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Pro Wrestling & MMA news, notes, articles 3/27/07

By Art Shimko

-- Lots of news happening in the worlds of pro-wrestling/mixed martial arts...

-- UFC announced its purchase of Pride Fighting Championship from Dream Stage Entertainment, huge news for not only both companies but for the industry in general, more can be read about the deal on our front page. The story is being reported on various news and press outlets.

-- Tito Ortiz put out a press release explaining his reason for no-showing his boxing match against UFC president (and Ortiz's former coach) Dana White that was to occur this past Saturday which was that Ortiz didn't want to enter the risky match without a contract and for no money. He further explained on his Myspace blog: So, everyone is giving me shit for the Dana fight... No one knows what really went on.
Let me tell my side of what really went on. Me and Dana had this argeement to box eachother. I told Dana we should put it on video and sell it. He said "yes that a good idea". So Spike came to Big Bear before the Chuck fight for two days. Used my time from training to shoot for the Spike special. I said that was fine. I took two week off after the chuck fight. Then started my boxing training. You all have to understand that Dana was almost a pro boxer. I was going to take this fight serious. Jenna was helping me with the deal because I seen this as a big money maker. She asked if there was a contract for the fight? She made a call to dana to get the deal done. Craig from Spike called Jenna back to discuss the deal. She asked for executive producer rights for me, since it was my idea. Help to promote Punishment Athletics for the fight and other deal points. Craig said he would talk to Dana and get back to us. After that I cancel a few appearances that I had to do. Alot of money was givin up. So I could train for the fight. I had to get all of my medicals done as a normal fight. I got my eyes done then we got a call from Craig. He said that Dana say that they are not going to shoot the fight or cover it in anyway. So this was a real lose,lose situation for me. I lost out on money for appearances. Now I was losing out on promotion and big dollars for the PPV. He didn't want to cut me in on the deal. So as a business man I couldn't do the fight. I have a very big fight with Evans. Why would I risk my health and fight for free? I wasn't going to make anything for it? I was not going to get taken advantage of as a fighter or a business man. You tell me if I made the right decision? Hopefully this will get ironed out and will be done right the next time. Just trying to do business.....
Tito Ortiz

Ortiz's fight with Rashad Evans takes place on 7/7.

-- FEG (Fighting Entertainment Group), ProElite and Showtime offically announced the Dynamite!! USA MMA show to take place on 6/2 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Brock Lesnar will be making his MMA debut against 7-foot-2 (~!!!) Hong Man Choi who will be making his US debut. The show airs at 10PM EST, prior to that Showtime will air three bouts featuring Jake Shields, Antonio Silva and Gina Carano at 9PM EST. The most interesting aspect of this show will be to see if this show will bring 90,000 (the capacity of the Coliseum) people in PAID.

-- From a press release for the History Channel: There is also a 13-episode order for Human Weapon, where host Jason Chambers, a mixed martial artist and professional fighter, and Bill Duff, a former football player and wrestler, go on a quest to find the master of a different martial art. They venture to extreme and exotic places -- one week the seedy back streets of Bangkok to find Master Muay Thai fighter Suriya Ploenchit, and the next sampling local delicacies such as steamed silkworms and snake blood en route to face off with the reigning Taekwondo champion in South Korea.

-- Revenge is on Liddell's mind

-- Sanchez gets tips from top

-- Mixed Martial Arts tones down violence, ups popularity

-- ZIMTV to Deliver One-Two Punch With The Fight Network Over the Internet

-- UGO Networks, Inc. Partners with ProElite.com to Deliver Mixed Martial Arts Content on UGO.com

-- Holguins are a famly that brawls together

-- Roar of the crowd says it all

-- Doctor's warning to ultimate fighters

-- Black belt to Syosset boy, 6

-- Boxing needs to hype-ventilate

-- So the reason Joe Mercury was released by WWE on Monday before the Raw broadcast in Chicago? According to canvaschronicle.com Mercury failed a drug test given last week when random drug tests were done on the Smackdown roster following the SI steroid article naming 11 WWE wrestlers, the story was picked up by nationwide press. This is the second drug test Mercury has failed in about 7 months, MNM were also scheduled to wrestle Carlito and Ric Flair on Monday night and supposedly at Mania.

-- Speaking of the Nature Boy, Flair was brought in by friend and coach of the University of Florida Gators Billy Donovan to help motivate his team last Friday before their NCAA showdown against Butler University's Bulldogs. The Gators won 67-65.

-- WWE made a deal with rapper Timbaland (who is said to be a big WWE fan according to their site) for some type of working relationship, it was mentioned that Timbaland may use the Divas in his videos (nothing against hot chicks in music videos but it ain't the most original idea in the world) and also expect cross-promoting, more on WWE's part to help push an album, single or concert tour. Let's just hope Timbaland doesn't get in the ring (unless he's willing to take bumps from Khali).

-- Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio and Jimmy Hart are hosting the WrestleMania Reading Challenge Finals on 3/31 at the Detroit Public Library’s main library, 5201 Woodward Avenue, in the Friends Auditorium from 10AM-Noon. Also appearing will be authors Chris Crutcher and Paul Volponi and music group The High Strung. The first 200 teens in attendance will receive free gift bags. This event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited to 400.

-- Tonight's main event on ECW: CM Punk, Edge and Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Finlay and Randy Orton

-- Jim Ross was named the final inductee into this year's Hall Of Fame, and seeing that moment unfold Monday night on Raw was GREAT~!!!

-- JR's latest blogs: Entry for 3/27 and Entry for 3/25.

-- Toe to Toe with Jerry Lawler

-- Tommy Dreamer's "worked shoot": An open letter to Mr. McMahon

-- A little factoid from WWE Magazine: The night Donald Trump dropped $100, $50, and $20 bills onto a WWE crowd, the total amount falling from the top of the arena totaled $2,572,800! [Credit: PWInsider.com]

-- Next stop: WWE?

-- Hillbilly Jim is bridge from old to young wrestlers

-- Cats join WWE in feeding needy

-- WWE boss 'beats' Lashley

-- Mike Quackenbush makes his Ring Of Honor debut on 4/27 in St. Paul (Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma & Hallowicked vs. Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin) and 4/28 in Chicago (Quackenbush vs. Delirious vs. Kevin Steen vs. Gran Akuma vs. Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked). All I have to say is It's about friggin' time~!

-- ROH wrestlers will be appearing on Detroit's FOX 2 morning show this Friday. Also Colt Cabana, Delirious, Nigel McGuinness, BJ Whitmer and many other ROH wrestlers will be at The Detroit Beer Company [1529 Broadway] on Saturday and you can have lunch with the boys for $16.95 or $25 for lunch and a ticket for the ROH show that night were you can be shuttled to after lunch. Reserve your spot in the luncheon by e-mailing detroitbeerco@yahoo.com.

-- Here's a scouting report on the Dragon Gate wrestlers appearing at the ROH shows this weekend. More info on Friday's show and Saturday's show.

-- Some usual wackiness from CZW Commish Maven T. Bentley:
It has come to my attention that many fans have been asking questions about the format of this show and that show. Yes, Best of the Best is being moved to July, and those who will not be in it are: Javi-Air, Ryan McBride, either member of Team AnDrew, and Eric Tuttle! The rest of our roster may still have an opportunity, but have no guarantee that they will be in the tournament. In fact, I may have another test for them in the near future...

I know fans have been waiting for new match-ups to be announced, but to be quite honest, I have had other issues on my mind! Combat Zone Wrestling owner John Zandig physically assaulted me at the last show, as did his parental lackey, "Lobo". Although, the attack itself could have Mr. Zandig behind bars for many years, I was not the one who pressed charges. I received a call from the PA State Athletic Commission, stating that those wonderful souls would support me if I wanted to take action against Mr. Zandig. Therefore, the following rule has been instated: Any time Mr. John Zandig enters a wrestling ring in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without proper clearance, he will be fined the sum of one thousand (1000) U.S. dollars! Mr. Zandig, I know for a fact, that a certain minority-owned business relieved you of a good sum of money a few years ago. I would hate to see you lose what little you have left. You see Mr. Zandig, as always "Somebody has to pay!"--

Maven Bentley
"Somebody Has To Pay" and they can send checks to
PO Box 29741 Elkins Park, PA 19027

-- CZW Out With The Old - In With The New on 4/7 at the New Alhambra Arena, South Philly:
- CZW Heavyweight Championship: Justice Pain vs Drake Younger
- Loser Leaves Town: Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston
- Necro Butcher vs Mitch Ryder
- Iron Man Championship: DJ Hyde vs Toby Klein
- Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Jigsaw vs Vortekz

-- Mexican wrestler takes on eco-enemies

-- Lucha libre takes Elgin by storm

-- Pro wrestlers help raise $$ for charity

-- Scary Sherri gets what she wants

-- New mocumentary keeps Kayfabe
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