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IWA-Mid South results from 2/9 Plainfield, IN

results from the 2/9 show in Plainfield, IN

Show is getting ready to start off with opening annoucements from Joey Eastman. Attendance is at 100 paid so far but people are still coming in the doors.

Marcus O'Neal vs. Zach MacGuire vs. OMG vs. Jack Thriller vs. Ricochet vs. the returning "Spyder" Nate Webb in a six way to start the show

Welcome back chants for Nate Webb to start this elimination matchup. Zach MacGuire eliminated by Marcus O'Neal. O'Neal high plancha onto OMG and Thriller and then Ricochet with a dive followed by a moonsault by Nate onto everyone. Soylent Green by Nate eliminates OMG. Marcus O'Neal eliminates Thriller with a top rope frankensteiner. O'Neal slaps Ricochet in the face for a tag. Ricochet with a crucifix eliminates Marcus O'Neal. Shooting Star Press by Ricochet to win the 6 way elimination.

CJ Otis vs. Vortekz about to get underway. Otis keeps calling Vortekz...Drake. Several punches to the face and telling everyone that he was going to be doing that to Drake soon. Forearms and chops aplenty from Otis including several body shot flurries. Spin Kick and Moonsault from Vortekz for two. German suplex by Otis but the burning hammer is blocked. Vortekz misses a frog splash and CJ clamps him into a rear naked choke and chokes out Vortekz.

Headbutt and two burning hammers onto Vortekz after the match to send a message to Drake. Drake runs off CJ as he was going for a cop killa on Vortekz.

"Marvelous" Mitch Rider comes to the ring and cuts a promo saying Tracy and other old school guys are tired of all the flippy guys and the Old School IWA guys are going to stomp the new guys. Tracy can't make it so he called Mitch Rider to take his place against Billy Roc.

Mitch Rider stomps down on Billy Roc and gets the microphone and continues stomping Billy Roc while talking and calls out another "greenhorn" and the music for "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin starts. "Hype" is happy cause "tonight I'm going to kick your (Rider's) ass"

Billy Roc ends up pinning Hype after Mitch Rider was hit in the face and his eye swelled shut.

Jimmy Jacobs def. "Classic" Colt Cabana in the bounty challenge match. Jimmy Jacobs kept yelling at Jim Fannin who was doing commentary during the match. Colt Cabana hit a suplex and went for a cover but Fannin went to ringside and demanded that to get the bounty he had to cripple Jacobs. Colt started working the neck with neckbreakers and piledrivers and Fannin kept demanding more. Jacobs executed a backslide for the pin and then ducked an attempted clothesline from Fannin on his way to the dressing room.

Brandon Thomaselli and Tarek the Great are in the ring. Brandon in a singlet and headgear (says he has an earache) ala high school wrestling tells Tarek that it is time for the new school to take over the old school. Headgear comes off and Brandon uses a slingshot suplex. Brandon the bully taunts Tarek's valet while kicking Tarek in the legs. Double Yakuza Kicks knock both men to the canvas. Brandon misses the top rope legdrop. Brandon reverses the brainbuster attempt and wins with "The Deal" SAT Bomb. Jack Thriller comes to the ring and attacks Tarek with a chair to the knee and then a ringpost figure four stemming from their match in Midlothian on January 27th.

Ian starts up after intermission with announcements. Return to Plainfield is Friday March 2nd. Big Vision is busy with MTV's WSX show so nothing new on Kings of Extreme. King of the Death Match has to be moved to June 22nd and 23rd due to volleyball tournament needing the building. There will be a poll on the message board to see if the fans want the Queen of the Death Matches Mickie Knuckles to get an automatic bid into the King of the Death Matches. April 6th is the date in Plainfield after the March date.

Low Ki vs. Drake is underway. Low Ki almost immediately gets the armlock tarantula style in the ropes. Mat grappling results in reversals and takedowns and then Ki with the armbar but Drake makes it to the ropes. More grappling finds them evenly matched until Low Ki hits a kick to the face while on the canvas. Exchange of vicious chops. Ki with a stomach kick...Drake catches the second kick but takes a knee strike and then more kicks and chops. Flurry from Drake into a modified surfboard on Ki...attempted suplex by Drake blocked by Ki sending knee strikes into Drake's head and then several stiff kicks to stomach. Drake fights back but takes a roundhouse back kick to the stomach and then another kick to the chest. Low blow back heel kick by a desperate Drake to regain control. Drake taking a lot of punishment kick wise to the stomach, chest and back and of course the brutal chops. Hometown crowd behind Drake willing him to his feet. Low Ki is getting frustrated that Drake keeps kicking out. Drake ducks a couple of swings and hits a spinebuster and some brutal forearms and a powerslam but only two. Drake runs into a big boot but catches a charging Low Ki and does a belly to belly overhead throw suplex. Low Ki recovers into an octopus like submission but Drake with a side suplex gets out of it. German Suplex by Drake and Low Ki lands right on his head and neck. Scary looking. Drake goes for a powerbomb but too much momentum and Low Ki lands on top of him and then hits a double foot stomp onto the prone Drake. Chop flurry...running knees to the stomach but Drake still kicks out. Kawada kicks to the face but Drake ducks a running kick and hits a half nelson suplex. Drake goes for a DVD but Low Ki rolls into an armbar submission but Drake makes it to the ropes. Low Ki misses a splash into the corner and Drake hits a DVD driver but Ki kicks out at two. Attempted vertebreaker but Low Ki blocks it...Drake puts him up top and goes for it again off the top rope this time. Low Ki pulls Drake's bootstrings and crotches him up top and hits the double foot stomp onto the tied up Drake and gets the pin.

Davey Richards vs. Chuck Taylor for the IWA heavyweight title is underway. Tie up and on the break Taylor slaps Davey in the face and talks smack to Davey and the fans. Low Ki comes out to do commentary on this match and runs off David Parks. Low Ki still has unfinished business with Chuck Taylor and wants the IWA title so he is interested in the outcome of this match. Chuck dropkicks Davey to the floor and then tells him that he is going to jump on him now. Davey moves and then hits a corkscrew plancha onto Taylor and crashes into the second row of chairs. Kicks to the legs and chest by Davey. Chuck returns the kick to the back and then does a double handed choke. Davey puts Chuck into a "horse collar crab" but Chuck cheats his way out and retakes command. Chuck puts Davey into an abdominal stretch while Davey was seated on the canvas and then releases and stands on his throat. Superplex by Davey and both men are down. Davey Andrews with a Divorce Court DDT off the ropes into an arm submission but Chuck holds on. Series of near falls. Forearm exchange into a huge big boot from Chuck. Moonsault by Chuck but Davey kicks out at two. Davey puts Chuck into an arm submission but Chuck rolls him over and holds the tights for a pinfall. Low Ki gets on the mic and tells the ref that Chuck had the tights. Ki influences the ref to restart the match. Davey with a handspring spin kick, running forearm and a couple of german suplexes but Chuck kicks out at two. Davey goes for the double underhook brainbuster but Chuck with a low blow and then an Omega Driver for the pinfall. Chuck and Ki exchange words after the match. Chuck attacks Davey but Davey recovers and hits the double underhook brainbuster and Ki gets into the ring. Ki and Davey both have ahold of the title and Ki rips it away from Davey. They shove each other and then Davey leaves the ring. Ki gives the belt back to Chuck with the warning that the next time they are in the ring together that the belt will leave with Low Ki.

Time for the Hardcore Rumble to crown the new Death Match Champion. Too Tuff Tony is the first man into the rumble. Ian Rotten is the second man into the rumble. One corner has barbed wire wrapped around the turnbuckles and has a barbed wire stick. They try to put each other into the bw but go to the floor and into the bleachers. Can't see what is going on but the crowd loves it. Tony with the barbed wire bat to Ian and Mickie Knuckles' music hits...she's participant #3. Ian face first into the barbed wire. Mickie and Ian exchange headbutts from their knees. Mousetraps are all over the floor and a barbed wire board is in another corner. Ian hiptosses Tony into the mousetraps. Ian puts the mouse trap onto Mickie's boob. Diehard Dustin Lee makes his way to the ring. Ian hits Diehard in the back with an upright vaccuum cleaner. Dustin choking Mickie but Ian chairshots him. IWA chants from the crowd that can see what is going on. Mad Man Pondo's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Pondo hits Mickie with the stop sign. Diehard has the bw bat to Tony's crotch. Pondo uses staple gun on Ian. Mickie gets stapled in the crotch. Ian has a dollar bill stapled between the eyes and to the ear. Tony stapled in the butt. The final participant is Drake Younger and no one knows how he is even standing after the Low Ki match. Ian with a running knee to Mickie's back. Pondo hits Diehard with the stop sign and he falls into the glass pit. Ian and Mickie doing an exchange of slaps to the face. Ian stomped a can of Mt. Dew into Mickie's crotch. Drake in different gear from earlier. chair and bw board contraption set up in middle of the ring. Pondo & Tony with the sunset flip powerbomb superplex onto Diehard through the contraption and Diehard is eliminated. Drake backdropped onto the remnants of the bw board and then Tony hits Drake with a piece of the plywood. Mickie with the kick to the face knocking the bw bat into his face and pins Pondo. Tony with the sit down driver into the glass on Ian Rotten and Ian is eliminated. We are down to Mickie, Tony and Drake. Tony Germans Drake but Drake gets the shoulder up and Tony is pinned. Down to Drake and Mickie. Vicious forearm exchange. Headbutts galore. Mickie with crossfaces on Drake. Mickie bodyslams Drake into the pit of broken glass. Headbutts and chops exchanged while both are inside the pit of broken glass. Drake with a DVD into the pit of glass and pins Mickie. Drake Younger is the new IWA Death Match Champion.

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