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CAPW News 3/29: Unknown Interview, JT Lightning and more!

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling News: March 29, 2007


On Sunday afternoon, April 15 at Turner's Hall, months of controversy will end as Irish Airborne, Q&A, and CAPW Tag Champions Faith in Nothing collide in the same ring at the same time in a Ladder Match to finally establish who can rightfully call themselves the best team in CAPW.

Without question, a Ladder Match is among the most difficult matches to prepare for in all of wrestling. With that in mind, we'll attempt in the coming weeks to speak with representatives from each of the three teams involved in order to get in in-depth look at their state of mind as the match draws ever so closer.

This week, CAPW Broadcaster Joe Dombrowski talks to Q&A, more specifically Unknown, speaking on behalf of himself and tag partner Virus:

JD: You last held the CAPW Tag Team Titles this past summer before being stripped of the championships following a controversial title defense. Take us back to that period in time and what went through your minds once you realized you were no longer champions.

U: Well, after a loss to The Suplex Machines, Virus and I were devastated. Ray Rowe tore Virus' shoulder, and there wasn't much left that we could do. At that time, I decided to go it alone and take on the Suplex Machines without Virus to recapture the CAPW gold for us. After teaming up with Abyss, we pinned Bane and Rowe, but were not awarded the titles. The whole thing was extremely bogus. Those titles meant everything to Q+A. We worked so hard beating opponent after opponent to keep them, only to lose them on a technicality. From that point on, we decided we don't care about the fans, CAPW management, or anyone else. We are on a mission to regain OUR titles.

JD: Upon your return from a sabbatical, you began battling Irish Airborne in an attempt to become #1 Contenders to Tag Champions Faith In Nothing, but it seems a lot of your resentment for the Crists seems personal, particularly when they were chosen to challenge for the tag titles ahead of you two. How do you respond?

U: We've seen Irish Airborne travel and have success all over the place, making it to HWA and ROH, and we respect that. But when they came to CAPW, they came to Q+A's house. I know they're great wrestlers, I just don't see exactly what they've done to deserve a title shot. Who have they beat? I mean these guys have been in CAPW for like 4 months and they're getting tag team title shots, one after another? Don't think so. And to have the title shot come down to a coin toss was really a slap in the face to our team and the company.

JD: When the time came for the Crists to challenge Faith in Nothing, they encountered rather suspicious "transportation problems" and perhaps even more suspicious was the fact the two of you were more than ready and prepared to challenge for the titles in their place, despite the two of you not being scheduled to compete at all that evening. Many have pointed their fingers at the both of you, accusing you of sabotaging Irish Airborne's title aspirations. Do you have a defense for yourselves?

U: Virus and I prepare night after night for combat. Just because we weren't on the card that night doesn't mean we weren't ready. We are always ready, I mean, isn't that what a good team does? I thought the Crists were doing alright for themselves, and it turns out they can't even afford a reliable car. But yet you turn it around on us. Well we are sorry for being ready, on time, and taking advantage of a golden opportunity. And sorry for being able to afford a car that got us to the show that day. We train for every night as if we're going in there to wrestle for the titles, and that's all there is to it.

JD: Over these past several months, Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing have been on a mission to carve out the beginning of a legacy, to prove themselves the most dominant team in the history of Cleveland . How would you rate their performance as champions thus far?

U: Well to be quite honest, we're more unimpressed with Faith In Nothing than we are with how badly CAPW has handled this tag team title situation. I mean, first the wrong team is granted a title shot via a COIN TOSS, and then when we get a shot, Vincent Nothing ducks us by hitting a referee to cause a DQ. That's just the example a champion should set, hit refs and you'll get to keep your titles. The fact of the matter is, size means nothing to us. Faith and Nothing were preparing for Irish Airborne, and when they saw us, they freaked. Plain and simple, they weren't ready to face us. We're too experienced and too consistent, so they took the easy way out. That's fine, but they will be no easy way out on April 15th.

JD: On Sunday, April 15, you two enter perhaps the battle of your careers as finally after months in the making, Q&A, Irish Airborne, and Faith in Nothing will meet in the center of the ring at the same time, and to up the ante, it will be a Ladder Match for the CAPW Tag Team Titles. It will certainly be a very dangerous high-stakes environment, what are your thoughts and expectations as we count down the days to this Ladder Match?

U: To tell you the truth, we don't know what to expect. One thing is for sure, it's going to be a war. Experience will be the deciding factor in this match. We held the CAPW tag team titles for a year. Nobody with half a brain could say that we don't have the advantage in this match-up. However, we do give up a significant size advantage, that can't be overlooked. We're ready, focused, and have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to recapture OUR CAPW tag team titles.

CAPW will attempt to obtain comments from another Ladder Match participant right here next week.


Last week, we extended our congratulations to the young prodigy of CAPW Johnny Gargano as a result of his appearance against MVP this past Friday night on WWE Smackdown. However, mere minutes after our release of that statement last week, we received an angry phone call from JT Lightning, who was speaking on behalf of himself as well as his frequent six-man tag team partners Da Munchies. When questioned why exactly he was so upset, it seems JT felt insulted that we neglected to congratulate him and his partners on their latest "accomplishment".

JT & Da Munchies are on a mission to become the greatest six-man tag team champions of all time. They've attempted to convince the masses, and apparently themselves, that they've defeated The Freebirds, Von Erichs, and a list of other legendary athletes in six-man matches. They've even begun carrying around a trophy that looks like it came straight from a pawn shop to attempt to hammer their point home. With that in mind, JT demanded that this week we extend our sincerest congratulations to JT Lightning & Da Munchies for….ahem….successfully defending their six-man tag title trophy last week, defeating The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering in a Chicago Streetfight. JT provided several alleged details of the incident, many of which too off-color to print here, but regardless it seems JT Lighting & Da Munchies are dead-serious about this six-man tag trophy campaign regardless of how logistically impossible their claims seem to get.


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling returns to the famed Turner's Hall, located at 7325 Guthrie Ave. in Cleveland, on Sunday afternoon April 15. Doors open at 2 p.m. for our belltime of 3 p.m. This WILL be a taping for CAPW TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs, banners, and enthusiasm, and be prepared to have your image available in nearly 3 million homes in the state of Ohio, and nationwide on select systems. Tickets are available in advance at any of our ticket outlets, and also at the door the afternoon of the event. Get ready for three solid hours of the best professional wrestling in the area: Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling.

CAPW Heavyweight Title: Tracy Smothers vs. Buff Bagwell
When presented with recent complaints from CAPW wrestlers and fans over the recent actions of Tracy Smothers (including, but not limited to, his vicious attack of Gregory Iron), CAPW management made the decision to remove The Wild Eyed Southern Boy from scheduled tag team competition and ORDERED Smothers to defend his championship on April 15. His opponent is a man who's held CAPW gold before, a man who's battled Smothers with CAPW gold on the line in wars that saw no clear winner. Smothers will have to defend against the multi-time former WCW World Tag Team Champion Buff Bagwell! Bagwell has been a major player when it comes to CAPW title matches for several years now, and Buff Daddy feels its long overdue to have gold around his waist once again. Will the sneaky Smothers be able to survive another title defense?

CAPW Tag Title Ladder Match: Faith in Nothing vs. Irish Airborne vs. Q&A
It's the news that fans and insider alike are still buzzing about, as CAPW's ultra-competitive tag title division gets taken to the next level. For the past several months, Irish Airborne and Q&A have fought amongst themselves in an attempt to crown a clear #1 contender to the gold. Meanwhile, champions Faith in Nothing have been on a mission to begin a legacy of dominance and defeat all top challengers soundly and decisively. None of the three teams has been able to accomplish any of their goals, thanks to the intense infighting and brawling that's interrupted seemingly every tag team title and contender match in recent months. The only way to settle the issue is to take the rules, and throw them out the window and place all 3 teams in the ring at once. And as a result of Q&A's attempted assault on the other two teams while using a ladder, it was only natural to raise the stakes further and make it a Ladder Match. Six men will go all-out, risk life and limb for the glory that comes with being called champion, but only one team will survive. There WILL be a clear and decisive winner April 15 in Turner's Hall!

CAPW Television Title: Jason Bane vs. Johnny Gargano
Johnny Gargano has had a mixed bag of success lately. While he's fighting to stay alive in the Junior Heavyweight Division, he experienced a feat of success very few in the business get to achieve, wrestling on international television on WWE Smackdown. However, Gargano has never, anywhere, been in the ring with the likes of 6'8 300+ pound Jason Bane. Bane is a non-stop wrecking machine and continues to plow through every contender lined up in front of him. Will Bane add another tally to the list or will the crafty Gargano be able to lay claim to another CAPW Championship?


Every week, CAPW will deliver one solid hour of cutting-edge, intense, athletic wrestling action to STO viewers featuring a cavalcade of wrestling stars. See the best of national and international stars, past and present, as well as the brightest home-grown stars in the state of Ohio! The program will be hosted by play-by-play commentator Joe Dombrowski and color analyst Jamie Scott, who will bring you all the hot matches, backstage interviews, exclusive footage, and so much more each and every week on Sports Time Ohio! Here is the upcoming schedule for CAPW programming on Sports Time Ohio:

Friday March 30, 2007 10:00PM
Saturday March 31, 2007 11:30PM (REPLAY)

Sports Time Ohio is available to nearly 3 million homes throughout the state of Ohio and into surrounding states, and is also available nationwide on select satellite dish packages.
Check local listings and channel packages for availability. For more information log on to For more information on Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling TV, be sure to read Michael Cash's "Ca$h's Corner" column exclusively at


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has announced an agreement with one of the longest running and most widely known tape & DVD distributors in professional wrestling today, RF Video. This is your opportunity to own and relive some of CAPW's most memorable moments from the pre-Sports Time Ohio era. For new fans interested in how Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling came to be what it is today, or long-time fans who want to re-live great memories, these DVDs are perfect to add to your home video library.

To purchase CAPW DVDs, follow this link:


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Tickets for any and all CAPW live events are available at the following outlets. Tickets are always available at Turner's Hall the afternoon of the show as well.

Casamel's Pizza,
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West Side Metals Corp.
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Pit Stop Donuts,
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Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has been the premiere brand of professional wrestling in the state of Ohio throughout it's over-thirteen year existence. CAPW utilizes a blend of the most talented and exciting local and national attractions today for a unique fan experience, featuring names such as Tracy Smothers, M-Dogg 20, Faith in Nothing, Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Irish Airborne, JT Lightning, Zach Gowen, Jason Bane, and many more. Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling can be seen weekly on Sports Time Ohio in nearly 3 million homes. For more information please visit

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