Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CHIKARA says "Thanks!" to our great fans for King of Trios weekend!

By Leonard Chikarason

CHIKARA says "Thanks!" to our great fans for King of Trios weekend!

This past weekend was monumental for the CHIKARA family, as Night 3 of our new annual tradition, "King of Trios," drew the largest paid crowd in company history to the ECW Arena. We'd like to extend our thanks to fans new and old that supported us, especially those courageous souls that braved the rough roads and inclement weather conditions to be with us in Hellertown and Barnesville. We'll be back in the month of March with two shows, but until then, here are some past due results dating back to Sunday afternoon:

CHIKARA: King of Trios, Night 3 Results
(New Alhambra/ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA)
Attendance: 275

1) MIYAWAKI & Yoshiaki Yago & KUDO defeated Gran Akuma & Icarus & Chuck Taylor
2) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Shane Storm eliminated Pantera & Sicodelico, Jr. & Lince Dorado [IWRG]

3) Allison Danger pinned La Malcriada [Freelance].
4) YOUNG LIONS CUP MATCH: Max Boyer retained over Sal Thomaselli.
5) Hallowicked beat Matt Sydal [WSX].
6) TAG TEAM GAUNTLET MATCH (Elimination Rules):
-Shiima Xion & Jason Gory [IWC] eliminated Lucky & JC Ryder [CZW].
-Dunn & Marcos [ROH] eliminated Xion & Gory.
-Dino & American Balloon [DDT] eliminated Dunn & Marcos.
-Robbie Ellis & Mitch Ryder eliminated Dino & Balloon.
-Ellis & Ryder eliminated Darkness Cratbree & Dr. Cheung, earning a second point toward a title shot.
-Jagged & Shane Matthews [IWS] eliminated Ellis & Ryder, negating their two points.
-Jagged & Shane Matthews eliminated Joey Ryan & Excalibur [PWG], earning a second point.
-Jagged & Matthews eliminated Soldier Ant & Worker Ant, earning their third point.
-Jimmy Olsen & Colin Olsen [NWA:NY] eliminated Jagged & Matthews, negating their three points.
-Larry Sweeney & the ShareCropper eliminated the Olsens.
-Larry Sweeney & the ShareCropper eliminated Player Uno & Create-A-Wrestler, earning a second point.
-Chris Bosh & Scott Lost [PWG] eliminated Sweeney & Cropper, negating their two points.
-Chris Bosh & Scott Lost eliminated Fire Ant & Equinox, earning their second point.
-Chris Bosh & Scott Lost eliminated UltraMantis Black & Hydra, earning their third point.
-Cheech & Cloudy eliminated Bosh & Lost, negating their three points.
-Cheech & Cloudy eliminated Vito & Brandon Thomaselli, earning a second point by winning the gauntlet.

7) STREET FIGHT MATCH: Mecha Mummy [DDT] was declared the victor when Referee Bryce Remsburg ruled that Mokujin Ken [Saitama Pro] could not continue the match.
8) Daizee Haze defeated Sara Del Ray [SHIMMER].
9) Masamune [Osaka Pro] beat Nobutaka Moribe [DDT].
10) Claudio Castagnoli pinned Ricochet.

11) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Shane Storm won the King of Trios tournament by defeating MIYAWAKI & Yoshiaki Yago & KUDO.

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