. Naphtali went for another airplane spin but Only countered into a neckbreaker and several right hand punches but his dropkick missed allowing Naphtali to hit the dreaded DVD on the 2004 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DVD (now available online at Lee capitalized on this and dumped Naphtali to the floor and winning the match. After the match all hell broke loose as Only spewed green mist into Lee’s eyes and dumped Lee in the ring with several power moves. Shayne Swift tried to aid his friend but he too fell to the power of Dany Only.

Before the next match there was a small ceremony to present the current ACW champions (Cruiserweight Jaison Moore, Tag Team Sedrick Strong/Joshua Masters & Heavyweight Ralph Mosca) brand new title belts. They were presented the belts by three members of the ACW championship committee.

(4) ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore defeated Nick Fame.

Before the match fame refuted the fans chants of “He’s Gay” and other things I won’t mention if kids are reading. Once the match began it was Moore locking in moves and Fame running to the ropes trying to cause a break. Moore stopped that with a succession of clotheslines and backdrop which sent Fame to the floor. Moore joined him delivering chest chops and tossing Fame into the ring but he entered last and Fame dropped Moore’s crotch on the ropes. It did little to stop Moore but a kick to the chest took the wind out of Moore for a moment. So did a kick to the back from Fame that scored a two count. Fame placed Moore on the top buckle and tried for a superplex but it was blocked and Moore sent Fame into the ring hitting a Warrior’s Way drop on Fame’s back for two. Fame went for a move but Moore hit a belly to belly suplex into a corner. Moore hit two clotheslines and an exploder before going for and missing a Rolling Thunder to the corner. Fame went for a move but Moore countered into an STO with a Crossface submission to retain his title.

(5) ACW Tag Team champions “Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong (w/Fetish) defeated the Power Company Twins.

With a month between shows Strong had tons to say to the fans who he felt were ungrateful to their greatness. The PCT felt they too were unappreciated by the fans of ACW and let it be known on the house mic. The PCT had Masters set in the ring for a top rope elbow drop but Fetish stopped that. The other PCT went to hit Masters with a bar stool but Strong stopped that. The PCT dumped Strong to the floor and thought they had Masters pinned but Fetish pulled the referee to the floor. Masters recovered and grabbed the barstool and hit a PCT in the back with it to get the fast victory.

(6) In a Texas Bullrope Match, Shan Hill defeated “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison (w/Big Bubba Madison).

The rules were simple: to win you needed to touch each turnbuckle in succession. Madison tried to slide out to the floor but Hill dragged him back in the ring where he stomped on the hand Madison didn’t have attached to the rope. BB Madison helped keep Madison from being dragged in a second time and it allowed Madison to get in a gut shot on Hill. Madison backed Hill to a corner where he tried to open up Hill’s forehead with punches. Hill fought back with punches but BB Madison tripped Hill on a rope toss and Billy Dalton ejected BB Madison from ringside. Madison wasn’t happy and he tossed Hill to the floor but Hill got to his feet and tossed Madison into several rows of chairs. The match came back to the ring where Hill got three turnbuckles but Madison dumped him over the ropes. The big problem was Madison’s boots got tangled in the rope and he briefly ended up hogtied. Hill saw this and went up top but he came down on Madison’s cowboy boot. Madison took the fight back to the floor where his piledriver was countered into a backdrop onto the concrete floor. Madison fought back by hitting Hill in the stomach with the cowbell. Back in the ring Madison hit a back suplex and unloaded several right hand punches to Hill’s forehead which opened up a gash. Madison thought he had a win but his move got reversed into a powerslam which allowed Hill to get a buckle. Madison snuck up behind Hill and chop blocked his left knee. Madison wrapped the rope around Hill’s legs and locked in a figure four but Hill reversed it. Madison escaped and dropped an elbow on the knee with the cowbell. Madison went up top to deliver more pain to the knee but Hill grabbed the rope and sent Madison crashing into the ring. Hill’s cobwebs cleared and he realized his head was split open so he smashed Madison in the forehead with the cowbell which split Madison wide open. Hill tapped three buckles but Madison cut off the fourth and once again locked in a figure four style hold. Hill escaped and hit Madison with a German suplex. Hill went for the four corners again, getting three and was close to four when Madison pulled on the rope hard enough to cause it to slide off Hill’s hand. When Hill went for the fourth buckle BB Madison came out and decked Hill with a punch that was loaded thanks to a chain wrapped around his fist. Referee Billy Dalton felt he had no choice but to call for the bell and award the match to Hill.

(7) ACW Heavyweight champion “Rugged” Ralph Mosca defeated “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus.

This was the first chance Taurus had to get a shot at the man who took the title off him in controversial fashion two months ago and he looked prime and ready. After both men trash talked and traded pie faces to the chin the match began with a flurry of offensive moves from Taurus which made Mosca retreat to the floor. Mosca came back in the ring and traded corner moves with Taurus and got control with forearm shots and an elbow drop for two. Mosca locked in a Bear Hug but dumped Taurus to a corner where he delivered kicks to the chest. Both men traded punches to the jaw but Mosca raked Taurus’ eyes. Taurus paid him back with a powerslam and he went up top where he delivered a flying headbutt. The blow did damage to both men as Taurus struggled to get a two count pin. Taurus went up top again but this time he missed a legdrop as Mosca moved. Mosca got to his feet and hit a Burning Hammer to win. But the fight was far from over as David Mercury and Austin Amadeus hit the ring where they laid out both competitors. Taurus fought off both men but when it looked all clear, he dropped Mosca with a power bomb. Ray Beez came out and saved Mosca from any further damage. After the dust settled Mosca took the house mic and said Mercury would need more than Taurus and Amadeus to take the title off his waist. Mosca told the fans that he was part of the championship committee and challenged any of the trio to a tables match next month.

ACW returns to action Tuesday June 12th. Remember ACW is back online, so log onto for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. You can watch previous ACW shows on Like live music, then check out for info on upcoming concerts.


2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup

Friday July 13, 2007

Downtown Orlando Recreation Center

649 W. Livingston Street

Orlando, FL

Night one main event: Rage in the Cage 9!!! The come as you are, bring your choice of weapons, battle royal inside a steel cage!

Saturday July 14, 2007

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive

Port Richey, FL

Already qualified for the event: Allison Danger of Shimmer, Krazy K of UXW, Chris Hero of Chikara, “Unreal” Michael Elgin of New Wave Pro (Ontario, Canada), Matt Cross of CAPW, Billy Roc of NWA Indiana, Nooie Lee of FPWA, Erick Stevens of FIP/ROH, TJ Mack of CWA and Sideshow of American Combat Wrestling.

For more JPC info log onto or

Ticket information
Night 1
$12 ringside
$10 General Admission
$5 Kids under 12
Add $5 for VIP entrance
Day of show, all tickets $2 more

Night 2
$10 General Admission
$5 Kids under 12
Add $5 for VIP entrance
Day of show, all tickets $2 more

2 Night VIP Ticket

For more information:
call (727)512-0071

Participating in non-tournament matches in this huge 2-day event will be Francisco Ciatso, “The Marquee” Bruce Santee (w/ “Supermodel” Amy Love), Jerrelle Clark, Naphtali, Havoc, and the return of one of Florida’s most honored tag teams the former NWA WORLD Tag Team Champions The New Heavenly Bodies, Chris Nelson and Vito DeNucci. Many more names will be added to this HUGE event in the coming weeks.

Want to buy previous tournaments? You can buy the 2003 event on, the 2004 event on , the 2005 event on in their store and the 2006 event on

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