Wednesday, March 28, 2007


By Art Shimko

-- I'm headed to Boston from Thursday until Monday, everything on here is as updated as possible, there are still a ton of stories on UFC buying Pride FC, also UFC's pretty busy as they filed a lawsuit against Showtime and EliteXC.

Today there was a Wrestlemania press conference at Trump Towers in New York where Trump BITCH SLAPPED (~!!!) McMahon. Complete Mania card and more info is at

The Detroit Press has has a ton off press on Mania .

I took part in a Wrestlemania preview podcast today that was full of wackiness with the Old Country Times gang, it should be up within a day or two, head on over to to check it out. Our CARE + Vuz Vuz Vuz Jabronis Mania roundtable (in text format~!) will be posted this weekend at

There's info on this weekend's huge ROH shows and events in Detroit on yesterday's update but for complete weekend info go to ROH's website.

So everyone have a great weekend, enjoy Wrestlemania and thank you as always for your support~!

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