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CZW H8 2/10 results/coverage


(02/10) Play by Play Live from H8!

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7:15 PM- The doors have opened, and the Combat Zone Wrestling faithful are entering now in preparation for another night of action in the CZW Arena!

7:35 PM- Ed O Mac has just hit the ring to kick off the festivities for the night as CZW celebrates 8 years of ultraviolence! I'm positioned in the play-by-play area with Brian Logan and CZW Owner John Zandig! To kick off the show, our first match...

7:40 PM- The Wild Stallions (Jimmy Starz and Champ Champagne) vs. Metro Sickness (Jude and Eric Tuttle)

Tuttle and Champ start off the match, with Champagne throwing around Eric Tuttle. Tuttle foolishly looks for a shoulder block, but changes strategies and uses his speed to catch Champ off guard. Champ recovers with a Butterfly Suplex sending Tuttle to the floor. Both men tag out, as Starz and Jude exchange hiptoss attempts. Starz hits an aleita, sending Jude to the floor. Jude avoids Starz's plancha attempt and catches him with a superkick! Champ looks to aid his partner, but Tuttle comes off the top to the outside with a moonsault!

Back in the ring, Metro Sickness double teams Starz, and puts him away with a surfboard stomp combo!

Winners: Metro Sickness (Jude and Eric Tuttle)

7:50 PM- Grim Reefer vs. Javi Air

Both men are making their returns after prior appearances in the Combat Zone. Javi Air had just one match, while Grim Reefer had a fairly sustained run in 2005.

Both men start off exchanging holds, as Javi shoots Reefer off the ropes. Both men exchange rolls, while Reefer catches Javi with a chop. Javi reverses a whip and catches Reefer with a hurracanrana, followed by an enziguri attempt which sends Reefer to the floor. Javi hits a huge tope con hilo to the floor!

Reefer sets Javi up against the rail and charges, but gets hit with a back body drop into the chairs! Back inside the ring, Javi gets 2 count. He comes back with a forearm and a series of strikes that sends Grim Reefer to the mat. Javi capitalizes with a slingshot senton. He charges with an O'Conner roll which is blocked by Reefer, who comes up with a kick to the teeth! Now Reefer with a vertical suplex into a neckbreaker over the top rope! Follows up with a rope walk swanton to the outside of the ring, CRUSHING Javi Air!

Reefer with the surfboard on Javi Air now, but Javi escapes and charges towards the ropes, but is brought down by the hair! Two count, but transitions right to the chinlock. Javi escapes and looks for a second rope springboard, but Grim Reefer follows in with a Russian Legsweep from the second rope!

Javi is able to avoid a charging shoulder block in the corner, and heads to the top. He comes off with a diving reverse lungblower! Both men get back up, and Javi Air comes up with several strikes, sending Reefer down with a Busaiku Knee Kick!

Javi to the top... and misses a Phoenix Splash! Reefer lifts Javi into the Argentine Backbreaker and charges Javi Air into the corner, following up directly with a piledriver out of the corner for the three!

Winner: Grim Reefer

8:00 PM- The Great Blazini vs. Ryan McBride

A shake of hands to start things off... Blazini and McBride exchange holds. Blazini is shot off but comes back with a shoulder tackle. Under the leapfrog, and hits an armdrag, followed by a Japanese armdrag. McBride responds in kind, and both men attempt dropkicks, but neither connects.

Blazini whips McBride into the corner, but it's reversed. Blazini comes back with a headscissors that sends McBride to the floor... and follows him out with a moonsault! Back in the ring, Blazini connects with a kick as McBride enters, hanging the Hotshot up between the ropes... and Blazini hits him with a leg drop! 2 count only!

Blazini now has McBride locked up in a surfboard... he backrolls out, then kips up into a Camel Clutch! Blazini still in control with a hard kick to the head, then to the ribs. McBride is sent out to the apron, but he comes back with a springboard clothesline! McBride hits a series of suplexes, ending with a Northern Lights Suplex. Blazini ducks a clothesline and hits a headscissors, but rises only to get caught with a dropkick! Blazini is sent to the floor, and McBride follows him out with a tope con hilo!

Back in the ring, McBride gets a two count. Blazini recovers from a whip to the corner with a moonsault to inverted DDT! Now, he hits the ropes with a handspring moonsault! McBride reverses a Blazini charging attack into a uranage! Follows it up with a standing moonsault double knee! Blazini gets control once again, however, and hits a superplex after a battle for position!

Now, Blazini heads to the top rope... and finishes McBride off with a Shooting Star Press!

Winner: The Great Blazini

8:15 PM- Niles Young (w/ Noel Harlow) and Derek Frazier vs. Jigsaw and Hallowicked

Interesting to note, Niles and Frazier entered together, while Hallowicked and Jigsaw made separate entrances. Jigsaw and Niles Young start this one off with a lockup. Both exchange holds, with Jigsaw coming up with a half Boston Crab. Niles takes control with a kick, but is caught off the ropes by Jigsaw, who comes up with a Gory Guerrero pancake. Now a series of armdrags, followed by a submission hold on the ground. Jigsaw backs into his corner, and Hallowicked tags himself in! Frazier tags in, and blocks two hurracanrana attempts before getting caught with a third! Now Jigsaw tags himself in, but an exchange with Hallowicked leaves him victim to the offense of Frazier and Young.

Young now in control of Jigsaw with a very nice dropkick. He's keeping on top of the Junior Heavyweight champion with submission holds, and ending any potential offense Jigsaw may come out with. Now Frazier in with a dropkick to Wicked on the apron! He's back in control of Jigsaw with a 619, which he follows up with an arrogant cover. Jigsaw kicks out and hits a satellite headscissors, but Frazier is able to knock Hallowicked off the apron again!

Now Young in the ring with Jigsaw with a charging clothesline in the corner! A scoop slam, and another tag. Frazier now locks in a good old fashioned Figure 4 Leg Lock, using the ropes for leverage! Jigsaw is able to fight his was over, reversing the pressure! Now Jigsaw looks for a kick out of the corner, but Frazier kicks him right in the croth for his troubles!

Frazier puts Jigsaw atop the turnbuckle and follows him up... but his superplex attempt is blocked! Jigsaw sends him to the mat with a headbutt, then follows up with a huge missile dropkick! Both men are down and looking for a tag! Jigsaw makes his way to the corner, and Hallowicked is a house of fire! Now a superkick by Jigsaw on Niles Young, and an unintentional tope by Frazier on Young! Jigsaw follows with a tope con hilo! Young is rolled back in and catches a variation of Go 2 Sleep from Hallowicked! Frazier and Young back in control however, and Young with a press up lungblower on Jigsaw, followed by a frogsplash from Frazier!

Hallowicked with a torture rack... Jigsaw with the stomp! Now Darkness Falls using Frazier on Young! Jigsaw has Frazier up for Jig N Tonic, but Young distracts Bryce and Noel Harlow comes in, hitting Jigsaw with a low blow! Frazier follows this with a backslide for the three!

Winners: Niles Young and Derek Frazier

Jigsaw is protesting to Bryce, but Hallowicked is having none of it, and leaves his rival in the ring to fend for himself.

8:32 PM- Necro Butcher AND Toby Klein have their careers on the line as Toby takes on Maven Bentley's mystery opponent!

Toby is out first, with Maven out to announce his opponent next...

In the ring through the front door... Marvelous Mitch Ryder!

Mitch Ryder and Maven Bentley vs. Toby Klein

Mitch Ryder in control after catching Klein off guard. He tags Maven in, and Maven chokes Toby Klein with his t-shirt before diving back to his corner for the tag.

Mitch Ryder takes control again with a vertical suplex, followed with a blatant choke, and another tag to Maven. Maven now in control, but he gets rolled up by Toby Klein! Ryder in to break it up, follwed by a springboard double back elbow! Klein has sent Mitch Ryder to the floor, and is in control of Maven Bentley inside the ring! Bentley recovers with the eye rake, then leads Toby on a chase around ringside, where he's caught with a clothesline that sends Mr. Insanity to the floor!

Ryder now lays a chair across Toby Klein's face and hits him with a leg drop! Ryder takes the microphone and berates the crowd for cheering Toby Klein, drawing the ire of the crowd immediately. Ryder tags in Maven to cover Toby Klein... but Toby Klein reverses the pin into a crucifix rollup of his own! THE NECRO BUTCHER IS BACK!

Overt cockiness has cost Ryder and Bentley this match, and has resulted in the return of the Necro Butcher!

Winner: Toby Klein

8:50 PM- We are currently at intermission.

Still to come:
CZW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Team AnDrew vs. New Jersey All Stars vs. BLKOUT (c)

CZW IRON MAN TITLE MATCH: Adam Flash vs. Chris Hero

ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND TITLE MATCH: Vortekz vs. Danny Havoc vs. Drake Younger (c)


9:10 PM- Before our next match can get underway, Nick Gage and Nate Hatred battle their way out from the locker room, with Nick Gage's head pouring blood! Hatred is laying into "The Future of Hardcore" with anything he can find! Now he's hitting him with a metal chain, and absolutely brutalizing him... but Justice Pain makes the save to run off Hatred! No the brothers are in the ring together... and Gage hits Pain with a Chokebreaker! Security is in to try to break it up, but Gage escapes their grip and gets a chair! Security won't get away from Pain, so Gage just wails on a security guard with the chair! Security can't subdue either man! The situation is slowly diffusing, but mostly as a result of Justice Pain taking the microphone and proclaiming that he and Gage are going to pull out all the stops in tonight's title match... ending it with, "Just for that bullshit, you're not invited to Sunday dinner!"

9:17 PM- Ladies from the Crazy Horse Too are out to give away items for tonight's post show festivities... and Nick Gage is out again! Security has to hold him back from entering the ring! Nick Gage is pulled to the back, while the girls dance in the ring... but Maven is out to end the shenanigans...

New Jersey All Stars (Lucky and JC Ryder) vs. Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak) vs. BLK OUT (c) (Sabian and Ruckus) (w/ Robbie Mireno, Eddie Kingston, and Chrissy Rivera)

BLK OUT has control early in this one, as Sabian hits a HUGE tope con hilo on JC Ryder! Now Ruckus and Lucky square off and trade moves until Ruckus hits the Afterburner Corkscrew Kick! Now Team AnDrew stands alone inside the ring... Sumner press slams Gulak into Ruckus, Sabian, and Ryder! Lucky to the top now... 450 Moonsault to the outside onto his opponents.

Back in the ring, Team AnDrew has Sabian on the ropes with several double team maneuvers. Gulak looks for a headscissor out of the corner, but Sabian reverses it into a kick to the groin! He sets Gulak up in the corner and hits him with a vicious dropkick! Now the tag to Ruckus, and a wheelbarrow lungblower double team, followed by a wheelbarrow suplex by Ruckus! Ruckus is now in control of Drew Gulak, but Gulak drives Ruckus into the NJAS corner, where Lucky tags himself in for Ruckus. Now a double team from the New Jersey tandem... a double cradle DDT! JC Ryder on top of Drew Gulak with a brainbuster onto the knee! Sabian tags himself in for JC Ryder as Gulak lays prone in the BLK OUT corner. Gulak rolls up Sabian with an inside cradle! Lucky breaks it up, however, and Sabian is back in control.

HUGE Saito suplex by Sabian onto Gulak, followed by a tag... double knee from Sabian... Razzle Dazzle from Ruckus... Sabian, Lucky, and Ruckus charge on Gulak in the corner! Pin by Ruckus, but only a 2 count. Another pin, but Sumner with the save.

Tag to Sabian with a sequence of HUGE double-team moves by the BLK OUT! Gulak needs a tag desperately, but he can't seem to find his own corner, as Lucky tags himself in for Sabian, and tags his own partner for another series of double team moves on Gulak!

Ryder looks for a clothesline, but Drew Gulak avoids it and hits a German Suplex... tag to Sumner... SUMNER is on FIRE! Suplex on Ruckus... forearms to Sabian... EXPLODER to the Black Jesus!

JC Ryder hits Sumner with a Michinoku Driver... Ruckus with a rolling Fisherman's Suplex on Ryder... Lucky in for the break up... follows up with a Dragonrana on Ruckus... Sabian with a reverse headscissor on Lucky... Nazi Stretch from Gulak on Lucky! Sabian breaks it up, Implant Golden Gate Swing by Sabian on Gulak! Broken pin! Sumner with a double Fireman's Carry pancake on the All Stars! 1... 2... BLK OUT pulls the referee out of the ring! The referee is back in, and the BLK OUT dominates Gulak with a series of double-team moves!

Lucky and Sabian in now, as Sabian hits the Lungblower out of the corner... sets Lucky up in La Nieblina... and the senton! IT'S OVER!


There were so many points where Team AnDrew nearly won the match- and likely would have if not for BLK OUT interference. A lot can be said for the effort of both of the challenging teams.

Adam Flash vs. Chris Hero

Before Ed O Mac can announce the competitors, Maven Bentley interrupts his announcements... to add his "appointed number one contender" DJ Hyde to the match.

Adam Flash vs. DJ Hyde (w/ Maven Bentley) vs. Chris Hero

The crowd is solidly behind "The Savior of CZW", as is evident by his reaction during the wrestler introductions. DJ Hyde is looking to hatch a plan with Adam Flash against Chris Hero, but Hero is able to avoid their charge and take control of both men early. Hero with the Tracy Smothers tribute to DJ Hyde in the corner! Hero loses track of his opponents, and ends up catching a Hart Attack because of it!

Now, Hyde and Flash are taking it to Hero in the corner and against the ropes, then follow with a double team suplex. Flash is choking Hero against the ropes while Hyde distracts the referee. Hero is trying to fight his way out of the corner, but gets pulled away and dropped on his back by both men.

Basement dropkick by Flash is followed up by a HUGE senton by DJ Hyde. Hero rolls out of the ring, and Hyde takes control of the match. Hero is in with a springboard dropkick on Hyde, then goes to work on Adam Flash! Whips him off and hits a beautiful dropkick! Flash back body drops Hero after a clothesline attempt, and hits DJ Hyde with a suicide tope!

Hero now back in the ring, and hits a HUGE tope on Flash and Hyde! Hero rolls Hyde back in for a two count. Both men exchange NASTY forearms... and Hero slaps Hyde in the face! Hero charges off the ropes, but gets caught with a back body drop!

Flash comes in and sneak attacks Hyde, but Hyde reverses a corner charge. Hyde to the middle rope, and Flash follows him up for the Last Call... followed by a moonsault!

Hyde reverses the whip and hits a Bossman Slam! Now he's peeling off his elbow pad... but locks Flash in a cravate... to which Hero responds with a Yakuza kick, and a cravate of his own! Two cravate neckbreakers on Flash! A forearm to Hyde, but Hyde responds in kind! Shadow Driver attempt... reversed into a cravate jawbreaker! Hero now to the top! Top rope double foot stomp!

Hero goes for the pin... but Kingston's voice rings out over the PA system, taunting Hero. Hero gets up and looks around for Kingston... but is caught off guard with a SUMMONING LARIAT! HOLY FUCK.

DJ Hyde pins Hero to become Ironman Champion!


BLK OUT hits the ring to attack Hero, as Eddie Kingston continues to taunt Hero on the microphone... until Hero breaks free and attacks Eddie Kingston with headbutts... he's going for the ankle! BLK OUT is able to pull Eddie Kingston from the ring!

Hero gets the mic and calls Kingston a coward, which prompts Eddie Kingston to throw his boot at the "Savior of CZW". Hero once again proclaims that the next time they wrestle, if he cannot pick up the victory, he will LEAVE CZW.

Danny Havoc vs. Vortekz vs. Drake Younger (c)

Right off the bat, Vortekz takes advantage with a casadora armdrag, then hits Danny Havoc with a double axe handle on the outside. Drake Younger lays into him with chops, but Vortekz recovers with a spin kick on the inside of the ring. Havoc looks for a kick to Vortekz, but he gets flipped into a pane of glass!

Younger is able to regain control and get a hold of a bucket of thumbtacks... he whips Vortekz off the ropes and hits him with an excellent inverted powerbomb into the tacks! Havoc not tries a hurracanrana on Younger, but gets powerbombed into the tacks! Two count for Younger, broken up by Vortekz. Now a drop toehold onto Younger into the tacks, followed by a senton splash! Camel clutch in the thumbtacks now, but Havoc breaks it up with a headbutt!

Havoc gets control of a Vortekz with a Northern Lights Suplex, but the bridge is broken up by Younger. A clothesline by Younger is reversed into a Dragon Suplex into the tacks!

Vortekz takes control of Havoc on the apron, but Havoc escapes to the inside of the ring... now Vortekz with a tornado DDT on Havoc! Younger gets control of Vortekz, but Vortekz reverses out of the irish whip and hits an enziguri! Danny Havoc now gets a Death Valley Driver on Vortekz, followed by a flatliner on Drake Younger! Havoc heads to the outside to set up a pane of glass between four chairs, with Younger under the glass. He took too long, though, as Younger rolled out from under the glass and Vortekz threw Havoc through the glass! Vortekz pins Havoc, and Havoc is eliminated!

Now Younger is taking control of Vortekz... he looks to spear him through the pane of glass... but Vortekz leap frogs him, and Younger flies through the pane of glass in the corner! Vortekz now with a brainbuster into the tacks for a two count! Samoan Driver attempt by Vortekz, but Drake reverses out into a Samoan Driver of his own!

Vortekz is set up in a chair facing the corner. Drake climbs the ropes, but is crotched by Vortekz, who follows him up for a one man Spanish Fly through the chair! HOLY SHIT.

Vortekz is setting Drake up for a suplex, but Drake reverses out... DRAKE LANDING THROUGH THE PANE OF GLASS! 1... 2... 3!


Nick Gage vs. Justice Pain (c)

Nick Gage is out with his head heavily bandaged after a beating at the hands of Nate Hatred earlier.

Pain starts things off by punching Gage in the face, but Gage responds with an irish whip, followed by a hip toss. Justice charges again, but is caught with a forearm right to the nose! A lot of striking from both men, followed by a whip by Nick Gage and a powerslam! Nick Gage looks for the bootscrape, but Justice Pain rolls out of the ring!

Pain back in the ring is going to work on the arm of Nick Gage, following through with several holds. He's trying to make this a wrestling match, as the advantage goes to Nick Gage in a brawl. Justice Pain now with a triangle choke, but Gage is able to break the hold. Pain is up and able to get back in control of the match with a rolling neckbreaker. He looks to capitalize, but Gage sends him flying to the outside, giving Gage an opportunity to get a hold of a table. Pain is back in the ring, and he takes the oppotunity to send Gage through the ropes! Justice Pain now sails over the top rope with a plancha onto Nick Gage!

Pain whips Gage into the guardrail, and follows up with a choke on his brother! Pain thinks better of this, and takes the match back into the ring. Pain hits Gage with a big clothesline, but gets only a two count. He follows this up with a Pain Thriller, and gets the three count for the pin!


Pain was dominant over an already injured Nick Gage... who is still down in the ring, clutching his shoulder. Gage IS injured... and Justice Pain has made his way back to the ring, challenging anyone who wants a title match... and DRAKE YOUNGER'S MUSIC HAS HIT!

Pain hits Younger with a tope, and now they're brawling in the crowd! Back inside the guardrail, Pain hits Drake with a suplex on the floor! Scrawny Sean is out with the barbed wire! We have a barbed wire table now, and the crowd is going wild!

Pain and Younger are back in the crowd! This is fucking nuts, and this is an official match!

CZW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Drake Younger vs. Justice Pain (c)

Younger and Pain are wailing on each other inside the guardrail, as Drake Younger hits Pain with a piledriver on the floor! We're back inside the ring, and Younger is looking for a powerbomb, but Pain reverses out and hits Drake with a crucifix powerbomb to the outside through the barbed wire table! HOLY SHIT CHANTS FROM THE CROWD!

Somehow, Drake is back up, and Pain has a staple gun, but Drake is able to battle back and staple Justice Pain... he's now stapling currency to the forehead of the champ! This is a true CZW moment!Pain just hit Younger with a Pain Thriller into a bucket of thumbtacks! It's over!


To be honest, in all my time as a CZW fan and as a member of the staff, I've never seen anything quite like the scene that went down between Drake Younger and Justice Pain tonight! Justice Pain and Drake Younger are now embracing in the middle of the ring, and the fans are chanting Drake Younger's name! Zandig has the microphone and is thanking Drake for taking over for an injured Nick Gage, and giving the fans everything he's got. As a reward, Zandig is giving Drake Younger a CZW World Heavyweight Title shot in April!

Fans, thanks for joining me on the Play-by-Play for H8. We'll see you in March!

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