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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Kevin Kleinrock of Wrestling Society X

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Kevin Kleinrock of Wrestling Society X
Recap by Brian Cooper,

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Kevin Kleinrock Recap!

Kevin says he was overall happy with the response to the initial pilot episode of Wrestling Society X, saying the organization isn't set up to defeat either WWE or TNA but to survive in it's own right. Kevin also says that he cut down the amount of music from the initial proposals and added more wrestling.

Dr. Keith asks if the inspiration for WSX came from Backyard wrestling, video games or from XPW. Kevin replies that he is a huge fan of the band Rancid and wanted to mix his love of punk rock and pro-wrestling. Kevin says MTV booked the bands they deemed to be appropriate.

Keith asks if Kevin feels the amount of replays for WSX is a good thing? Kevin answers saying that ratings are of the utmost importance, and says that the replays may affect the Tuesday rating although gives WSX more exposure and is a positive.

The good Doctor asks if there's something for the hardcore wrestling fan because of the explosions and short matches. Kevin puts over how unique the WSX product is and says that the matches are no shorter and are often better than RAW and TNA. The aim is to change the perception of pro-wrestling to the average MTV viewer of 'two steroid guys doing leg-drops' to a more high-flying spectacle.

Keith asks if there are any foreseeable plans for a raw-sewage match (an XPW match). 'You never know,' although the chances of a buck naked match are more favourable. Keith asks the chances of seeing Teddy Hart appear on the Real World? Kevin thinks the Surreal Life is more likely or filming the WSX superstars trying to take one 'poor, unsuspecting innocent girl' on an episode of Next!

Kevin says that the long-term success of the WSX product lies in hooking the casual fan and says that is where TNA is failing and that no company has attempted this for ten years, although Kleinrock says it won't be at the expense of the wrestling product.

Keith asks about Kevin Federline. Kevin thinks that Federline is probably under a WWE deal but won't rule-out a future music tie-in. Kevin talks about MTV and WSX embracing future technology and puts over the mobile content and says that future episodes may be downloadable to cell phones.

Kevin believes that due to the MTV attachment, the WSX names are more likely to become household names than the likes of Umaga. On the contract rumours; 'Most of the guys are signed to a long-term deal which is a minimum of a number of seasons or years.'

Keith asks the business goals: DVD's, PPV's, house show tours, or a GONG~! for the timekeeper? Kevin says all the effort and energy is towards the television product although all the revenues have been discussed but the plan is to focus on season one. Kevin also sees positives in the WSX plan of filming several episodes in a short time-span.

WSX are going to look at getting their show into international markets in 2007 and in-ring; bring 'as many variations of the explosion as to the suplex,' and look at things that are unique and creative that aren't seen elsewhere but be careful of overkill. Kevin is hoping to bring more Dragon Gate wrestlers in.

Onto one of the more important questions, will omelettes be available for catering in season two? Kevin says there will be plenty of omelettey goodness ~ YAY! Working on WSX Has also been a HUMBLING experience for Kleinrock. Kevin goes onto say that he marked out for Ultimate Warrior winning the retirement match against Randy Savage at Wrestlemania VII so you can thank Warrior Warrior for Wrestling Society X!

Kleinrock then finishes by outing Keith. Not as Jigsaw, nor a gay man, but as a behind-the-scenes contributor to several whacky skits, promos, HEAD OF TALENT SCOUTING~! and official timekeeper of Wrestling Society X! Check out WSX Myspace and The official WSX website with WSXtra show featuring Matt Classic, DIFH, and the Trailer Park Boyz this week. Very good interview.

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In addition a wrestling discussion which disinigrates into the following myriad of topics: a history of punctuation in the cinema, Shadoe Stevens, Larroquette, Casual Sex(~!)? Pebro Bryson (Who?), a WSX haiku, Turkish Camel Wrestling, Fan Mail, Van Halen, Internet Pirates, Krull, LA Mike, 2 Cold Scorpio, custom made Vin Man and did Barlow see his f****** shadow? All this and more on a fun sized edition of the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show? Available exclusively at, the home of the whopper*!

Later this week: Human Torando!
Next week: CHIKARA King of Trios Special with very special guests!

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