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NWA "Copa De Lucha" Results From Kissimmee, FL

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On March 25th National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) “Copa de Lucha” premiered live at the Silver Spurs Arena of Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, FL. Attendance was around 600 people.

(1) “Classic” Colt Cabana defeated “The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong in 7:29.

After sharing some pizza with the fans Cabana locked up with Strong and hit a chest chop that echoed through the building. Strong wanted to shake hands with Cabana instead he slapped him. Cabana and Strong went to the ropes and as usual with Cabana the hilarity ensued as he stopped Strong in his tracks before smacking the taste out of his mouth. Strong had enough and backed Cabana to a corner but on a whip Cabana reversed it and then reversed his position with a square dance move with referee Billy Dalton. Strong stopped any momentum Cabana had with a clothesline and a straight jacket neckbreaker for two. Strong took Cabana to the mat with a bow and arrow like move but slid into a rear chinlock. Cabana fought to his feet but got sent back to the mat by a Strong enziguri. Cabana got a quick sunset flip for two but Strong sent him back to the canvas with a knee before going up top and hitting a legdrop for two. Strong went up top again but this time Cabana was nowhere to be found. Cabana got on the offensive with several punches and hitting a butt bump to the corner. Strong hit another chop and posted Cabana on the turnbuckle but Cabana fought back sending Strong to the mat and hitting a frog splash to win the match.

(2) NWA National Heavyweight champion “Hot Chocolate” Kory Williams defeated Tommy Marr in 14:32.

Being a local product Marr was known and booed accordingly by the fans. On several lockups Marr complained of hair pulls which is impossible since Marr is bald. Williams used some leverage to get out of a hammerlock and sent Marr to the floor. When Marr came back to the ring he got a side headlock but Williams escaped and after several rope runs sent Marr to the floor to avoid a superkick. Marr milked the referee’s count for all it was worth and finally came back into the ring. Williams grabbed Marr into an armbar and refused to let go, only when Marr hit a knee to the gut. Williams recovered with a hip toss, a bodyslam and what looked like a low blow. Marr went to the floor and Williams went to the ropes to retrieve Marr but got hit with a Hot Shot like move. Marr got back in the ring and went to work on William’s knee with a step over toe hold and used the ring to slam William’s knee on the apron. Marr went for a half crab submission but Williams refused to submit so he locked Williams in the figure four, with some leverage from the ropes. Referee Chris Carson finally caught eye of it and made Marr break the hold. Marr and Williams got to their feet but collided. They fought to their feet again and traded punches but Williams got in several kicks to the chest and went to the second rope, hitting a legdrop for two. Marr raked Williams’ eyes and went up top hitting an elbow drop for two and a half. Marr was frustrated and made a error going for a corner move where Williams hit a neckbreaker for two but Marr hit a superkick also for two. Williams recovered and countered a Marr waistlock into a jawbreaker into a chain wrestling pin.

(3) Rocky Romero defeated “Not Cocky” Chasyn Rance in 11:20.

After a waistlock Romero was backed to a corner where Rance dint break clean, he broke with an elbow to Romeo’s jaw. On another corner backing Rance went for a punch but Romero ducked and hit a slap to the face. After taking some personal time on the floor Rance returned to the ring and locked in a side headlock with Romero broke and hit a series of moves that made Rance back to a corner. Rance must have planned all of it as he leveraged Romero into the corner shoulder first. Romero quickly recovered and got in several punches to Rance’s jaw. Romero dropped Rance on the ropes and hit his version of the 619 for two. Rance reversed a move and leveled Romero with an enziguri for two and followed with a running elbow also for two. Rance tried to wear Romero down with a chinlock but Romero escaped only to run into Rance’s knee. Rance took Romero back to the mat with a modified abdominal stretch but Romero escaped that too only to run into a sleeper. Romero escaped and locked Rance in a sleeper but Rance hit a back suplex for two. Rance kept on the back dropping his knee on Romero as he was draped over the ropes. Romero used leverage to send Rance to the floor and followed with a between the ropes tope’. Romero came back in the ring with a slingshot dropkick for two. Rance hit a superkick but got two and kicked out of a huricurana pin from Romero. Rance got Romero near the ropes and hit a piledriver for two. Rance went up top but hit move only met canvas. Romero quickly got to his feet, hitting a double arm suplex for the pin fall win.

(4) In a 2 of 3 falls, “The Technician” Joey Ryan and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson defeated Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) in 13:44.

Before the match Ryan and Anderson took the ring mic but didn’t make any new friends with the pro-Mexican fans. Ryan also took some time to send insults to Billy Kidman. Los Luchas got on the mic and said they had a friend in the venue, Billy Kidman who came out to ringside. Ryan and Anderson tried to win the crowd back but Los Luchas had them on their side so Ryan and Anderson attacked at the bell, keeping Star in the ring. Zokre made the tag and a Lucha style situation broke out as all four men ended up in the ring and then on the floor where star hit a plancha onto Ryan and Anderson. The action came back to the ring where Ryan got the first fall on Star after Anderson broke up a double team move. Anderson and Ryan didn’t let Star get a tag and worked him over for several minutes. As this went on Zokre and Kidman shouted words of encouragement to their man even as Anderson and ryan used them to distract the referee. Despite beating on Star they didn’t get a pin or submission win. In true Lucha fashion Zokre entered the ring and Los Luchas got the second fall on a double pin. Anderson and Ryan felt they were cheated and demanded to see work visa’s for their opponents before beginning the third fall. Ryan went to shake hands with Zokre and Anderson used this to hit a clothesline. Anderson and Ryan continued their double team work, this time on Zokre. Anderson made a huge tactical error and missed a top rope senton bomb. This let star tag in and the double team moves began again with a blockbuster into a backbracker. Ryan got the referee’s attention so he didn’t see the pinfall, or Kidman sliding into the ring and hitting Los Luchas with a double clothesline. Ryan got out of the corner and hit a superkick to get the third and final fall. Kidman, Ryan and Anderson tried to unmask star when Nelson Creed hit the ring brandishing a shovel.

(5) In the Big Vision Entertainment’s Wrestling Society X match, Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman defeated Luke Hawx (formerly Alter Boy Luke) in 8:00.

Waltman invoked his past and came out some D-X style music which Hawx told the fans “was cool 10 years ago.” Waltman decided to play mind games with Hawx that only led to a low blow from Hawx into a side headlock but Waltman got out into a sky high drop like move which sent Hawx towards the locker room which sent Waltman out after him. Waltman chopped Hawx around ringside and sent the action back into the ring where he missed the Bronco Buster. Hawx capitalized with a rear chinlock which Waltman powered out of but Hawx hit a spinning kick to Waltman’s jaw for two followed by a suplex for two. Hawx hit a T-Bone suplex and then mocked Waltman with a crotch chop. Hawx went up top but missed a legdrop and Waltman used the crowd to get an energy burst. Waltman used it to hit a power bomb and ten punches which set up the Bronco Buster. Hawx got out of the corner with a double leg pin but the referee saw it and stopped his count. Hawx argued with the referee and when he turned around he was hit with the X-Factor which led to a pinfall victory.

(6) In a handicap match, Chris Colossal (w/Rico Casanova) defeated Zach Maguire and Jack Manley in 2:15.

Colossal is not an understatement, he stand over seven feet tall. This was a handicap match only in name as Colossal destroyed Manley and Maguire despite their best double team efforts. At one point Colossal press slammed Manley and dropped him onto Maguire. Maguire was going to be chokeslammed but his partner went for a top rope move, so Colossal lifted his boot up to kick Manley in the face. After two choke slams Colossal got the pinfall victory. Not at a loss for words, Casanova insulted the fans and the locker room wanting more competition for his man. That challenged was answered by El Gran Apolo.

(7) El Gran Apolo and Chris Colossal fought to a double countout in 4:59.

After great effort Apolo got Colossal off his feet with a DDT and some kicks to the head. The bad part was he let Colossal get to his feet even after chest chops. Apolo raked Colossal’s eyes and went up top but got caught in a spinebuster. Colossal hit a sideslam but didn’t go for a pin; instead he was rocked by several punches. Apparently not enough as Colossal hit a clothesline and got some help from Casanova who choked Apolo on the ropes. Apolo and Colossal traded chest chops and fought back to the middle of the ring where it took Apolo two clotheslines and a shoulder tackle to get Colossal off his feet. Casanova saw trouble and grabbed Apolo’s legs getting the big man’s attention. It worked as Apolo chased Casanova around the ring. Colossal came out after Apolo but the referee reached ten and ended the match. This didn’t stop Apolo and Colossal who fought around the ring and back in where Apolo hit Casanova with a superkick. Both men asked for five more minutes but NWA officials wouldn’t allow it even as both men continued to fight in the ring.

(8) Nelson Creed defeated Billy Kidman in 11:49.

After stalling for what seemed like an hour Kidman entered the ring where Creed beat him from one side to the other before Kidman bailed to the floor and kept breaking the referee’s count to avoid a loss. Frustration finally took over and Creed went out after Kidman where he threw Kidman into the railings before coming back to the ring. The problem was Creed stopped for a moment and it allowed Kidman to avoid a corner move and hit a backcracker. Kidman hit a snapmare into a chinlock but Creed refused to submit. Instead he fought to his feet but got decked with a dropkick and Kidman tossed Creed to the floor to get some revenge for the railing shots. The action came back to the ring where Creed sent Kidman to the ropes but missed a dropkick as Kidman grabbed the ropes to stop momentum. Kidman took Creed back to the mat with a reverse chinlock but once again Creed fought to his feet where he hit a Samoan drop but couldn’t get the pin. Instead both men traded punches but Creed decked Kidman with forearm shots and a 2 back suplexes. Creed thought he had the win with a Northern Lights suplex but got two. Kidman avoided a move and hit a spinebuster like move before going up top but Creed cut him off with a slam and a missile dropkick. Creed went for the cover but Joey Ryan and Ken Anderson came out to stop the count. Anderson slid in and hit Creed with a spinebuster as Los Luchas came out to run Anderson and Ryan to the back. As the action fought to the back Kidman was pinned by Creed.

(9) Rey Mysterio Sr. defeated Blue Demon Jr. in 12:41.

Before the match the combatants spoke to each other in Spanish and I have no idea what they said but it led to Demon Jr. smacking Mysterio across the face. The action spilled out to the floor where they slammed each other into the timekeeper’s table and fought back to the other side of the ring. Demon Jr. got his hands around Mysterio’s neck and pulled off his mask. But Mysterio fought back and re-masked, fighting again to the timekeeper’s table. The action finally entered the ring where they traded armdrags before going to the floor once more where Demon Jr. slammed Mysterio into the guard rail. Back in the ring a chair was set up and Demon Jr. dropped Mysterio on it crotch first. Demon Jr. hit a drop down style dropkick but got two. Mysterio recovered and dropped Demon Jr. on the top rope partially ripping the mask. The action spilled to the floor where Demon Jr. hit a plancha which drove Mysterio into the guardrail face first. Mysterio recovered and hit a plancha from the ring apron onto Demon Jr. Somehow in the ring Demon Jr. got control and locked Mysterio in a submission but released it. Mysterio got to his feet but missed a senton but Demon Jr. didn’t miss his for two. They began to trade chest chops which Mysterio won. But the referee got tangled in the action and was knocked down; actually it looked like the referee helped Demon Jr. as he held Mysterio. In all the confusion Mysterio hit a move to win via pinfall. Both men spoke on the ring mic again in Spanish to the crowd and each other possibly about a rematch with masks on the line.

For more on future events log onto Thanks to David Marquez and Carmine DiSpirito for their hospitality.

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