Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pro Wrestling & Mixed Martial Arts news links - Early weekend edition

-- News and media article links from Friday...

-- St. Petersburg Times: Scott Charles "Bam Bam" Bigelow was "a big teddy bear" to his friends, family.

-- Pierzynski-Eckstein feud set for blowout

-- The Grand Rapids Press: Band gets big break with WWE

-- WAGT-TV NBC Augusta: Is Professional Wrestling Real?

-- Helms interviews Mosley

-- Los Angeles Downtown News: Lucha VaVoom Brings Burlesque and Wrestling Back to the Mayan

-- ROH's site: Bruno Sammartino To Detroit

-- Newsday: Eighth-grader allegedly sodomized after wrestling practice

-- Business Nation reports on UFC
Courtesy of CNBC

-- Canadian Press: Hioki wins unpopular decision over London's Hominick at TKO28

-- Los Angeles Times: It's showtime for Frank Shamrock

-- CBS Five Ounces of Pain: Interview with Frank Shamrock

-- Baltimore Sun: One-on-one with EliteXC President Gary Shaw

-- Canadian Press: Canadian David Loiseau front and centre on new Elite XC MMA circuit

-- The Commercial Appeal: Brazilian fighter right at home

-- Associated Press: Mich. Looks Closer at Ultimate Fighting

-- The Wave Magazine: The Ultimate 30-Minute Workout By Cung Le

-- The Bulletin: Mixed martial arts is taking the sports world by storm - both in Central Oregon and across the country

-- Columbia Basin Herald: Fight veteran brings his talents to Moses Lake

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