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ACW 2/20 Results from NPR FL, Two Title Changes

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On Tuesday February 20, 2007 Legends of Wrestling presented American Combat Wrestling from Bourbon Street Night Club at 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey FL.

The show was opened with a ten bell tribute to Mike Awesome who passed away Saturday night.

(1) Jaison Moore defeated Nick Fame.

After Fame finished insulting the ringside fans he locked up with Moore. Well actually he did some sit ups and pushups which Moore broke up with a kick to the body and some offense which Fame cut off. Fame used some borderline legal moves but Moore hit a suplex and a senton for two. Moore got a backslide and then a rollup but when he got up from the rollup Fame dropkicked hit face. Fame kept the offense going but Moore countered a corner whip, hitting a forearm, clothesline and rolling thunder to the corner. However Fame got to his feet and hit a superkick for two. Fame got cocky and went for a second superkick but Moore caught Fame’s boot and took him over into a crossface like move for the submission victory.

(2) Austin Amadeus (w/Jose) became ACW Cruiserweight champion when he defeated Nooie Lee.

Before the match referee Billy Dalton warned Amadeus and Jose in advance of any underhanded tricks they might use against Lee. Lee started the match on an up tempo with armdrags, hiptosses and other moves that Amadeus stopped with a chest cracker and shoulder blocks in the corner. Amadeus kept his attack focused on Lee’s ribs even as Lee hit a tornado DDT for two, but Jose draped Amadeus’ leg on the ropes. Lee hit another DDT and somehow Amadeus kicked out before three. Amadeus used a leverage move to send Lee to the floor and waiting arms of Jose who pummeled Lee before sending him back in the ring. Lee fought out of a chinlock only to be hit with a backbreaker for two. Amadeus made a tactical error and Lee hit three enziguri kicks for a two count. Lee kept on the attack as he hit an Angel’s Wings like move on the ropes and Jose got Dalton’s attention to stop the count. Lee got a DVD set Amadeus’ legs clipped Dalton. This allowed Jose to slide in and break up a Sharpshooter with a sideslam. Jose pulled Dalton to the pin and we had a new champion.

(3) “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison defeated Shan Hill of the Syndicate.

Instead of Hill, Madison came out and complained about not being part of the King of Florida event. He then said Hill’s injured neck from this weekend would be his downfall tonight. However when Hill hit the ring Madison was reluctant to lock up and fooled Dalton into believing Hill hit him with illegal punches. All that did was anger Hill who took it out on Madison’s crotch by dropping it on the top rope. Madison went to the floor to regroup but Hill came out and tossed him in the ring. Hill followed in and Madison kicked him in the ribs but Hill fought back with chest chops and clotheslines. Madison slid to the floor again to literally get his breath back. Once back in the ring he challenged Hill to a test of strength but kicked Hill in the ribs. Madison went up top but Hill slammed him off and Madison once again slid to the floor. Hill chased Madison to a wall but his punch met the wall instead of Madison’s jaw. Madison traded punches and slammed Hill on the floor. It looked like Hill’s neck suffered damage and Madison went right to work on it by torquing it into unfamiliar angles. Hill slid off Madison and got a rollup for two. Madison went for a pin attempt and used the ropes for leverage but couldn’t get the win. Madison made a mistake and Hill made him pay with a spinebuster. Hill blocked punches and hit Madison with some and a clothesline followed. Hill hit a backdrop which got the adrenaline flowing big time. But Madison got a hotshot and found his bell to use on Hill. Madison came off the top rope but Hill hit him in the ribs. Hill found the bell on the mat and went to use it on Madison but Dalton stopped him. This allowed Madison to get a school boy like pinfall victory with a hand full of tights.

(4) In a TLC match, Sedrick Strong & “Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) became ACW Tag Team champions when they defeated Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only).

Masters and Strong took the mic and insulted the fans who threw tampons in the ring. They reminded the fans that they were screwed last week and invoked a rematch clause. These two teams picked up where they left off, brawling in and outside the ring. Sideshow used a cookie sheet to flatten Strong’s forehead as Only fought with Masters in the ring. Dogmatika took over using some crotch shots to even the sides and got the ladder from the ring. They trapped Strong behind it in a corner and flunged Masters into it, causing the ladder to fall on Masters as he hit the mat. The fight went to the floor again where Masters and Only traded trash can lid shots. Strong leveled Sideshow with a lid shot and a slam of the ladder on Sideshow’s prone body. Strong decked Sideshow with a tag title belt but didn’t get the pin as Masters kept decking Only on the floor with any weapon he could find. Masters joined Strong in a double suplex of Sideshow but Only saved his partner with a sawed off pool cue. Masters got on the attack with a backbreaker and a top rope elbow. Strong hit Sideshow several times in the head with a trash lid but Sideshow got the actual can and leveled Strong as Masters set up a table in the ring. Masters ended up on the table and Only hit a frogsplash but didn’t follow with a pin. Instead Sideshow hit Masters with a top rope elbow through the table but somehow Strong broke up the pin. Masters and Only fought for position and Masters hit Only with a German suplex for two. Masters and Strong dumped Sideshow to the floor and focused on Only’s back and neck. To the shock of many Only kept kicking out of pin attempts. Masters set up another table at ringside as Only blocked a superplex and hit Strong with a cross bodyblock for two. Strong hit Sideshow with a Burning Hammer but got two. Sideshow hit Double Penetration but Strong kicked out. Sideshow climbed the ladder as Masters was set up by Only. But it backfired as Strong hit Sideshow with a spear. Only tried to get to his partner but Masters and Strong double teamed Only with a Rock Bottom into the ringside table to win the titles.

(5) ACW Heavyweight champion “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus and former champion and 2007 King of Florida “the Marquee” Bruce Santee fought to a no contest.

This match came to be after Taurus won the title off Santee and Santee defeated Taurus to win the King of Florida event last weekend. Taurus and Santee traded chain wrestling moves until Santee and Taurus traded shoulder tackles leading to one count pin attempts. Taurus took Santee to the mat with armdrags but Santee got control when he tossed Taurus shoulder first into the ring post. He followed with a straight jacket neckbreaker for two. Santee followed with a Saito suplex for two as he focused on the shoulder of the champion. Santee stayed aggressive on the shoulder and neck with a neckvise but Taurus refused to submit. Instead he fought to his feet but ran right into Santee’s boot. Santee locked in a reverse chinlock but Taurus fought out of it again, this time Santee ended up on the mat after a powerslam. Taurus went up top but Santee met him but Taurus fought and hit a flip power bomb. Both men were near being counted out but got to their feet. Taurus and Santee traded forearm shots but it was Taurus who faired better with moves until hit crucifix was countered into a Samoan Drop for two. Taurus decked Santee and went up again, this time missing a legdrop. Santee waited for Taurus but his Big Dump was countered. However Santee countered a Taurus move and hit an Axe Bomber. Just when it looked like the title was going to change hands, “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison hit the ring and attacked both men. Referee Dalton called for the bell as Madison tried to knock both men out with his cowbell but security was able restrain Madison.

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