Saturday, January 13, 2007

TNA Final Resolution 2007 line-up

thanks to Casey Trowbridge

Sunday 8PM EST; PPV

*Pre-show match: Lance Hoyt Vs. Chase Stevens

*Petey Williams Vs. Cowboy James Storm

*Paparazzi Championship Series Final: Austin Starr Vs. Alex Shelley
This match has a 10 minute time-limit and if no pinfall is recorded in that time than the winner will be chosen by judges that Kevin Nash has selected for the event. (editor's note: If it sounds stupid...well, yeah)

*NWA World X-division title: Christopher Daniels/c Vs. Jerry Lynn Vs. Chris Sabin

*Last Man Standing: AJ Styles Vs. Rhino

*NWA World Tag Team Championship: Latin American Xchange/C Vs. Team 3D

*NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Abyss/C Vs. Christian Cage Vs. Sting
Notes: Tomko is banned from ringside, and this is an elimination match.

*30:00 Iron Man Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Samoa Joe

Editor's note: A preview will be presented by me, Casey, Ric and Euan tomorrow afternoon. Check here for more details.

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