Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Funk's Corner - Hallowed Florida Gators T-Shirt Decimated on !BANG! TV

Funk's Corner - Hallowed Florida Gators T-Shirt Decimated on !BANG! TV

The Funking Conservatory's Johnny Romano, a devout Florida Gators fan entered the ring on !BANG! TV wearing a Florida Gators T-Shirt for his match against England's "Pretty Boy" Chris Bower.

Not only did "Pretty Boy" Chris Bower have his motley crew with him, lead by Blain Rage, with the "Pop Tarts", Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly in tow, it was obvious from watching the match as it progressed that Pretty Boy had the referee, "Loudmouth" Allan Lake in his pocket.

After gaining a questionable victory with a power slam that left young Johnny Romano laying helpless in the ring, Blain Rage, Loudmouth, Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly proceeded to rip the Florida Gators T-Shirt from the inert body of Johnny Romano and literally desecrate the T-Shirt and all things representing the pride of the State of Florida, College football's National Champion and America's number one college basketball team, the mighty Florida Gators.

It is all caught on video tape by the cameras of !BANG! TV and now up at

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