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Interview with Peter Staniforth (Owner) of Power Trip Wrestling

My Interview with Peter Staniforth (Owner) of Power Trip Wrestling

By Oliver Newman.

The "Internet Icon"
Peter Staniforth

Peter is owner of Power Trip Wrestling, and also a UK professional wrestling manager, and is currently working for EAW (, and BRAWL (; and also available for other independent bookings - please contact at this email address for details.

Peter is also a sports, computer games, and music journalist, currently writing on the following websites -,,,,,, is the exclusive WWE writer for, and also writes for UK newsletter 'Piledriver'.

Peter is a very proud member of The Wrestling's Independent Wrestling Hall Of Fame Selection Committee, which can be found at

Peter is available for talent relations work and more, any enquiries are welcome via email.

Peter has written for Bill Apter's 'Total Wrestling' magazine, the well respected US based newsletter 'Wrestling Then And Now', and has also written press releases for the UK's WWE Euro Shop merchandise company. He was also mentioned on the credits of the cult wrestling simulation freeware game by Adam Ryland - EWR 4.2.

Oliver) Thanks Peter, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Peter) I appreciate it. Busy isn't the word at the moment, but I'm very grateful for YOUR time too, as I know you're busy as well. I think hectic describes my life at the moment best.

Oliver) Well let's get straight to it, PTW is the initials on most wrestling fans lips, can you explain those initials?

Peter) Power Trip Wrestling. Some have speculated PTW = Petey-W, and to those people I can only say you have too much time on your hands! Everyone wants power in wrestling, and this is just a little light hearted dig at those people. It's also a positive type of name too, I feel.

Oliver) Well, you have been around wrestling for a fair while, what made you decide to become a Promoter of your own company?

Peter) I am always on a constant 'prove myself' work ethic. I need to prove to myself that I can do something, whatever I set my mind to. I started off writing, like you do (and I still do), I then took to talent relations and then as a manager on shows; which is something I will never tire of. Then my time with 1PW came along, and that gave me the taste for being a promoter myself.

Oliver) As you know I'm a professional wrestling journalist just starting out, but the name Peter Staniforth has always been a good name among the wrestlers; and with that I have a lot of faith in this project. Could PTW be the real deal?

Peter) I think my time for this has finally come, there have been some false starts in the past but I'm a believer in timing and I think the time is right for this; and that it's going to be the best it can be. All I want to do is give a good product, bring a word people have forgotten back to wrestling - FUN - and give wrestlers in the UK a chance to show what they can do.

Oliver) Glad to hear that! So how did PTW go from being a concept to a reality, can you talk the readers through the preparation involved?

Peter) Well, an idea often starts quietly, and so did this. Sitting in the pub with my partner in crime (so to speak!), we spoke of how sick we were of the promotion we were working for prior; and how I knew I could do things more professionally and respectfully. I appreciate that sounds bitter, but that's just how it is/was. From there, I just got onto doing as much as I could whilst other things were in motion, and it's all snowballed quite quickly.

Oliver) Yeah, personally I feel from talking to you; you might have been hard done by. Is there an element of wanting to prove people wrong with PTW?

Peter) Definitely. It's a great motivational tool if you don't let it become bitterness. I constantly want to prove to myself I can do this, and prove to others. I'm blessed with many, many people who believe in me; and I do this for them but I do it even more to show those who have ever doubted me that I'm still standing and I'm doing this the right, traditional, and proper way.

Oliver) So with all being said, and the excitement building; how long or near is the very first PTW show?

Peter) Friday March 2nd 2007, in Luton. It feels wonderful to be able to confirm a date. All we at PTW ask is to be judged on the show we give you, nothing more and nothing less. It's about having fun, taking the business seriously but not yourself; and chasing the dreams you have. At least that's how I see it!

Oliver) Why did you choose Luton for PTW's debut show?

Peter) It's my hometown. I love Luton, I love the football team, my catchphrase as a manager is 'I'm better than you, because I'm from Luton'; and there is no other place for PTW but Luton. I want to give the town something positive, and I'll be giving everything I have to make it happen that way.

Oliver) That's cool! Can you confirm any of the Wrestlers that will be appearing at the show?

Peter) I can confirm the 'Wonderkid' himself, Jonny Storm; former 1PW star Shabazz, World of Sport legend 'Hardcore' Keith Myatt. More to come in the following weeks.

Oliver) WOW! Not a bad start at all, Jonny Storm is one of the best in the UK (if not the world), Shabazz is a star of the future (Current Total Brutality Wrestling Champion) and Keith Myatt is a very good Wrestler in his own right! I look forward to future announcements! Why these 3 Wrestlers?

Peter) Everyone knows Jonny, he's a great worker and a good person. Shabazz and I go way back, and he's a very driven and determined person who I have always enjoyed working with and I am glad to have the opportunity to do so again. And Keith? Keith is just all kinds of wonderful, one of the nicest guys around and someone who I feel any young wrestler could learn from.

Oliver) Absolutely! Well like I said not a bad few names on the roster at all. How about the venue, can you tell us more about capacity, where it is in Luton, etc?

Peter) It holds 250 seating and a ring apparently, and Luton Rugby Club of course hosts around four or so teams, and is where Luton Town FC's first team and reserves train as well. The room we are using is a particularly classy looking one, it's a marquee type look; and will look rather nice on the DVD.

Oliver) That's great. What would you like to say to the readers, concerning yourself and PTW?

Peter) I'd just like to thank people for reading this. I may not always take the 'politically correct' line, I may not always say what people want to hear or what everyone else is saying; but I do shoot straight and from my heart on how I feel and how I see things. If people in the business appreciate that, then that's great; and if honesty offends others then it says more about them than it does me or PTW. We're 'real', and we won't change; and all we ask for is the chance to prove ourselves as a good entertaining show.

Oliver) Well Peter, I wish you the best of luck! Can you share with the readers some more specific details: Ticket prices, Venue Location, Bell Time, etc?

Peter) Tickets are £8 adults, £5 children/oap's/students, and £20 for a family of four (which is quite a bargain when you price it up). Luton Rugby Club is quite easy to find, and I'll be adding details on how to find it in future PTW press releases. Doors open at 7pm, and we start at 7.30.

Oliver) Why should you come to PTW?

Peter) Well, there are many ways to answer that. One is that you're giving the new company in town a chance to prove itself. Another is you're giving the opportunity for some very talented workers, both young and older, to entertain you and show off their talents. Of course, I'm there, well worth the admission price alone; and if you don't like that I'll be more than happy to introduce your head to my Clipboard!

Oliver) For the readers who would like to know more about PTW, do you have any contact details to add?

Peter) Right now, I would have to say to email me as our website is currently being made. So or (msn messenger) would be the best for this at the moment.

Oliver) Well, I have a lot of faith in both you and your promotion Peter! With that I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for taking the time out to do this interview.

Peter) Or of course, there is my personal website, (cheap plug)!. Oliver, you're a class act and a true credit to wrestling journalism; and that's not just saying it; I genuinely believe in you too. Thanks for your time.

Final Thoughts:

Probably my quickest ever interview! Peter is a busy man and this interview was PTW specific. If I get the chance I will conduct a proper thorough interview down the line. I want to thank Peter for giving me this interview and wish him the best of luck with PTW! I'm sure it will be a huge success.

Thank you all for reading I hope your experience was most enjoyable, feel free to leave comments in here, message me or you can email me at
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