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Tod Gordon Interview Recap (A Shoot Message To The WWE)

The founder of Extreme Championship Wrestling & the man currently behind Pro Wrestling Unplugged, Tod Gordon, was one of the special guest on this past week's edition (1/15/07) of Monday Night Mayhem (w/The Big Mosh & Blade), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live at 9PM ET/8PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, & -- your official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler).

The interview with Tod is now available to hear for FREE in Real Audio!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview conducted by The Big Mosh & Blade (courtesy: Mayhem listener, PWUSandman41):


PWU’s opening theme song, “We Don’t Die” (by Twiztid) plays to open up the segment. Before introducing Tod to the listening audience, Mosh & Blade broke down the merits of the "old ECW" & the new ECW, and whether or not Sylvester Terkay, Elijah Burke, The Great Khali, & Test could stand up against The Public Enemy, "old-school" Taz, Stevie Richards, & the other classic ECW stars. You be the judge fans! Tod then came aboard, with an immediate message to what himsel (and Blade) called The Insane Clown P*ssies that has to be heard to be believed. Gordon did include a message to all fans, saying that Shaggy Dope of the ICP will be handcuffed to him in the "Cuffed & Cage" match this Saturday night at The New Alhambra Arena!

After congratulating The Mayhem on their fifth-year anniversary (thinking originally they couldn't make it five weeks on the air), Blade & Mosh broke it down for Tod about the "new ECW," as he was "unaware of any of this." A shoot by Tod (on behalf of himself) to those in Stamford, CT reading this interview recap or the interview itself: "F*ck you!" Gordon continued the shoot by stating that the WWE is scared that Heyman could do something great someplace else (he could have any job he wants), and that they are scared to let him go! "WWE got it right, and I got it wrong. They had The Big Show & Lashley, and I had Terry Funk & Sabu -- what the f*ck was I thinking?”

Mosh then started talking about “the future of the new ECW," and asked Tod what he thought about CM Punk losing his first match last week against Hardcore Holly? Gordon went off of Mosh, by saying that if he is going to talk about ECW, then he had better talk about "ECW," and not talk about "the fake ECW," based out of Stamford, CT.

Tod said there’s a new sheriff in town & the new sheriff is Pro Wrestling Unplugged. He then went off on the WWE about how they ripped off of ECW, stole the "Pitbull" name, that the WWE tried to cover up the ECW version of The Pitbulls, and tried to make it look like Jamie Noble & Kid Kash were the only Pitbulls.

Tod was asked by Blade & Mosh about how it makes him feel when fans walk up to him and tell him how PWU is the hottest fed in professional wrestling. Tod says he is not trying to be in ECW, but he is trying to push new superstars in wrestling and is also not trying to insult the fans intelligence. He says that he is trying to re-create a federation that will do those two very things. Flat out, "they are not trying to be ECW."

Tod then released another exclusive on The Mayhem, saying that the tag team match with Joker/Ricky Reyes vs. The SATs' for the PWU World Tag Team Titles would now involve All Monday Is Legal!

Gordon then moved into talking about one of The Mayhem's most recent guests & the former Vice President of World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff. He said that several years back he wanted to use Brian Pillman & Steve Austin in a match -- to which Bischoff said, “If you run in Nashville, TN, I’ll give you Sting & Vader for free” -- because that’s where Bischoff’s competition, Jim Cornette, was running. Tod talked about how unprofessional Bischoff was for asking him to do that.

This Saturday, Ian Rotten faces off with Devon Moore for the PWU World Heavyweight Championship in a scientific match. Tod said that Ian Rotten has never seen a scientific match without using weapons, and that Devon Moore does a lot of crazy flips. Tod shot again on the WWE, this time for not signing Devon -- "for not being on steroids” or big enough." Gordon did go on record by saying "Thank God, because now PWU has him."

Tod Gordon plugged the "Cuffed & Caged" show on Saturday on the corner of Ritner & Swanson streets in South Philadelphia, and then made a joke about how they can’t call it “The ECW Arena” and have to call it The New Alhambra, because the WWE would sue them. Mosh mentioned that V.K.M. can’t sue (a least right now), because at the time of the interview, he was in the ring talking about how good "Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump" last week on RAW was. Tod jokingly admitted that Rosie vs. Donald was nothing but “great stuff."

The Big Mosh jokingly asked about Johnny Ace or any WWE staff showing up in Philly this Saturday night. Tod interrupted him and said "what if Paul Heyman showed up at the arena this Saturday?" Tod said that him and Paul face-to-face would shoot on the WWE and “get a lot of sh*t out of our systems."

Blade & Mosh asked whom Tod Gordon would like to see in a PWU ring? Tod said that in a few months, we would see The Briscoe Brothers back, Quit Storm, Altar Boy Luke, & other wrestlers back. As a joke, Blade asked would we ever see Jeff Hardy or The Great Khali in a PWU Ring? Tod replied by saying that we could see Jeff if he comes to PWU, but "Khali will never be there if you live to be 1,000." Tod strongly believes that Jeff Hardy would have fit in great with the old ECW.

One of The Mayhem's listeners from Philly asked Tod a question: “You were the founder of ECW many years ago taking over The ECW Arena, and now you are back with PWU over ten years later still taking over that building. What does it mean to you to still be in the same arena over ten years later still giving the fans some of the best wrestling ever?” Tod again went on record, saying thank you for asking the question, and then says that it was not just Philadelphia but it was people in Buffalo, NYC, & all over the country that his companies gave great wrestling to, and it was the help of the loyal fans who made the company what it was.

More goodness is included in this 45+ minute interview with Tod including: a full, in-depth preview of the rest of this Saturday's "Cuffed & Cage" event, some interesting comments on The Spirit Squad, Jason Hervey & Missy Hyatt, a shoot on a particular internet writer (who might want to check out this interview), the complete lowdown on why his soon-to-be-released book/autobiography is now on an "indefinite hiatus," more comments to those in power in the "E," & so much more!

For more information & how to purchase tickets for the highly-talked about PWU vs. JCW "Cuffed & Cage" show (taking place at The New Alhambra Arena), head on over to & for more details.

In addition, former WWE superstar, former OVW World Heavyweight Champion, & current ROH star, Brent "Gunner Scott" Albright, gave his first interview/public comments since parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. Want the real reason as to why Brent was released by the E? Was he fed up with the politics? Does he believe CM Punk's character is heading in a bad direction? Is he a huge fan of "Donald vs. Rosie?" As we say, you have to tune in to find out! All this & much more are answered & asked in this interview, which is also now available for download!

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